Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMR

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • It's dark...it's relaxing...it's dark and relaxing hand movements! I get an adorable amount of requests for more of these -- ask and you shall receive. Sleep well friends.

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    The last ASMR video to help me sleep:

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  • Runtime : 20:31
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  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR   2 months ago

    Ayy we're on trending! Welcome to my ASMR channel! ^_^ You can find out what ASMR is here in this corny yet educational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFqbWwKg_o4

  • Nygma H
    Nygma H   22 hours ago

    Gibi: do you mind if I touch youMe: yesGibi touches meLaw and order meme plays

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett   1 days ago

    4:22 Gibi: “Look at my face instead.” Me: “I love looking at your face. You’re so pretty.”

  • Alex Horsewell
    Alex Horsewell   1 days ago

    2.43 (for myself and others who don't get/understand/support whatever happened for the first 2.43 minutes of this video xD)

  • Adam Tomkins
    Adam Tomkins   1 days ago

    Me: Turns up volumeYouTube: ThErEs aN EPidEMiC SprEAdInG

    INVISIBLE ASMR   2 days ago

    Your hand movements gives me tingles on my forehead 😅😅

  • 김밍쯔
    김밍쯔   3 days ago

    14:01 츄쿡츄쿡 분무기로 화면닦기 😊

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man   4 days ago

    Thank you for making me feel calm and safe!

  • Super_Edgy_Teen 69
    Super_Edgy_Teen 69   4 days ago

    I just came back to this video to try and sleep, only to realize... I accidentally hit the dislike button.

  • Holly x
    Holly x   5 days ago

    Me: getting tingles Advert: HI, WELCOME TO HEADSPACE

  • Dunkey Indra
    Dunkey Indra   1 weeks ago

    Gibi ASMR:No nudityNo push up brasNo down blouseNo seducingNo cringePure RelaxationBig love♥️

  • kt
    kt   1 weeks ago

    4:25 :p

  • Carla Slack
    Carla Slack   1 weeks ago

    I am currently practicing animating hands and this video is perfect for referencing different hand movements, thank you <3

    FRESH SANS   1 weeks ago


  • Ariel
    Ariel   1 weeks ago

    i love it💕 please do more videos like this

  • Connor_Plays_MC
    Connor_Plays_MC   1 weeks ago

    Gibi: Which one did you follow?Me: neither I just looked at you😂

  • ᴋαƝαᏰɪᏃ
    ᴋαƝαᏰɪᏃ   1 weeks ago

    Aduh telinga ku terluka akibat iklan di awal video IS JANCOOKKM

  • Edward Nickolas Arjona

    i like these because whenever i fall asleep, i keep waking up to pewdiepie screaming "SKRATATERR" for 4 hours. Autoplay really does STINK.

  • Luke Summers
    Luke Summers   1 weeks ago

    I love the sound of hands rubbing together. In this video especially

  • Kirsten Bassett
    Kirsten Bassett   1 weeks ago

    I’m always sad when you say your going to stop talking. It’s the best bit for me! Thanks for taking the time to make these videos for us, your awesome!