Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Interviews of All Time

  • Published on: 15 December 2019
  • Celebrity interviews tend to be fun but sometimes they can be really awkward and uncomfortable. Coming up are the most uncomfortable celebrity interviews of all time.
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  • Runtime : 20:22
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  • Lyric God
    Lyric God   35 minuts ago

    Jesse was right what you on about?

  • Late to the Game
    Late to the Game   1 hours ago

    This needs a different title. Where interviewers were jerks, except to Kanye.

  • Daniel Billing
    Daniel Billing   8 hours ago

    the only one who actually pissed me off was Jesse Eisenberg ...

  • Clayton Catlin
    Clayton Catlin   11 hours ago

    I don’t actually agree with you. Carey was on point. The interviewer was more dressed up than the celebrities attending the event as well, making her seem like the bigger tool of the two.

  • Monika Ciapala
    Monika Ciapala   15 hours ago

    I’m sorry but a majority of the interviewers come across as bullies, however the clip includes famous personalities who just seem like they are being high on meds.

  • Ed Jackson
    Ed Jackson   16 hours ago

    Everytime I hear someone refer to Kanye as a "icon" or anything special it confirms the general publics fascination with the self promoted ass hats

  • Julia Mooradian
    Julia Mooradian   1 days ago

    i love how all comments agree with the actors. like they are human still! have same worries and sadness as everyone else. also being in public eye and being in power really changes people. i love psychology. like all people should learn it

  • Noah Santana
    Noah Santana   1 days ago

    Seeing carrey on this list broke my heart

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi   1 days ago

    The girl would’ve put a restraining order if vin diesel wasn’t a celebrity

  • jorcasce
    jorcasce   1 days ago

    If you make millions of dollars, if someone within P3d0wood owns you with some sort of information, then suck it up (as they suck other things) you are just a replaceable product made to keep the masses ammuzed. You actors and actresses are here for our entertainment, you are Noone's example.

  • jorcasce
    jorcasce   1 days ago

    This was the interview that made Sadler kind of famous

  • Zendass Ω
    Zendass Ω   2 days ago

    Carrey is a spiritually awakened conscious person and so is russel brand. These aren’t awkward. These are real. Genuine. Not fake dumb rehearsed bullshit. Idk why you even put them on here.

  • Joseph Marcelino
    Joseph Marcelino   2 days ago

    These interviewers ask some ridiculous questions like listens guys they’re humans and also don’t make fun of what they DO FOR A LIVING 😂

  • DowN2PanterA
    DowN2PanterA   2 days ago

    That interviewer from pakistan is a real idiot.

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez   3 days ago

    Now the end of scary movie 4 all makes sense !!!!

  • D D D
    D D D   3 days ago

    Pretty sure David was high AF

  • Abraham Wyoming
    Abraham Wyoming   3 days ago

    Oh, this is just a guy talking over it the whole time? no thx

  • Dalton Ndlovu
    Dalton Ndlovu   3 days ago

    Guru murthy fucking up interviews left right and center

  • Holly Co
    Holly Co   3 days ago

    Can we just fire channel 4

  • Lorryn SilverSpike
    Lorryn SilverSpike   3 days ago

    Yeah, not a good idea to mess around with Robert Downey Jr.He put u in your place, made you look like a fool and did it with classHe is THE man

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P   3 days ago

    Who the fuck is Jesse Eisenberg?

  • neil dwyer
    neil dwyer   3 days ago

    im pretty sure the BBC dont have a show called GMTV as its a completley different channel!

  • Welp-Help
    Welp-Help   4 days ago

    I feel like Jessie Eisenberg was the normal one here, that woman was trying to act to comfortable and being very annoying, anyone would have been annoyed at her

  • Welp-Help
    Welp-Help   4 days ago

    Blaine was definitely on something

  • pirate jack
    pirate jack   4 days ago

    Vins reaction was over the top but, not deserving of the hate comments from angry white knights and over sensitive feminists with a victim complex. It was just some over the top compliments. Now if that is the worst thing that has happened to you then you have truly lived an easy and entitled life.

  • Dwayne Shayne
    Dwayne Shayne   4 days ago

    Your shitty voice over made my shitty tv speakers crackle and pop. So thanks for that. #JustLetUsWatchTheFuckingCompilationWithoutYourPointlessInput

  • James Walter ASMR
    James Walter ASMR   4 days ago

    Vin diesel knows how to get out of the boring situation lol ive done it before, being creepy helps u get out of the situation that u dont even like

  • Marius Oster
    Marius Oster   4 days ago

    Holy shit I can't even stand looking at Russell Brand

  • Bryan Quick
    Bryan Quick   5 days ago

    None of these hold a candle to Quentin Rampage Jackson.

  • afleezy
    afleezy   5 days ago

    really he got offended because he asked if he was still the fat guy??? hes not anymore why not joke around about it.