Dyno Testing $5,000 Worth of ELECTRIC Turbos! Double the BOOST!!!

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
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  • Runtime : 19:17
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  • dominodoggy1
    dominodoggy1   1 days ago

    Y'all disconnect the MAF attach two big ass fans and wonder why the engine doesn't run right when you hit the double ultra mega 🤨 Wait till that motor spools up to full power then hit the boost. Y'all hitting the button while it's mid developing power.

  • dominodoggy1
    dominodoggy1   1 days ago

    For $5000 I would have done a little better welding job on that Y

  • 100mpgus
    100mpgus   1 days ago

    take out the air filter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus   2 days ago

    2 hairdryers , a inverter 300 watts = 99$

  • richystar2001
    richystar2001   3 days ago

    If China knocks these out for a 1000 bucks a pop... They would be the new boy toys for ricers. Instead of those stupid coffee can mufflers.

  • sn mustang gt 95
    sn mustang gt 95   4 days ago

    fuckin druggies why you don't turbo charger yr.... ass's..

  • Stephen Allen
    Stephen Allen   4 days ago

    My god guys I just watched both these electric boost install videos and I'm still laughing my ass off. Damn brother now I'm wondering what kind of boost would two of those do for my 2018 Silverado 6.2L I'm thinking work truck from hell. Boss man couldnt get pist at me if I was getting the crew to the jobsites in record time. Lmfao

  • Arklain Quirk
    Arklain Quirk   5 days ago

    you break the race track you have to buy it... literally you just bought the race track...

  • Hangover 2.1
    Hangover 2.1   5 days ago

    What if y’all do quad turbos? 2 on each side

  • Austin Muncrief
    Austin Muncrief   6 days ago

    Dealerships should sponsor that shit, people would be buying all kinds of new cars after they blow up there daily’s. Lol

  • gulgul2006
    gulgul2006   1 weeks ago

    I'd love to see this car with just one person in it.huge weight loss and like a quarter tank of gas.

    CKPHH   1 weeks ago

    Do you guys think putting this kinda turbo in my 14 cvt civic the engine and trans can hold up?

  • mario stins
    mario stins   1 weeks ago

    same 2.2 engine also gm fit with supercharger. that's why it didn't blow up. as you noticed it can make serious horsepower. ;) nice vid!

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget   1 weeks ago

    I wanna do this with an in line 4 just to fuck around. But i would just have it so it ramps up as it climbs through the gear. Instead of it being an instant nitrous hit.

  • Nomad Chad
    Nomad Chad   1 weeks ago

    You need to add some 60v lipos instead of the 12v to 48v converter.

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh   1 weeks ago

    Its an interesting idea, but for 5k you may as well buy quality second hand. At least non electric you know how long itl last etc etc.

  • Bob Brock
    Bob Brock   1 weeks ago

    I want to see these on a 5.7 v8 I bet it would rip

  • wifightit
    wifightit   1 weeks ago

    I love you guys; quality, fun content. Keep it uuuuuuuuuuup. Woo; do it for Dale!

  • TCircuitry
    TCircuitry   1 weeks ago

    Imagine Just Buying one of these kits for $2500, No Turbo Lag, easier to install, need to run higher octane fuel, and mount the Battery and Controller in the trunk, Hook up an intercooler for the input of the turbo (Just for the sake of Horsepower) and you have everything you need to gain a decent amount of HP

  • dimitri motor
    dimitri motor   1 weeks ago

    it was also tested so short and rapid and that is not so good.on the test bench

  • TheEdTeach
    TheEdTeach   1 weeks ago

    don't you lose efficiency with the expanding stock intake tube?

  • Crazed Jukes
    Crazed Jukes   2 weeks ago

    Cletus: uses the cars 12v system constantly to create as much power as possiblecar idle’s at 1150RPMTURBO’S SPOOLING AT 6,000 RPM AT A STOPLIGHT

  • muloh muney
    muloh muney   2 weeks ago

    guys try make Y shape intake with valvetronic opening beside the turbo for better non boost run

  • Chris Tutt
    Chris Tutt   2 weeks ago

    Please do this to a vtec engine lol

  • Glass
    Glass   2 weeks ago

    Ask them to make a bigger one with that runs on a 60 or 80v lithium ion battery! What options are out there you could stab into that system to better control the boost? At this point you should mount that permanently and go call some people out to race!! Hood closed, some bigger tires, sleeper cobalt drag car.

  • Luke keplinger
    Luke keplinger   3 weeks ago

    Isnt this less efficient because the air isn’t even cooled?

  • Matt Thiele
    Matt Thiele   3 weeks ago

    Are you guys interested in selling these?? I would buy them off of you !