Rocky Road Trip | LIFE AFTER QUINCE Season 3 EP 4

  • Published on: 29 October 2017
  • It’s clear that the drama between this group of friends has been at an all time high...
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    As they make way for San Diego, Airam hopes that they can all settle their differences and just have a good time together. But instead of a fun car ride to their next adventure, they find themselves in a huge van in complete silence…talk about AWKWARD.  

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    A Quinceañera celebrates a girl transforming into a young lady. After the glitz and glam of the party comes new life experiences and responsibilities. Find out what happens to our Quince girls after they turn 15. Follow along as they experience their firsts: from dating, to makeup, to getting their driver's license, experience Life After Quince.

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    Created By: Kevin Stalker and Laura Flanagan
    Producer/ Director: Kevin Stalker
    Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
    Senior Producer: Tara Cole
    Producer: Jackie Merry
    Coordinating Producer: Sean Saley

    Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
    Camera Operator: Ben Hecht
    Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
    Camera Operator: Ali Gould
    Sound Mixer: Chris Omae

    Editor: Ali Gould
    Production Office Assistant: Andrew Oliver
    Post Production Assistant: Jose 'Taco' Cruz
    Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues

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  • Runtime : 10:29
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  • Mary Gonzalez
    Mary Gonzalez   2 days ago

    You can see Xavier and Shany like each other still

  • Max 8a
    Max 8a   2 months ago

    This was 2 years ago wtf

  • shay
    shay   2 months ago

    Shany lost her glow like she ain't glow up she glowed down.

  • Balina Pray
    Balina Pray   2 months ago

    like she knew drama was gonna happen cause it never ends well when you date your friends crush biss she a bad friend. PeRiOd

  • Potato G
    Potato G   2 months ago

    I love how they vlog on the same exact phone 😭 😂

  • ur local roach
    ur local roach   8 months ago

    the only one wit a successful relationship is airam’s. also shany’s annoying cuz she doesn’t wanna support john

  • Evelin Fuentes
    Evelin Fuentes   8 months ago

    What happen to Alyssa she didn went to Mexico trip 😇😊

  • Krystal
    Krystal   10 months ago

    I'm all late can't believe I knew nothing about this awesomeness tv

  • Maria Medina
    Maria Medina   11 months ago

    That smile like remember you guys both have other people (Iran) 9:55

  • Rafael Hinojosa
    Rafael Hinojosa   1 years ago

    I feel so bad for izaak because he has to sit by himself when he wants to sit next to airam

  • gibblet
    gibblet   1 years ago

    Xavier is mad becuase Shany found a new man.

  • Nancy
    Nancy   1 years ago

    I’m Izaak in all drama situations with my friends

  • Jacky
    Jacky   1 years ago

    My first time I went to Disney land I saw shany

  • Jasmine Govea
    Jasmine Govea   1 years ago

    I’m sorry but airam is my favorite 😂❤️

  • Ana Carreras
    Ana Carreras   1 years ago

    I want someone loyal like Isaac only hold his gf hand to help her on the car 💀

  • no no
    no no   1 years ago

    What's the song

  • yami yumi
    yami yumi   1 years ago

    I was laughing when Airam was talking to Xavier and Shany, Victoria, and Vivian were trying not to laugh.

  • Breanna Reyes
    Breanna Reyes   1 years ago

    I think what hurt Xavier was when airam said that’s ur replacement

  • Sweetlyx K
    Sweetlyx K   1 years ago

    Omg This was 2 years ago omg and know it’s 2019 time goes fast

  • reem
    reem   1 years ago

    victoria didn't even want the relationship, so wth is her problemmmm

  • That Potatolife
    That Potatolife   1 years ago

    Woah your lucky papatato and little fry did not see me watching this stuff they would’ve turned me into wedges