Can We Get DNA From Fossils?

  • Published on: 02 October 2018
  • In 1993, scientists cracked open a piece of amber, took out the body of an ancient weevil, and sampled its DNA. Or, at least, so we thought. It took another few decades of research, and a lot of take-backs, before scientists could figure out how we could truly unlock the genetic secrets of the past.

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  • Runtime : 11:48
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  • David Ev
    David Ev   1 days ago

    Cali u r number #1. All ur videos rock !!

  • Harold Cochan
    Harold Cochan   2 days ago

    How cool now all we have to do is learn the genetic secrets of beto o'dork.

  • Pieter-Bas Hoogsteen

    Could we read DNA of a Purussaurus that lived till 8 million years ago if we really tried? Also could you possibly make a live specimen with it?

  • Alban1 you’re to blame

    11:00 if oil is fossils , should there be dna in it , mixed yeah but still distinguishable , can you get dna out of a decomposed human body

  • Alban1 you’re to blame

    how intriguing, i see signs of a resurrection of earth and its children , you people want rights , what about extinct creatures , don’t this means the chain broke and should be a domino effect, i think you did mistakes and now it’s your turn , maybe you have a chance to reverse this though , according to what i understood is all creation has to be established and secured , or all die , which is just , even according to your own actions , meaning you extinct someone and think it’s OK (because you did it) , than someone else could and should extinct you because it’s OK

  • SGG
    SGG   1 weeks ago

    Wasn't there a discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones and a human footprint next to a dino footprint. Explain those please.

  • Florin
    Florin   1 weeks ago

    3:14 somebody will come up with a water free diet after watching this video claiming that it can cure cancer.

  • Chad Coley
    Chad Coley   2 weeks ago

    We’re never bringing Dinosaurs back 😢

  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold   2 weeks ago

    Just read the dna and replicate using gene editing , instant dinosaurs

  • John Ghost
    John Ghost   4 weeks ago

    Perhaps newer computers and computer algorithms could be developed to advance our ability to sequence more fragmented (i.e., older or less-well-preserved) DNA?

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese   1 months ago

    Thanks! DNA decay is one of the reasons you cant simply put people into long-term hibernation for space travel. You'd actually have to wake them up periodically, to literally let their bodies repair & rejuvenate before putting them back to sleep. Rikki Tikki.

  • Matt R
    Matt R   1 months ago

    That necklace is cool as heck

  • Mk. Rowe
    Mk. Rowe   1 months ago

    Heartening to know that Jurassic Park is still a possibility one day.

  • Vilhelmo De Okcidento
    Vilhelmo De Okcidento   1 months ago

    The research on interbreeding between humans, neanderthals and others has also been plague by contamination problems.It is far from settled science.

  • L Edwin
    L Edwin   1 months ago

    Do a video with your hair down.😍

  • Deep Dish
    Deep Dish   2 months ago

    Because dinosaurs pulled out and therefore extinct? Am I right?

  • Sirius White
    Sirius White   2 months ago

    thanks for your video. all humans throughout the entire world are 99.9% the same. and we're about 99.95% the same as we were twenty thousand years ago.

  • Alan Ramos
    Alan Ramos   2 months ago

    Please make a giant triceratops

  • alphatrion100
    alphatrion100   2 months ago

    So how dependable is dna evidence if contamination is so easy?

  • David Henry
    David Henry   2 months ago

    That would be amazing we chould try to bring it back

  • Robert Pryor
    Robert Pryor   2 months ago

    Great, do all the next steps necessary and bring back all the extinct animals, soon please

  • clicks
    clicks   2 months ago

    I wonder if deep learning algorithms could be applied to sequencing incomplete and degraded DNA.

  • Narelle Sharp
    Narelle Sharp   2 months ago

    Have you seen mudfossil University channel? The chap on there has some very interesting DNA findings on fossils

  • Think
    Think   2 months ago

    This is one example where Machine Learning will revolutionize this process. Essentially, the power is in using Feedback Loops.If I can get a piece of A.I. to attempt to sort out the DNA, then give it an accurate DNA simulation on a Quantum Computer so that it can try millions of combinations quickly and see if it can match Phenotypical, and other traits, it can use that to feedback on itself until it makes a Dinosaur that we like.And this is why we are most likely in a Simulation ourselves.

  • Think
    Think   2 months ago

    2:11, we see Luke Skywalker has been here.

  • We Are God
    We Are God   3 months ago

    I've always tried to imagine a re-creation of what it was like in North America when Europeans discovered it. I imagine the Flora and the fauna in the migratory birds in the indigenous species would be quite a scene.

  • Hazelnuttree87
    Hazelnuttree87   3 months ago

    Wish this video was around when I was doing my dissertation! Love these videos

  • Jermaine Sneed
    Jermaine Sneed   3 months ago

    Not gonna lie. From her first words until the end. I just thought Jurassic park.

  • Victor PONCE
    Victor PONCE   3 months ago

    That DNA double helix looks like ur pony tail 🙂 K? Lol

  • Lucca Lourencini
    Lucca Lourencini   4 months ago

    Nobody want to sequence ancient mosquito dna and I think That's wise

  • Jansi AMV
    Jansi AMV   4 months ago

    we could have done those things on the one horned rhino and maybe saved it from extinction.... wasn't that possible?We just had everything we didn't have there.....and most probably we are the reason why it is extinct...

  • Mouse Golf
    Mouse Golf   4 months ago

    A universe of information at the tip of our fingers. Incredible!