• Published on: 30 January 2020
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  • ProofElm22Two
    ProofElm22Two   1 months ago

    thank god i found you a dedicated for honor youtuber. my sir you have a new sub

  • Draw 2Death
    Draw 2Death   3 months ago

    Was I the only who heard boobs? xD 3:58

  • Joel Cabrera
    Joel Cabrera   3 months ago

    Hey will all new hero’s be getting new armors? And when will they drop?

  • MrRigatoni
    MrRigatoni   3 months ago

    Damn. I was really hoping for warden to get a cape like appolyons 😔

  • Ty Lxne
    Ty Lxne   3 months ago

    New armour looks so trash

  • Nick Pippin
    Nick Pippin   3 months ago

    Vikings get shafted every season when it comes to armor sets. Especially the warlord... I just want some decent looking armor for him, instead of pattern and pallet swapping the same sets over and over

  • Nick Pippin
    Nick Pippin   3 months ago

    Of FUCKING course they give the warlord the most bland looking armor set. Not even surprised

  • Cody Clark
    Cody Clark   4 months ago

    So Ik where all thinking it, for the last armour set where probably ever going to get for this game, this is so so so shitty. 100%

  • Cheap Coffee
    Cheap Coffee   4 months ago

    Man these armors were disappointing. Back when we got new armor the first time around, the armor looked SO different and unique. These are all just retouched old armors... No wonder they didn't notice the Warlord was wearing the wrong armor, it all looks the damn same.

  • Cheap Coffee
    Cheap Coffee   4 months ago

    Love the way you actually believed that "spike armor" was forreal

  • Junos Legacy
    Junos Legacy   4 months ago

    Does anyone know when these will be brought into the game?

  • Darklord2003189
    Darklord2003189   4 months ago

    I could care less about armour I just want the cent rework

  • spiro nestos
    spiro nestos   4 months ago

    Give conq a metal armor set you clueless fucks

  • Fadez
    Fadez   4 months ago

    Warlords sucks because warlord is ass

  • applehecc
    applehecc   4 months ago

    They didn't show musha/cent/others because they wanted equal numbers across factions

  • applehecc
    applehecc   4 months ago

    -.- he didn't say warlord you did and got excited

  • GrandPhoenix22
    GrandPhoenix22   4 months ago

    Bro they tried harder on the minions they did warlord

  • NotDuckyy
    NotDuckyy   4 months ago

    You should collab with Mulisious

  • Gloriously Dead
    Gloriously Dead   4 months ago

    They’re hating on the Vikings bc they keep winning lmao

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield   4 months ago

    They're missing some characters and the Wu Lin minions

  • Smash Badger07
    Smash Badger07   4 months ago

    Bruh I was excited for conq but they did him dirty. He looks the same smh

  • Peyton Bailey
    Peyton Bailey   4 months ago

    um shaolin has hair? i thought monks don’t have any

  • Nick Almer
    Nick Almer   4 months ago

    I just want people to realize that it's possible for a design team that's been working on a game's characters for 3 years to have a burnout of new ideas. they aren't lazy, they are either being cautious with the armor set designs, or they are or have ran out of completely unique ideas. just because you have ideas doesn't men they do, and you also (probably) don't know if your ideas would even work in the end.