SHAVING my husbands face!

  • Published on: 10 May 2019
  • I tried SHAVING my husbands face!! 😂 So rough lol
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  • Runtime : 11:42
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    DEVIN KNOWS IT ALL   13 hours ago

    jess plz tell me since this video went up gabe and u watched little rascles together? its an american classic from the 90s atleast i saw it in the early 90s so ithink thats when it came out

  • Ahmad Zia
    Ahmad Zia   4 days ago

    How much love making is normal in a week just wanna know

  • Katy
    Katy   3 weeks ago

    1:24 wow I relate so much. I literally sound like an elephant every time I blow my nose and it’s a struggle in public. I’m sorry that was so TMI

  • Alie Smith
    Alie Smith   3 weeks ago

    Jess: AWWWWWWWGabe: what?Jess: I don't knowwwww

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone   3 weeks ago

    7:18 I wonder why they had to cut the scene there 😏

  • Malachi Mikaelson
    Malachi Mikaelson   4 weeks ago

    lol I don’t even click the bell and I still get notifications u just have to watch then a lot

  • juliana lopez
    juliana lopez   4 weeks ago

    Wow jess You look like you having so much fun.😃 I always ask my brother if I could shave His beard or just give he a haircut. And he always said no😫 Like really what the worst That can happen.

  • Rachel Ashley
    Rachel Ashley   4 weeks ago

    i never laughed so hard at a video hahaha loved it

  • Vanshita Purohit
    Vanshita Purohit   1 months ago

    His reaction when she says should I take my T-shirt off was epic!!😂😂😂

  • Princess Thomas
    Princess Thomas   1 months ago

    It was so cute when he tickled her and she like giggled into his arms💙

  • Lily Love
    Lily Love   1 months ago

    Milo on the couch in the back at 1:09 !! I love doggos!!!!!!

  • Abdullah Saleem
    Abdullah Saleem   1 months ago

    He spit on jess face fuck this I will spit Colgate toothpaste on his butts....😂😂

  • Kaylee Hedrick
    Kaylee Hedrick   1 months ago

    Oh my goodness y’all are the cutest couple in the world y’all are so funny and sweet I hope I can meet y’all some time love you videos and I love y’all💕

  • MiKayla Rose
    MiKayla Rose   1 months ago

    This is literally relationship goals and I loved this! Haha!

  • Mik Little
    Mik Little   1 months ago

    my favvvvv video hahaha love you guys

  • Njoki Wabule
    Njoki Wabule   1 months ago

    In my opinion, Gabe looks better with facial hair... It also makes him look older then when he has shaved

  • Owais Carneiro
    Owais Carneiro   1 months ago

    Shaving on your neck will get you some like pimples

  • Nour D
    Nour D   2 months ago

    8:29 Jess: " wow from this angle you look bald "Gabriel: "Thanks"😂😂😂

  • Hawks 50
    Hawks 50   2 months ago

    2:23-2:26 I was laughing so hard 😂

  • Geonna Ronnow
    Geonna Ronnow   2 months ago

    When he was blowing his nose, that totally killed me lmao

  • Elen Houlgate
    Elen Houlgate   2 months ago

    Jess:: "woah from this angle you look bald"Gabe's reaction was so cute, like you could really tell how much he loves her 💓

  • Lisa Adams
    Lisa Adams   2 months ago

    t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-argetttttttt!!! OMG love you guys!

  • Sara Ali
    Sara Ali   2 months ago

    I’ve been following Gabe since his viner days and I clearly remember him complaining about not being in a relationship 😂 I was so Happy for him When he found Jess, she’s such a sweethearted person and i truly pray everything good comes your way. It’s fun to see how much Gabe grew by himself and then with a significant other. I wish you guys the best ❤️

  • Leah Fontes
    Leah Fontes   2 months ago

    you guys fell in love all over again

  • Amanda Mei
    Amanda Mei   2 months ago

    The way Jess asked “Should I take my shirt off” sounded like Frozone asking “Where‘s my supersuit?”

  • Amanda Mei
    Amanda Mei   2 months ago

    “Please please don’t speed” and Gabe’s reaction 😂

  • I like many things, deal with it

    5:43 Gabriel : should I take MY SHIRT off?5 seconds later Jess: mocking "should I take my shirt off?" Gabriel: G L A R E S

  • sarah Osmani
    sarah Osmani   2 months ago

    honestly this is prob gonna be so random but I love jess' laugh! esp when she's laughing at gabe it makes me laugh so much!

  • Noah Hutchison
    Noah Hutchison   2 months ago

    I just realized I hear them plug their insta accounts literally every video and its just normal for me to hear it, that I didn't even realized I don't follow them on insta lol

  • Feyi Ajayi
    Feyi Ajayi   2 months ago

    I love you guys you guys are awesome ❤️❤️❤️