Is Molasses better than Evapo-Rust for rust removal? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 July 2019
  • Molasses, Evapo-Rust, Muriatic Acid, White Vinegar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and water (control) compared for rust removal. All of the products were tested over 3 weeks. 5 separate tests were conducted to assess performance, including 2 separate tests on rusty metal, metal flakes (corrosion test), painted metal, and aluminum. Before and after weights of metals helped to determine rust removal and corrosion risks. Muriatic acid is fast but aggressive rusting happens after using it. Evaporust works extremely well and doesn't seem to harm metal. Molasses is slower than Evaporust but seems just as good if used for 3 weeks. Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar did very well but seem to eat away good metal too. A lot of viewers requested this video--so, thank you and please keep the recommendations coming! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 17:27
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  • stvwds61
    stvwds61   16 hours ago

    How about testing rust converters? Do they prevent further rusting?

  • Arariel3
    Arariel3   2 days ago

    I would never have expected molasses to work. Fact is I thought perhaps someone was pulling your leg. I stand corrected!

  • Andrzej N
    Andrzej N   4 days ago

    I wonder if slightly warming up molasses would speed up the process?

  • rejracer
    rejracer   4 days ago

    The trick with evapo rust is to dilute it 50% and heat it up. It takes the reaction from taking days to minutes.

  • christopher odell
    christopher odell   4 days ago

    Hey what can use to burn wick as a tiki torch wick could u use oil or any other fluids

  • Greg Kimura
    Greg Kimura   5 days ago

    Great video. Rust removal is something we all have to deal with. Even here in Southern CA. An idea - can you test which gas tank sealant works the best. I've heard a lot of good things about POR15, but I've never used it.Thanks again.

  • U S
    U S   5 days ago

    I've never heard of molasses as a rust remover

  • Shane Rhodes
    Shane Rhodes   1 weeks ago

    Kerosene works the best bar none. We use to use it on our bolts when I worked iron. Over night and your rusty bolts are lile new. It loosens rusty nuts. And will eat rust like no other that I have seen. But thats my opinion amd opinions are like assholes everyone has one. So take it as you will

  • Martin DeLoach
    Martin DeLoach   1 weeks ago

    I thought molasses was something you put on pancakes and bacon...

  • Patrick Andrews
    Patrick Andrews   1 weeks ago

    Excellent. Thanks for this. Molasses for Al oxidation removal -who knew?

  • Topmost Pop
    Topmost Pop   1 weeks ago

    Oh well. There is no such thing as mollasses. There is mollasses, blackstrap molasses, &sulphur or unsulphured mollasses. Which is best &why? Blackstrap is what I eat. Female weightlifters take it. Great 4garden plants growth, insecticide. 5 gallons with free quality bucket Websteraunt $26. Mollasses is also the original flavor God gave sugar so is great additive 4artificial sweeteners. It's what makes white sugar brown sugar. Satan removed all the beneficial properties from sugar &salt &flour etc. Making them poison. If u think these processed by Reptilian angels foods aren't poison next time u go Walmart see how many people u estimate could manage jogging even1 time around the building. This video effort was still great 4starters. I wonder which property in mollasses accounts 4thrust removal. Mollasses contains a lot of "fine plant grain" minerals which can then absorb on a cellular level. It may be it's just viscous permeating medium. There is no such thing as rust lol. Rust has been engineered in by backstabber engineers led by Reptilian angels. Like, plastics that sunlight dissolves. Some tools are not available 2public. Example I have a 4' iron rod that is incredibly superior simple virtue of it won't flex or ever rust. It is commercial &Reptilians do most all the construction there. Those blue 55gallon drums, banned from public use originally. Thankfully they are seeing use otherwise. They are incredible lifetime tools the public isn't supposed 2have.

  • Hashem Mehyar
    Hashem Mehyar   1 weeks ago

    I've always wondered about this magical evaporust that (hand tool rescue) uses. And really, molasses?! Thats new to me

  • Dirty Bird
    Dirty Bird   2 weeks ago

    Definitely surprised by the molasses, I never heard of that little trick, but now I know for the next rusty job. Evaporust honestly really is good, I've used it multiple times but seeing the comparison and little experiments showed it. Most stuff your going to be removing rust from is probably something that you aren't worried about losing paint or coating anyway so

  • C Frenches
    C Frenches   3 weeks ago

    Molasses?!?! Never would have crossed my mind. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Great Video as always!

  • AAron Smith
    AAron Smith   3 weeks ago

    This video is removing the rust out of my brain and it only took 17 minutes and 26 seconds. Thank you very much!

  • Acefearkiller
    Acefearkiller   3 weeks ago

    What type of bolts are these ? , also I'm surprised the amount of rust the molasses removed may just be my next best tool in the shop lol

  • CarlG500ci
    CarlG500ci   3 weeks ago

    Do you think mixing apple cider vinegar and petroleum jelly would work well as a paint remover? Someone painted all the crome trim on my project car and its been tough to remove without scratching..

  • ZeruS117
    ZeruS117   3 weeks ago

    Dude try beaver clean tears rust right off

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner   3 weeks ago

    Molasses as a rust remover? I never would have guessed. That was really interesting and very informative.

  • pilituraa
    pilituraa   4 weeks ago

    You would be a good commentator ... water on the left, venigar on the right ... good videos !👍

  • TheAngelin2000
    TheAngelin2000   1 months ago

    wow. I wish I knew this before. I used to work on fire hydrants, there was some old ones that had frozen valves. its was impossible to remove because of rust in the bottom. we try coke. did not work. I don't remember other things we did. but as last muriatic acid did the job in a hour time. never try vinegar.

  • pigpill
    pigpill   1 months ago

    This may have been asked already, but from a novice eye, 8:34 molasses vs white vinegar: The white vinegar looks like it has gone much deeper into the threads. Maybe I misunderstood the experiment, which is totally possible.

  • Neil ??????
    Neil ??????   1 months ago

    Jesus he is loud I need to turn volume down

  • Don Martin
    Don Martin   1 months ago

    I picked up some black walnuts out of the backyard, stuck them in a 5 gallon bucket with water for 2 weeks. Most still had the husk on. I put a rusty trap in the mix, checked it 24 hours later and most of the rust had been removed. How would the rust be removed?

  • Aaron John
    Aaron John   1 months ago

    Really well done comparing your control and all products tested

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown   1 months ago

    Phosphoric acid is the best because it not only removes it stops rust

  • Power Surge
    Power Surge   1 months ago

    Your analysis was very precise and meticulous.. However, you chose to compare rust removal by just soaking.. That is not a valid measure. Rust removers can be seen like paint remover. If you only brush on paint remover and leave it, the paint will not be removed. These product are not really removers, but SOFTENERS. I use rust remover a lot to restore old tools. All of these products should only be used for 24-48 hours max. After 24 hours, a true test would be using plastic, brass or steel bristle brushes, and then washing in water and drying.. If it did not all come off, then another 24 hours and then brushing them. I would guess that all of the products will work in 1 day.... NOT 2 WEEKS!!!! That would destroy all the steel...

  • Crawl IntoTheCalm
    Crawl IntoTheCalm   1 months ago

    My father had some pink slime stuff for rust removal. It worked amazing.Unfortunately I don't know what the product was. It was in the 1980's.Anybody have any idea what the product is called?

  • Drew Thompson
    Drew Thompson   1 months ago

    For larger stuff i have soaked a towel in vinegar, wrapped that around the tool, put it in a plastic bag.

  • Joe Beach
    Joe Beach   2 months ago

    Do you think molasses could be a good choice for car anti rust?

  • L ogic
    L ogic   2 months ago

    This is why I always look forward to your videos, always learning crazy old school ways of doing things. First time I heard of the molasses and water.

  • D o
    D o   2 months ago

    Looking to give this a try on rusty sections of our boat trailer, however most replies say to dip and keep submerged. I wonder what sort of results we will achieve by spraying on and if we should have a stronger mix for a spray. Any ideas on what ratio to try? Cheers PF for putting us on to a chemical free option, much appreciated.

  • stektirade
    stektirade   2 months ago

    My dude you could have your own home improvement show