Is Molasses better than Evapo-Rust for rust removal? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 July 2019
  • Molasses, Evapo-Rust, Muriatic Acid, White Vinegar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and water (control) compared for rust removal. All of the products were tested over 3 weeks. 5 separate tests were conducted to assess performance, including 2 separate tests on rusty metal, metal flakes (corrosion test), painted metal, and aluminum. Before and after weights of metals helped to determine rust removal and corrosion risks. Muriatic acid is fast but aggressive rusting happens after using it. Evaporust works extremely well and doesn't seem to harm metal. Molasses is slower than Evaporust but seems just as good if used for 3 weeks. Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar did very well but seem to eat away good metal too. A lot of viewers requested this video--so, thank you and please keep the recommendations coming! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 17:27
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  • Jaime L
    Jaime L   15 hours ago

    What are your thoughts on Por15 as a rust preventive.

  • jj
    jj   1 days ago

    16:36 Looks like one in the molasses actually gained 0.01 grams of aluminum after 3 weeks! (I know, the scale probably fluctuated a bit between the tests, and it's kind of funny that it's not also 0.)

  • Mugendi Tutt
    Mugendi Tutt   1 days ago

    Can you do a thermocure test on a old cooling system you really don't care about it says its different than the evaporust...

  • Charles Spitler
    Charles Spitler   1 days ago

    difference between orange, green and any other types of coolant? Which type of coolant doesn't actually freeze according to claims advertised? I live in WI, so Ive always used the coolant that my father and grandfather used, never actually proven if it works as advertised...

  • Austin Allgire
    Austin Allgire   6 days ago

    So the bleeder valves are stuck on my Jeep, are you saying I should dump this stuff on my bleeder valve to eat the rust rather than using pb blaster or soemthing?

  • PilotChris06FW
    PilotChris06FW   1 weeks ago

    Never ever use muriatic acid for rust removal. The rust Will be back with a vengeance within days far worse than it was . I tried to remove rust for a golf club by doing this. The rust was removed but came back much worse and spread big time.

  • John Alot
    John Alot   1 weeks ago

    I used molasses to remove rust from an old motorcycle gas tank to amazing results. The interior looked as if it had been polished. Only if you don't seal it immediately surface rust forms in hours.

  • diskord42
    diskord42   2 weeks ago

    Surprised by the effectiveness of molasses!

  • Christopher Mirabile
    Christopher Mirabile   2 weeks ago

    Cool video. It would be helpful to include directions at the end about how much to dilute the molasses.

  • juha
    juha   2 weeks ago

    Interesting video, thx

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones   2 weeks ago

    Evaporust $25/gallon. White vinegar $3.00/gallon..... you choose

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones   2 weeks ago

    "The spike in the water is rusting badly".....well....really???

  • Rhys Tomney
    Rhys Tomney   2 weeks ago

    Shouldnt have diluted the muriatic acidIs there A reason for this?

  • Doug Baker
    Doug Baker   2 weeks ago

    I would like to see a comparison between molasses and electrolysis. Take into account price per time period and effectiveness per time period.

  • Sudo Penguin
    Sudo Penguin   2 weeks ago

    Hello there.. is there any way we might be able to organize this a little better? I love the overall experience as usual but I was having some trouble following.. with so much info to cover you end up talking so fast, like an auctioneer! I’m going to start thinking of solutions.

  • Spanky Ham
    Spanky Ham   2 weeks ago

    Might be worth slathering some molasses on some suspension parts for a week.

  • CoryRoo33
    CoryRoo33   3 weeks ago

    Which cleaner do you think would clean a tobacco water pipe the best?

  • Jim Becker
    Jim Becker   3 weeks ago

    Would it be possible to develop a test to determine the ratio/percentage of synthetic to conventional oils in the so called "blends"? Would love to knowwhat we are actually paying for.

  • Thomas Slaney
    Thomas Slaney   3 weeks ago

    I wonder if the buildup on the sides of the nail with the vinegar is some kind of metal salts forming from the acid wicking up the sides (forming acetates), dissolving the metal, then crystalizing as the water evaporates? Probably too simple an explanation...

  • Thomas Slaney
    Thomas Slaney   3 weeks ago

    One thing to keep in mind is the stoichiometry: your acid is being consumed for the muriatic acid, vinegar, etc. so they will only etch so far until all the acid has reacted, and longer won’t do anything else. Otherwise, I’m sure that aluminum would be gone. As someone who used to dissolve metals in acid for a job, aluminum can be pretty reactive with acid so good that you diluted!

  • Eric Hildreth
    Eric Hildreth   3 weeks ago

    Nice video and as always soo detailed in all of your testing!! Love it!! Thanks again for doing what you do and looking forward to some more videos!! :)

  • Bradley Udovich
    Bradley Udovich   4 weeks ago

    Dude you are waaaay more scared of acid than you need to be. You can literally dunk your entire hand into undilute muriatic acid and as long as you wash your hands within like a minute or two you’ll be fine. Not even red marks

  • Bradley Udovich
    Bradley Udovich   4 weeks ago

    You dont need to dilute muriatic acid. It’s already diluted. It’s literally just dilute hydrochloric acid

  • Robert Deyes
    Robert Deyes   4 weeks ago

    Does Ray Romano know his voice has been stolen?

  • Brad Allen
    Brad Allen   1 months ago

    Fantastic video. Would have been interesting to try Coca Cola as well.

  • James Van Riper
    James Van Riper   1 months ago

    Any reason not to try plain oil? Rust is soluble in oil.

  • Mike Misses The Fairway

    Use Evapo-Rust when you're in a hurry and molasses when you have plenty of time. Interesting!

  • Bandit X114
    Bandit X114   1 months ago

    Hey PF...I have a suggestion for you.. Can you do a video on Mechanic tool ratchet quality and socket quality,strength.. Harbor Freigh brands pittsburgh pro &quinn vs.craftsman,stanley,husky ,kobalt..because I'm in the middle of buying Mechanic tool sets but I wanna get the best for my money..I usually use your results when I go to hardware stores and buy stuff for what ever project I have going on.

  • chuck guerin
    chuck guerin   1 months ago

    Great information as usuall. I would have never thought of molasses. Thanks once again!

  • Iron Beard
    Iron Beard   1 months ago

    The paint looks like it's a baked on coating so it's probably zinc based.

  • Scott Hayes
    Scott Hayes   1 months ago

    I need to see a test on 550 Paracord!! Test all variables including "long term" exposure to sunlight?!?!?! I know that's the difficult one. Also there are some types that have snare wire, fire starter and fishing line!!!