Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
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    Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.

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    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:43
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  • Thicc Yoshi
    Thicc Yoshi   8 hours ago

    He gave a sin because the Dreamworks fisher-kid had more balloons? You padding the sin-count bro? I think you’re padding the sin-count.

  • Kaye Lewis
    Kaye Lewis   2 days ago

    You missed a sin: Why were the bridesmaids in their dresses at 5 am?

  • malgold88
    malgold88   2 days ago

    What rank is Monger? He has what appears to be officer insignia but clearly has enlisted insignia.

  • Puffin 777
    Puffin 777   2 days ago

    I'm not sure Antarctica is "Earth's asshole"; It's pretty clean, white and unpolluted. Perhaps America or China instead?

  • Emmett Battle
    Emmett Battle   3 days ago

    sometimes i think about this movie and i cant tell if it really happened or not. even watching this video three times and seeing the dvd in that walmart clearance bin thing a billion times, i still cant believe it was real. pretty sure my mom made me go with my brother to see it in theaters. seeing/hearing all the amazing actors who gave their voices to this movie just makes it all worse.

  • Katie Has Life
    Katie Has Life   3 days ago

    Damn this movie is so bad- but it was my childhood

  • Pro ginger115
    Pro ginger115   3 days ago

    Omg my belly hurts after "DID YOU PULL OUT IN TIME?" laughed so hard

  • GTX LK
    GTX LK   3 days ago

    Anyone actually search up a cuolaca

  • kcuF dniM
    kcuF dniM   3 days ago

    16:05 That is just terrifying...

  • Lord Karasu
    Lord Karasu   4 days ago

    6:42-really? We just gonna ignore it has shields at 6:36?

  • Statalyzer
    Statalyzer   4 days ago

    Maybe they started with 00000 instead of 00001.

  • 20 Sides
    20 Sides   4 days ago

    Mark Zuckerberg most be really proud staring in the movie as the green lizard

  • Felix Auger
    Felix Auger   4 days ago

    I always wake up at 5 am, even maybe 4 am sometime.

  • Tlitoo [Chloe]
    Tlitoo [Chloe]   4 days ago

    1:58 glances at the clock guess that makes me a vampire. It's 5:10 am for me watching this ._.

  • Casey Jones6
    Casey Jones6   4 days ago

    3:02 lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Haven Starflight
    Haven Starflight   5 days ago

    I used to call this movie bob vs. aliens. Don't ask me why. I really don't know. I guess I just liked bob. Bob is great.

  • Jolynn Elgersma
    Jolynn Elgersma   5 days ago

    0:17 This story actually seems more interesting than this whole movie.

  • Cassie Schmitt
    Cassie Schmitt   5 days ago

    The Doctor's (Doctor Who) advice for killing daleks: 6:42

  • Zwyrx Hgqfyggz
    Zwyrx Hgqfyggz   5 days ago

    3:02Best part of Movie is amplified in movie's Sinning.CinemaSins Sin removal!

  • Emily Sheils
    Emily Sheils   5 days ago

    It would've been way easier to re enter her holes Hey! Phrasing!!!

  • Scotty Kloiber
    Scotty Kloiber   6 days ago

    You gave them a sin for her having the 00005 for her id because it would be the invisible mans. You should not have given them a sin because it is very likely one of the monsters would have an id of 00000 and wouldn’t start at 00001. I’m not sure why this bothered me I love your stuff.