I Tried To Make A 100-Year-Old Pretzel Recipe • Tasty

  • Published on: 29 November 2019
  • There’s nothing better than a pretzel! The salt! The shape! The design! But where do pretzels come from? Have they always been as knotty as they appear? On the finale of Edible History, Hannah untwists the history of the pretzel with author and pretzel expert William Woys Weaver before taking on a 100-year-old recipe.

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    salt pretzels rotating slowly
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  • Runtime : 8:38
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  • Nunya
    Nunya   3 days ago

    I love watching these and also love watching Bon appetite gourmet makes series

  • Porcupinel
    Porcupinel   4 weeks ago

    This was rather disappointing. She had all the ingredients to make a great pretzel, but I guess the focus on humor got in the way of actually trying.

  • Aurora Dreamer
    Aurora Dreamer   1 months ago

    Me: a paganPretzels: has pagan originsMe: exited screaming

  • Robin Golingay
    Robin Golingay   1 months ago

    "that's a real dough breaker for me" smacks the dough with the rolling pin thud 😂😂😂

  • audrey K
    audrey K   2 months ago

    i love how she ate every food with a big bites even though she doesn't know how it taste

  • saikyouiku
    saikyouiku   2 months ago

    Am I the only one who really raised an eyebrow at the expert when he talked about Celtic people and Germans because WOW, anachronistic much? Germanic yeah, Germans no

  • Mariusz
    Mariusz   2 months ago

    You can still buy Laugenbrezel like these here in Germany.

  • Deniz D.
    Deniz D.   2 months ago

    German bakery is soooo good. 🥨🥨🥨🇩🇪

  • SweetB_22
    SweetB_22   2 months ago

    It’s winter time. Do hot chocolate!

  • Lauren Hawes
    Lauren Hawes   2 months ago

    Huh, who else only heard the 'dough accidentally fell in water bucket into the shape and baker cooked it' story.

  • N A J
    N A J   2 months ago

    Too many jokes it’s distracting. It’s a good video no need for joking really.

  • Michelle Saavedra
    Michelle Saavedra   2 months ago

    Your voice is so soothing!! And your humor makes me smile!! Ty 💜💜💜💜

  • Kayn Gray
    Kayn Gray   2 months ago

    I'm eating white chocolate peppermint snowflake pretzels while watching this

  • J p
    J p   2 months ago

    Sorry to say but I don't think u are very good at cooking.

  • mochi tan
    mochi tan   2 months ago

    Someone kneads to teach Hannah how to work with dough

  • Mehul Prajapat
    Mehul Prajapat   2 months ago

    ❤️❤️ best cooking show ever hands down P.S. Love for Hannah hart❤️

  • zulema carmona
    zulema carmona   2 months ago

    I really love this series. I learn something new, and relax at the same time. 😘

  • tazzybasket19
    tazzybasket19   2 months ago

    You should have brought in ally hills to beat the dough

  • Syrkyth
    Syrkyth   2 months ago

    They need to cut about an inch off that tables legs to give Hannah some more kneading leverage/smacking power. Less perilous than standing on a box too.

  • NN CC
    NN CC   2 months ago

    You better use plastic bowl with warm water it will not produce that bad smell

  • jasmine soulia
    jasmine soulia   2 months ago

    This can't be the season finale. WE WANT MORE 😭😭

  • whatevergoes
    whatevergoes   2 months ago

    Her voice sounds like Anna Faris from the house bunny

  • zoey
    zoey   2 months ago

    The cheese makes the pretzel a pretzel. ITS ABOUT THE CHEESE.

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy   2 months ago

    That looks like so much fun to make! I love making fun recipes just like this on my channel

  • Lgthrfwy Ggr
    Lgthrfwy Ggr   2 months ago

    anyone eles get annoyed by the fact they use thy wrong every episode

  • SurrealKit
    SurrealKit   2 months ago

    I like that backstory of pretzels so much more.

  • Blak Majik
    Blak Majik   2 months ago

    God dammit woman you are a national treasure

  • Crissy D
    Crissy D   2 months ago

    I'm officially a fan of her💣

  • AStarInSolitude
    AStarInSolitude   2 months ago

    The swabian 🥨 is the one and only, the arms of the Munich pretzel are too thick for my taste.

  • DJ Torrence Mack TMACK
    DJ Torrence Mack TMACK   2 months ago

    Love your show please come back O h*** no I don't have the Upper body strength to make those presses hahaha