Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 09 January 2020
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    Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut

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  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • Karen Tyas
    Karen Tyas   45 minuts ago

    Omigosh the hedgey was so chill and big ☺️ I miss my spiky potatoes.

  • Derek Lai
    Derek Lai   1 hours ago

    I remember when I was little a bearded dragon shit on my hand

  • Raj Brar
    Raj Brar   3 hours ago

    Sorry about that, it's not the real one

  • Naiah Loy
    Naiah Loy   4 hours ago

    I have a GreyhoundBlack catBearded dragon And for a long time fish.I should be pretty good at this right?

  • waffa008
    waffa008   4 hours ago

    Please don't let the girl "guesser" try to do 'match the pet to the owner' again. She is annoying and seems to dislike all the animals in the vid. And, she's not funny.

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball   4 hours ago

    Dead giveaway when the chick picked up the hedgehog with no gloves

  • Riley
    Riley   4 hours ago

    the girl is such a prick 💀

  • Endercybereye33
    Endercybereye33   5 hours ago

    Is the hedgehog person the dominatrix guessing the kinks from a few years back?

  • Mariah Porter
    Mariah Porter   6 hours ago

    My dog now's how to open a door and do some tricks and potty trained and that's all

  • Camille Riche
    Camille Riche   6 hours ago

    Her:sees pigAlso her:this reminds me of Ariana Grande

  • Nist
    Nist   7 hours ago

    is this a..... s o n i c?

  • iicxramel
    iicxramel   7 hours ago

    I want spikey potat and bird

  • Poppy Ok
    Poppy Ok   8 hours ago

    Pig comes out it reminds me of Ariana grande what

  • Zoey Claire
    Zoey Claire   8 hours ago

    My first pet was a pig lol he slept with me and ate at the table with me also I'm a model so saying girls that live on barns aren't pretty is a total lie plus it's all about if you have a good heart

  • Ida
    Ida   9 hours ago

    Goddam or hades is such a good name for a snake! I am gonna steal it but I wish I came up with it myself

  • gauko_ BTS
    gauko_ BTS   12 hours ago

    A big pig entersThat girl: I really like it,it reminds of Adriana grande

  • Josh B
    Josh B   14 hours ago

    I have a bearded dragon, it's still a baby :P

  • Ben Mortimer
    Ben Mortimer   16 hours ago

    The girl in the crop top loves Snakes, Gaming and is mega attractive... How do I find this woman?!

  • James Rustin
    James Rustin   16 hours ago

    Don't bring the girl with the plaid pants back. She's waaaaay too ignorant.

  • Lillian Hazen
    Lillian Hazen   18 hours ago

    Pajama pants girl needs to chill. It's possible to be scared without also being rude as fuck.

  • In deadly
    In deadly   19 hours ago

    You should just not own a hedgehog ...

  • SheWolfInTheCity
    SheWolfInTheCity   20 hours ago

    - lay your finger gently over the top, she might curl up-Oh!me: HEART ATTACK

  • srividya kalavagadda
    srividya kalavagadda   20 hours ago

    The dude with bird is so hot!!!!! Plz get him into ur videos. Lol that guy is actually cute. Now I’m gonna watch this vid like 5 times a week just for the birdie guy hahahahah🤣😂🥰😘😏😏🤦‍♀️😅

  • Bowl O’ Catsss
    Bowl O’ Catsss   20 hours ago


  • Anastacia Epps
    Anastacia Epps   20 hours ago


  • josh
    josh   21 hours ago

    "all snake owners are weird"me: cries in snake owner