Serial Killer's Last Meals on Death Row (React)

  • Published on: 03 March 2019
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    Serial Killer's Last Meals on Death Row (React)
  • Runtime : 13:31
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    REACT   7 months ago

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  • John Byrnes
    John Byrnes   15 minuts ago

    diabetic jokes aren’t funny and still never will be.

  • Andrew Hinojosa
    Andrew Hinojosa   2 hours ago

    1974 was my dads birth year and my 1978 is my moms birth year wtfff😲

  • Liam Walton
    Liam Walton   6 hours ago

    1:31The smile just fading away from his face.

  • Jordan Nicholson
    Jordan Nicholson   7 hours ago

    "oh wow a woman" jfc, she legit thought there have never been women serial killers

  • xd Roshi
    xd Roshi   10 hours ago

    I was supposed to be born on June 6th but then was born early somehow in June 3rd. Just a story

  • Unknown
    Unknown   11 hours ago

    I’m calling it I’m going to be on the news for going on a killing spree my names PABLO PEREZ so look out for me in the news

  • Isaac James
    Isaac James   12 hours ago

    8:08. She just says my mom.🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelley Hitchcock
    Kelley Hitchcock   12 hours ago

    Feels weird that I know who most of these serial killers are. I really need to find different material to almost fall asleep to

  • WGL Royal
    WGL Royal   16 hours ago

    I thought BTK would be on here

  • Krystle Carbuccia
    Krystle Carbuccia   18 hours ago

    Is it just me or is the girl in the blue and white shirt just protecting the women serokillers and blaming all the bad things that the men did bad on them while trying to come up with a reason why the stuff that the girls did were not so bad

  • Kunai-Sempai
    Kunai-Sempai   21 hours ago

    My last meal would be filay min yah sushie ramen champagne hash browns and a 5 weed joints 🍀🌿🌿🌿🚬🚬🚬🚬

  • Fro Bro
    Fro Bro   22 hours ago

    Jeanie is pretty :)

  • W. Van
    W. Van   23 hours ago

    They all should have gotten cereal

  • Jacob Marvel
    Jacob Marvel   23 hours ago

    Money is the root of evil that's what poor people say

  • Duefa26
    Duefa26   1 days ago

    7 months ago: nah6 months ago: nah5 months ago: nah4 months ago: nah3 months ago: nah2 months ago: nah1 month ago: nopeOctober: yepppp

  • mahdi hassani
    mahdi hassani   1 days ago

    serial killers be serial killers ,don't really care if they are mentally unstable. they all do the same things

  • Major Nick
    Major Nick   1 days ago

    She said “a woman what???” Saying it as if woman couldnt be serial killers but ok......

  • Conrad Ramirez
    Conrad Ramirez   1 days ago

    My last meal would be a in and out burger large fries from McDonalds and large soda and 1000 burgers and ice cream and and 67 large burgers and 52 fries

  • MagicNarwhal
    MagicNarwhal   1 days ago

    I love how most of the killers are in florida,ima nove out before they find me

  • Stephen Combs
    Stephen Combs   1 days ago

    Milk steak boiled over hard with raw jelly beans.

  • Bigbad Shark66?
    Bigbad Shark66?   1 days ago

    I’m Jonny and my last meal was sugar , Jonny Jonny yes papa 👴

  • Alyssa Gold
    Alyssa Gold   1 days ago

    My last meal would be, a big mac from McDonald's and 2 large fries with a large mt.dew, also a 5 soft tacos and fried sushi, along with a big bowl of shrimp, also 2 large cheese pizzas, with 2 large sweet teas also from McDonald's, then I would want 3 bags of spice doritoes with a big glass of milk, and I want a massive plate of pancakes and wafles with bacon and eggs, then I would want, 1 apple 1 huge watermelon slice, 2 bunches of bananas, 1 bad of grapes, 2 jars of cherries, then I would like 1 full suze cookie cake from sams a truck load of chocolate and I want someone to give me all of the things that I have never tried that I really want to. Might as well go all out if its ur last meal.