Everything Wrong With Snowpiercer In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 14 January 2016
  • Snowpiercer was one of 2014's best surprises. It's original, weird as hell, and driving. We loved it. We also found its sins... you know how we do.

    Next week: Two 2015 films we hated--and they share an actor!

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Runtime : 15:1
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  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer   13 hours ago

    The only good part of Snowpiercer is the initial concept: Humans decided to fix global warming and effed that up.Everything else starting with A train that never stops is pure horse crap. If the train can stay warm then thermo-electrics still work and all that stuff below the crust is still hot as hell. Done, game over, thanks for the Stupid Movie Concept of the Century.

  • T-stinzy
    T-stinzy   22 hours ago

    You gave several sins for them not showing housing when the movie clearly says there are 1001 cars. Movie can’t show all of them. You just want to stretch to find sins

  • Carl Stawicki
    Carl Stawicki   1 days ago

    Give CinemaSins a sin for not making any Willy Wonka references.

  • Amin Y
    Amin Y   1 days ago

    The school part made me jump off my seat. after kids and teacher sing cheerfully, here comes the bloodbath!

  • Jake Zimmer
    Jake Zimmer   1 days ago

    How did that guy get beat up, stabbed multiple times, choked, and shot 4 times and keep on fighting

  • Troy TheMighty
    Troy TheMighty   2 days ago

    Removing 5 sins for that bullcrap scene of the guy shooting through the train? Even with a scope the moving train wouldn’t allow him to get an accurate shot. You should’ve added 5 sins!

  • Matthew Reeves
    Matthew Reeves   3 days ago

    4:32 well, it is in the future, so maybe its different

  • Chris Rubinstein
    Chris Rubinstein   3 days ago

    My first time watching this movie I had the exact thought they did. They're gonna have to bang. Oh God that should be fun.

  • Im Nobody
    Im Nobody   4 days ago

    I hate this movie so much. The sin count does not account for whatever reasons that make me hate it.

  • I Am , I Said
    I Am , I Said   5 days ago

    sin: we try to gain equality by..... killing everyone.

  • Kyle Haley
    Kyle Haley   5 days ago

    Definitely not awesome. Cliche metaphorical symbolism with sooooo many plot holes

  • ChudLife
    ChudLife   1 weeks ago

    Really expected you to get the 2031 A.D. at the beginning. Like they really needed to clarify that this is A.D.

  • Arkayem
    Arkayem   1 weeks ago

    There's a show remake now...and it's 12,793 times as sinful.

  • Niko Belic
    Niko Belic   1 weeks ago

    The tail people boarded without permission. They weren’t planned so that’s why they had no food

  • L
    L   1 weeks ago

    Why did he eat the old guy hand and not eat the dead mom!!!??????

  • The Judgy gamer
    The Judgy gamer   1 weeks ago

    There’s a Netflix tv show of this now. I have watched the first two episodes and it was AWESOME!

  • ryaw av
    ryaw av   1 weeks ago

    This title is deceiving, there’s nothing wrong with the movie. It’s perfect.

  • Daaboo
    Daaboo   1 weeks ago

    So its -110 degrees Celsius outside in the Netflix series. If the whole planet is "dead" and no plants etc can live. What produce oxygen then?

  • Scott McDonnell
    Scott McDonnell   1 weeks ago

    Was gonna be so mad when it looked like you were gonna sin "they've got no bullets" that was a very pleasant surprise

  • Ben
    Ben   1 weeks ago

    i disagree with your comments about the kids walking through all the cars everyday. obviously, they didn't show all the cars because you would need more for food or sleep, therefore we can assume there are way more cars of each type that what we see them walking. so the kids most likely sleep in the bedrooms section, and they walk directly to their classroom next to them.

  • RoninLetsPlay
    RoninLetsPlay   1 weeks ago

    How do you know kids taken at night? They don't have a window. :D Just saying.

  • isa indelicada
    isa indelicada   1 weeks ago

    The waste of that last cigarette really made me mad

  • A_Lonely_Sock CoDm
    A_Lonely_Sock CoDm   1 weeks ago

    The kids replaced the Oompa Loompas because Willford is actually Charlie Bucket, and he just changed his name to Wilford Wonka. ALSO, he kept the large “W” emblem that Wonka had in his factory. So yeah, the Snowpiercer is a sequel to Willy Wonka. YOUR WELCOME

  • Brian Dickens
    Brian Dickens   1 weeks ago

    You might want to look into the new Netflix series 'Snowpiercer', perhaps they'll go into some more depth about the train and how it came to be. And how it can be at all. :P

  • ArtumTsumia
    ArtumTsumia   1 weeks ago

    While this movie was... enjoyable... it completely sucks when you start thinking about it in the slightest. Like, clearly there is some kind of "ecology" going on within the forward cars and the tail was filled with stowaways (for some reason) which weren't accounted for and thus couldn't be fed for well over a month. However, it's not clear that the tail is filled with stowaways, nor why there would be that many empty cars at the tail of the train to accommodate them. The rail line was also, presumably designed with stops in mind, but once the ice apocalypse occurs, they maintain the same "one loop per year" schedule? I'll just go ahead and presume that a large number of trains ran this line before things went to shit but that similarly to them vastly over estimating the "cooling" effect of the global warming solution, the rail engineers were simultaneously immaculate in designing not only an entire train with no parts that need to be replaced for 17+ years, but an entire rail infrastructure that needs zero maintenance as well. I could accept the tracks being relatively clear if the full loop was completed far more regularly, but given the climate conditions, there's no way you leave things alone for the better part of a year without the tracks becoming completely impassable.Then again, perhaps it doesn't take a literal year to do the loop and this is simply the way they've started to tell time, except that doesn't stand up to the whole 17 years thing as established with Curtis wanting to kill Edgar 17 years ago... Popcorn movie, enjoy watching it, but be distracted long enough to not see all the glaring holes.[Edit] Also, wasting that last cigarette. Never mind that no one would want to smoke if cigarettes hadn't been a thing for 10+ years (the years before then I assume they were prohibitively rare, largely limited to ones incidentally brought aboard). Anyone actually wanting to smoke wasting the last one is just... unbelievable. People smoke after they have strokes and similar serious health issues where smoking should cease. Someone who fires up a cigarette that quick would not waste it monologuing.

  • Joshua Aguilera
    Joshua Aguilera   1 weeks ago

    Everything is good about the movie except for the DUMB ENDING.

  • jock barblessable
    jock barblessable   1 weeks ago

    YOU are a frivolous prick, this is a thinking persons action movie that asks more important questions of the viewer than your nit picking , go and watch vin diesel or steven segal they would be more your thing you know car crashes, gun fights, wooden actors films for the hard of thinking .

  • Joshua Duran
    Joshua Duran   1 weeks ago

    The only sign of life outside of the train we see in the movie is that polar bear at the end. Polar bears are absolute beasts of an animal. Let's be honest, if that polar bear is hungry at all, those kids are dead. They're not outrunning a polar bear in the snow, and there's even less of a chance they fight it off face-to-face.

  • nathan madden
    nathan madden   1 weeks ago

    what they dont tell you is there is a tram that runs under the cars