Castle Crashers - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 17 September 2019
  • Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in Castle Crashers Remastered! Play with up to three friends locally or online to save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles.

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    About The Behemoth: Founded in 2003, The Behemoth is an independent game developer that specializes in making memorable experiences that are both fun to play and beautiful to look at. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the Behemoth creates original properties and develops and publishes our award-winning games in-house.

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  • Runtime : 55
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  • Xplosive
    Xplosive   3 days ago

    If Geometry Dash never ages, neither does this

  • Xplosive
    Xplosive   3 days ago

    When will Geometry Dash come to Nintendo Switch

  • its Belll
    its Belll   4 days ago

    wow they stole the music from jumper in geometry dash

  • Grizzell Family
    Grizzell Family   1 weeks ago

    I used to play this on my Xbox 360. This trailer brings back so many memories.

  • Otizemo
    Otizemo   2 weeks ago

    I DONT PLAY SWITCH. However, I hope those who pick this game up will love it and check out the other games The Behemoth made!

  • GHOST SHELF- Professional Gamer

    The song was made by newgrounds the behmoth told everyone make an amazing song and your song could be in there game waterflame was one of the people and his song was chosen and aswell as other songs so castle crasher owns this song

  • Obama Sama
    Obama Sama   4 weeks ago

    Now I wait for battle block theater....

  • X- Plosive
    X- Plosive   1 months ago

    Ratings: This game is for people who are 10 and abo-8yo me: GAME IS GAME

  • HitMarkerMercy
    HitMarkerMercy   1 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the characters are supposed to be crusader knights

  • SplaatCsupo46
    SplaatCsupo46   1 months ago

    Everybody Else : Castle CrashersMe: GEOMETRY DASH

  • Xist
    Xist   1 months ago

    I want battle block theater

  • Air
    Air   1 months ago

    um The rating is wrong its rated T

  • Xonix16
    Xonix16   2 months ago


  • Chew Pacca
    Chew Pacca   2 months ago

    This is the kind of game that it will be fun playing

  • Sergio 3k18
    Sergio 3k18   2 months ago


  • Fele GB
    Fele GB   2 months ago

    I will ever take that song like "Jumper" thanks Geometry Dash

  • Gezi5
    Gezi5   2 months ago

    Tbh, I think this trailer is kinda lame

  • Feeling Good
    Feeling Good   2 months ago

    I've always thought that this was the first cuphead

  • lilkumquat
    lilkumquat   3 months ago

    Finally I just wish it was for the new 3ds.

  • Red vs blue Caboose
    Red vs blue Caboose   3 months ago

    Castle crashers is still my most favorite game to play and now that I can be any were I want to play

  • Shifter77
    Shifter77   3 months ago

    Why they playing geometry dash music

    THE EQUALIZER   3 months ago

    Character or mii outfit for smash I’m perfectly down for both

  • Novasugar OwO
    Novasugar OwO   3 months ago

    I play this on my Xbox, Hope someone remembers the Battle Block Theather