Brexit: Endgame - The $20 Trillion Secret, with Stephen Fry.

  • Published on: 18 May 2019
  • How will wealthy Brexiteers profit from Brexit? The surprising truth about the world's most secretive tax network for the wealthy, and why it needs Boris' no-deal Brexit.

    Plus, we hand the Brexit Party a rather unfortunate award.

    Voiced by Stephen Fry.

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    The Financial Secrecy Index ranks jurisdictions according to their secrecy and the scale of their offshore financial activities. A politically neutral ranking, it is a tool for understanding global financial secrecy, tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, and illicit financial flows or capital flight.

    Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
    Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

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  • Runtime : 11:15
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  • MrQuidestveritas
    MrQuidestveritas   32 minuts ago

    Britain is no less Britain??? yes where Stephen Fry lives I’m sure that’s true! Come to Bolton or Blackburn or the outskirts of Manchester... and look around you.

  • DC
    DC   7 hours ago

    Slight of hand about the immigration comments- if there are more immigrants than citizens the country and culture cease to be what they were

  • James D
    James D   12 hours ago

    What a load of crap eu govern on so many stupid laws in the uk we cant even have bannans that are the wrong shape can no longer use 60w peach lightbulbs we cant eat a pet horse but can eat any outher horse thay have reduced the power of vacume cleaners wont let us reduce tampon tax below 5% passports must be red i could go on forever and thay are only going to change more over time as thay have been doing since we joined

  • Samuel Newman
    Samuel Newman   15 hours ago

    As it stands we have a critical housing shortage and London is almost no Brits according to John Cleese and NHS in a nightmare and unemployment gone from 1.8 million to 5.8 million an the EU flooding Europe with welfare seekers so who cares aboutr the rich we want our country back an all illegals and free loaders returned and skilled contributors stay only

  • Mindboggle100
    Mindboggle100   20 hours ago

    Stephen Fry using his best patronizing & pompous voice over... what a lovely career he has had.

  • chestikov2011
    chestikov2011   21 hours ago

    This video is a stark, clearly explained warning about the direction the World would take if this purist unfettered Capitalism gets its way. Surely if the people of Hong Kong can challenge mainland China the people of Britain must fight against this scenario tooth and nail.People ( even middle class led ) must strike, riot, occupy, lobby demonstrate in great numbers otherwise their " New Tomorrow " will arive.

  • Mark W
    Mark W   1 days ago

    Stephen talking about the rich as if he isn't.

  • gordon gilchrist
    gordon gilchrist   1 days ago

    Fry's voice along with the rest of the remaiers are just so patronising. Wake up everyone. Don't listen to this fake news for sheep

  • NO .,CHANCE !!
    NO .,CHANCE !!   1 days ago

    yet another gay preaching, and the reason why  BIG PHARMAS are investing in designer kids born to surrogate mums for the paying men who can't raise balanced kids to produce the next generation and keep humankind going!!.

  • Flygirl MD
    Flygirl MD   1 days ago

    Scary but true and best actual reality within all the bs smokescreens and ridiculous chaos that just makes the UK look like a laughing stock

  • Kyle Rhatigan
    Kyle Rhatigan   1 days ago

    Economists agree, 13 seconds in already talking shyte!

  • Alex Victor
    Alex Victor   1 days ago

    Get out already and leave us alone, be US little muppet

  • Q
    Q   1 days ago


  • Q
    Q   1 days ago


  • kez kezza
    kez kezza   1 days ago

    We wanted to leave because of male Muslims flooding in to the country their demonic religion has no place here and goes against our values. No issue with non muslim immigrants wanting to make a better life for themselves and similtaneously adding to the British values. Putting into the country not draining it and causing criminal issues. Not working extra hours to support free loaders and those that hate our values of freedom and equality.

  • Anthony Dunlavey
    Anthony Dunlavey   1 days ago

    Immigration has nothing to do with the EU it goes higher to the UN and the Kalergi plan. Kalergi was of mixed race who believed that mixed race people were intellectually superior and planned for everyone to become mixed race. People cling to things, their race, colour, religion, civilisation, customs etc. Take these things away leaving only a left wing new world government and the people will cling to that. This can be seen in western communists who have no religion and few or no ties to their family but embrace communism.

  • Johan Emmenes
    Johan Emmenes   1 days ago

    Death to traitors like verhofstad and juncker. With a special mention of merkel. Kill these rats where they stand

  • Johan Emmenes
    Johan Emmenes   1 days ago

    DESTROY E.U and all the simple minds who fight for it.

  • Nigel Pettitt
    Nigel Pettitt   1 days ago

    Trade Regulations, MotherFucker. I'm really disappointed Steven Fry didn't outline that this is the barrel that the EU holds the UKs head over. Brexit, brexit, brexit

  • elusive mg
    elusive mg   2 days ago

    yeah Farage and BOJO are idiots BIG TME

  • garry kay
    garry kay   2 days ago

    Stephen your husband just had a shit, time for sex

  • Alastair Barkley
    Alastair Barkley   2 days ago

    America is the largest user of industrial pesticides in the world. 600 million kilogrammes annually. The use of these chemicals is loosely regulated - Atrazine, a pesticide thought to be a carcinogen, hormone disruptor and to cause malformed babies is extensively used in places such as the Presidents many golf courses and golf clubs. Atrazine is the most common contaminant in US drinking water.Atrazine is banned in the EU as well as Brazil and China. In fact, TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of US legal pesticides are currently BANNED by the European Union,Brexit is going to usher in lower American standard for practically everything in the UK.

  • K Dave
    K Dave   2 days ago

    Oh yes Steven all the doctors and the nurses in the health services, and in the fields and on the building sites and sleeping on the streets. So many doctors and nurses. What will we do without them using up our NHS. Top comment = don't privatise the Inter-National Health Service love from Thailand, says it all.

  • Grant Harvey
    Grant Harvey   2 days ago

    Ah , the truth about Brexit! A lot of people feeling rather foolish I would imagine.

  • 350Fox
    350Fox   2 days ago

    Socialist propaganda

    ALAN LAWRENCE   2 days ago

    The elites really think they have us all by the balls, despite the fact that they form less than 1% of the world's total population. It's a massive global con trick... and we're the victims of it. Take the National Health Care system away from the British people and elitist heads will role... The British are overdue a bloody revolution... They fucked up the first time by not removing the king's head when they had the snooty nosed bastard at their mercy. Read on... The French revolution was only partly successful, they removed pesky Royal heads and then brought back abusive Emporers, thus establishing a new monarchy... Yellow Vests now realise their mistake... Dust off the guillotine lads.

  • MakeRealityGreatAgain

    EU = USSR 2.0 ... Unelected undemocratic tyrants. Next they have stated they want a European army, a European Empire

  • FCbisleybob
    FCbisleybob   2 days ago

    Why was this made or funded... To inform you??? NO! THIS IS TO DEMONISE BREXIT LEADERS. this is patronising crap designed to fool you by a dying monster.The EU is an antidemocratic evil organisation. And this proves it's scared.What a waste of money. All you did was confirm to me we need out and you can keep Stephen fry too.

  • mogznwaz
    mogznwaz   2 days ago

    That begs the question.... Why do so many rich Remainers want to be in the EU then? For the benefit of us plebs?! Because they all dutifully pay their taxes??? Remember there are 2 types of Tories - open border big business globalists and those who are small govt, nation state and traditionalist. Conversely you have their mirror on the left but from a big govt perspective. This is why you now have these odd cross party alliances forming. This is not a left/right issue it is a battle of globalist v nationalist and rich v poor, metropolitan elite v working classes.

  • S Hamster
    S Hamster   2 days ago

    Its a wicked argument that we must poach poorer countries medical professionals. This video iz a load of shite....

  • 1toneboy
    1toneboy   2 days ago

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to pause this video while I ran to the toilet to vomit, so I had to listen to it, which caused more vomiting.

  • gore 108
    gore 108   2 days ago

    Is everyone on the EU's payroll.?

  • Guy Bucknell
    Guy Bucknell   2 days ago

    All the things that the EU has banned and the laws that it made, could just as easily be made in the original independent country, only with more control.Also by blatant the one sided criticism in this video I don't trust it as far as I can fkn throw it.