Fresh vs Frozen Taste Test

  • Published on: 03 June 2016
  • Can we tell the difference between fresh & frozen foods? GMM #936!
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    Writer/Producer/Lasagna Boy: Edward Coleman
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    Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
    Writer/Producer: Daniela Hamilton
    Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
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  • Runtime : 14:52
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  • dreey7
    dreey7   1 days ago

    Why did he get 2 points for the breakfast sanzwich

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker   1 weeks ago

    4:26 how did link know to reach over Rhett's arm if they were both blindfolded

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie   2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you both get 2 plates and not reach over? Savages

  • G Wiz
    G Wiz   3 weeks ago

    i only touched the one on the right

  • SoulKittyKat
    SoulKittyKat   3 weeks ago

    I love how McD's is considered "fresh" in this...

  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller   2 months ago

    I always want to give Link the benefit of the doubt and not believe he's an utter moron, but every episode he disappoints.

  • Brian Cunningham
    Brian Cunningham   2 months ago

    Rhett barely saved himself from a mouthful of salmon skin haha

  • Dani Wood
    Dani Wood   2 months ago

    Fresh frozen... From a can.

  • Abigail Chubb
    Abigail Chubb   2 months ago

    Link: cuts a lasagna piece Rhett: takes his peace plus Links or well half the lasagna

  • Vladimír Pokorný
    Vladimír Pokorný   2 months ago

    Asa some chef on show with Ramsay would say, its fresh frozen! lol

  • Nordic God
    Nordic God   2 months ago

    Unless you are eating a fresh icecupe I would go for the hint of the temperature..

  • M. Smith
    M. Smith   3 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay enters the chat

  • Dylan Jarrell
    Dylan Jarrell   3 months ago

    I live for the moment Link says "As you can see, We cant" lmfao.

  • Sethman04
    Sethman04   3 months ago

    Who is back here in November 2019

  • CodeAlias
    CodeAlias   3 months ago

    Knows where Rhett wentLink: “OH WE AGREED!”

  • The unknown
    The unknown   3 months ago

    There is no such thing as fresh frozen

  • Nadiah Nor Roslan
    Nadiah Nor Roslan   3 months ago

    The chicken is a little more cubicalized...He has his own dictionary

    DODGER   3 months ago

    The funny thing is that the McDonald’s sausage is frozen

  • V1perGaming
    V1perGaming   4 months ago

    "as you can see we can't..." Never gets old...pure genius

  • Sir Vixsa
    Sir Vixsa   4 months ago

    wait..... McD's sausage is frozen....

  • Carmen Trance
    Carmen Trance   4 months ago

    We’re being presented. They’re being presented

  • DavaLuAnn
    DavaLuAnn   4 months ago

    Rhett trying to find the salmon had me laughing until I cried...😂😂😂

  • FoRZ ClOuDz
    FoRZ ClOuDz   4 months ago

    9:48“I’m only touching my side”*proceeds to touch whole sandwich lmao

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing   4 months ago

    Green beans are scary looking to me

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366   4 months ago

    It's a bit of a stretch to call something from McDonald's "fresh."

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover   4 months ago

    They explained that they're blindfolded because it's supposed to be entirely about the taste, and the first thing Rhett does is inspect it with his hands