Only Eating 7-ELEVEN FOOD in Japan

  • Published on: 30 November 2019
  • Only eating 7-Eleven food in Japan and trying other convenience store foods in Tokyo. Leave a Like if you enjoyed and would like to to go to a Japanese 7 eleven! Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!

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  • Runtime : 13:52
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  • NK's
    NK's   3 hours ago

    Im japanese!

  • Captain Grg
    Captain Grg   9 hours ago

    Why do saugage looks like just waked up yoo yoo yoo

  • Tea strike
    Tea strike   13 hours ago

    japan in some parts is sketchy and mean with gangs so please if your there be careful.

  • Kiara Sabellaga
    Kiara Sabellaga   16 hours ago

    I am the only one that wanted to see something related to anime

  • oliver parakeet
    oliver parakeet   22 hours ago

    Lia, you should try Puchao they are Japans fav soft and chewy candy

  • Bassam Moazzam
    Bassam Moazzam   1 days ago

    The way she is wearing the cap she looks like Santa elf 😂

    FERYAL HATAMLEH   1 days ago

    i never tasted boba but i am planing to after quarantine

  • Melanie Marshall
    Melanie Marshall   1 days ago

    I’m allergic to so many things such as grassAnd trees ;( and water melon and strawberry’s and I puke drinking milk at all :(

  • Ashlyn Zopfi
    Ashlyn Zopfi   1 days ago

    Oooh! It's a pickled plum!Goggles has entered the chat.

  • ThatKidHannahT
    ThatKidHannahT   1 days ago

    who watching this cuz there hungry in quarentine?

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf   1 days ago

    Did you know at a Chinese store there is a ice cream that is milk tea with boba pearls?

  • Greta Bushue
    Greta Bushue   2 days ago

    Wow I thought my mom said my name Greta but I was wrong lol

  • Belle Freedom
    Belle Freedom   2 days ago

    You can ask people in family Mary’s to warm the food up that you got they usually have microwaves.

  • Summer _rxses
    Summer _rxses   2 days ago

    No one:Lia:eats one bit of food Random guy: YOU EAT TO MUCH lia:u came here 3 mins ago -_- Me: :o how dare he judge u lol

  • Julie Nah
    Julie Nah   3 days ago

    the ice cream cover thing u can get that in korea also -.- south btw

  • Netran
    Netran   3 days ago

    The packaging is so nice

  • Just Mystery
    Just Mystery   3 days ago

    I already knew watching this wasnt a good idea..:/

  • Joy
    Joy   3 days ago

    I know three people that looks exactly the same I swear 🙂😕

  • Joshua Yew
    Joshua Yew   3 days ago

    I want to eat all the leftovers it looks amazing

  • Diane Baber
    Diane Baber   4 days ago

    I was so Jealous watching this I wanted to come with you and Eat all THE ICE CREAM AND FOOD IN THE STORE >:33333 (Then run away)

  • Nxzifa- roblox
    Nxzifa- roblox   5 days ago

    Random dude: you look AsianLia: I look Asian?!Me: but I'm Asian

  • A K
    A K   5 days ago

    Cuz they CARE about their people Not Like America

  • Yellow•Sun
    Yellow•Sun   5 days ago

    now my obsessiom for going to japan has now increased

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez   6 days ago

    Me watching this in 2020. She puts the food back me NO DON'T!!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Tye Massaro
    Tye Massaro   6 days ago

    Has anyone here ever had boba smoothie? There Amazing!