Preparing To Give Birth To 6 Babies! | Sweet Home Sextuplets

  • Published on: 06 November 2018
  • Junior Sweethearts Courtney and Eric have three boys and are expecting sextuplets. Watch as they face a high-risk delivery and the stress of becoming parents of nine kids overnight. #SweetHomeSextuplets

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  • Runtime : 6:57
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  • Carol Line
    Carol Line   5 days ago

    What a lucky family god bless you all

  • Queen Angel
    Queen Angel   1 weeks ago

    God give me one 😕😕it's enough for me

  • Chloe Behrle
    Chloe Behrle   1 weeks ago

    I love how her husband is there like ALWAYS that is commitment...he’s sooo sweet

  • zerv hd
    zerv hd   1 weeks ago

    Damn that guy has magic nuts if just made 6 babies at the same time lmaooo

  • Aditi bhardwaj
    Aditi bhardwaj   2 weeks ago

    How can someone be so brave Hats off man....🙄🙋Soooo brave

  • Saylor Byrd
    Saylor Byrd   2 weeks ago

    My name is Saylor too and spelt the same way!!!!🤣🤣

  • Sujatha Basu
    Sujatha Basu   2 weeks ago

    Can someone explain me why is her stomach not looking big enough to carry 6 children?!....if this is true then HUGE respect to her from mah side #superwoman

  • Lorna Banks
    Lorna Banks   2 weeks ago

    Pregant women shouldn’t be around drying/wet paint just saying

  • Sydnie W.
    Sydnie W.   2 weeks ago

    They are too patient I would be annoyed if my kids where painting in the delivery room

  • bts got gems
    bts got gems   2 weeks ago

    Hope her 6 babies will respect her until she will be old. Yeah they should the mom crying bc of being scared

  • dylan marks
    dylan marks   2 weeks ago

    This is the netfilx adaptation of the quintessential quintuplets

  • Cherry Tree
    Cherry Tree   2 weeks ago


  • minos77
    minos77   2 weeks ago

    How lucky is she to have twins and then sextuplets!!! Bless her and her family!!

  • Emespher
    Emespher   3 weeks ago

    she's amazing, must of been hell carrying 6 babies.

  • Emespher
    Emespher   3 weeks ago

    gosh I'm pregnant with Twins and omg I totally understand her stress level, poor mama. thank god shes free

  • melissa figueroa
    melissa figueroa   3 weeks ago

    Wow 6 welp their lives r done and they r ruing the environment more also rlly ? Making them take care of the baby’s wow when they become teen they will hate it

  • AlanaDaMoonDemon 15
    AlanaDaMoonDemon 15   3 weeks ago


  • Reyca music
    Reyca music   3 weeks ago

    I will die with stress if i found out am expecting 6 babies

  • Wanyamu Thimoo Kariuki

    I love babies ,,i can only see her as a blessed mother and pray for them to sail through and for any other mother going through this face of life ,,get encouraged this is a face we miss soo much expecially when we are time bad...we wish we utilized well the chance when time was favourable...feel blessed beloved mothers we pray for are doing the right thing,,God is there for all provissions and will equipe each one of you prayers for all..thanks for sharing

  • Zoha Edits
    Zoha Edits   4 weeks ago

    She didn't give birth.she got a c section.