How to Stop Your Brakes from Squeaking

  • Published on: 04 February 2017
  • Stop your brakes from making squeaking and grinding noise! I show you the top 5 reasons your brakes make noise and how to fix them so they stop making noise! I cover checking brake pad and brake rotor wear, brake contamination, brake hardware, brake lubrication, and the dust shield.

    Why you need to grease your guide pins:
    Top 10 Brake Job Tips:
    How to Flush and Bleed Your Brakes:
    Replace Drum Brakes:

    Again, thanks Advance Auto Parts for Providing Carquest Wearever Professional Brake Parts so I could compare the old and new brakes so you can see the difference! Here is what I used:
    Quiet Brake Pads:
    Brake Hardware:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix   3 years ago

    Be sure to follow me on instagram for daily updates and behind the scenes footage: → Or Facebook →, keep an eye out on my channel this Sunday for a special video I am working on (hopefully I get it out on time)!!!

  • AJ Nadow
    AJ Nadow   1 days ago

    That rhythmic sound of the worped breaks is really satisfying to hear and watch the brake lathe cut out

  • Eric Halim
    Eric Halim   2 days ago

    Why break making sound only when I brake and turn my steering wheel. Why is that?

  • Vanessa Olson
    Vanessa Olson   3 days ago

    My brakes make a grinding noise, but only on snowy roads. Otherwise, they don't make noise. What is the problem?

  • Roy Evans
    Roy Evans   3 days ago

    That 'slightly worn' vented disc there at the beginning lol.

  • OsMaN NaJi
    OsMaN NaJi   4 days ago

    My breaks are brand new and making noises when stopping

  • jonathan baker
    jonathan baker   5 days ago

    No the way you do it is you just cover them with oil

  • Jezreel James Manrique

    When I push the breaks it doesn’t squeak but it has a different sound. I think in the rear breaks that makes the sound. Does it need cleaning?

  • Gabriel Laliberté
    Gabriel Laliberté   6 days ago

    I don't know if it's common, but I got some brake noise from the rear drum brakes: a little amount of brake dust had accumulated and stuck on a part of the surface of the rotor, making a slight muffled squeek sound at every wheel rotation. After cleaning with brake cleaner and sanding down the rotor surface, brakes were satisfyingly quiet!

  • Maren Lord
    Maren Lord   1 weeks ago

    I know this video is old but maybe you'll see this comment! My brakes make a low creaking noise only after I'm standing in drive and then start easing forward or backwards. No high-pitched squeaking and the brakes are on point with no sound normally. Any ideas? Love your channel!

  • DJ Zach
    DJ Zach   1 weeks ago

    Whoops. I’ve been spraying my brake pads with brake cleaner.

  • Jeffrey Padre Juan
    Jeffrey Padre Juan   1 weeks ago

    Bruh, i have problems with the braking system on my bike, because when i brake, it brakes hard and it feels like im going to fly out of my bike, BECAUSE MY 1 OF MY BRAKE PADS ARE WORNPlz help me find a way to stop the brake pads from doing what i saidJames M. Padre Juan

  • Jeffrey Padre Juan
    Jeffrey Padre Juan   1 weeks ago

    0:14 lol those brakes sound like brakes from a trainJames M. Padre Juan

  • Ben Mak
    Ben Mak   1 weeks ago

    That worn brake rotor triggered my trychophobia

  • Billy Kid
    Billy Kid   1 weeks ago

    You are making amazing video! Thank you, You are the best mechaninc!

  • Rudy M
    Rudy M   1 weeks ago

    Excellent im a subcriber

  • Pierre Côté
    Pierre Côté   1 weeks ago

    ChristFix ,you are the best in youtube for mechanic adviser .

  • John Ridley
    John Ridley   1 weeks ago

    I thought the silver stuff was aluminum based anti-seize. Mine says that on the label. All the top sellers on Amazon are aluminum, nickel and copper based. Only the marine ones are metal free.

    MOSES LEVI ISRAEL   1 weeks ago

    Soapy WOODER is sooo g.a.y.your show is cool but purposely finding a way to use WOOD is extremely g.a.y.

  • Miguel Curiel
    Miguel Curiel   2 weeks ago

    Make a video on how to find wheel fitment and tire fitment

  • FWDSlip
    FWDSlip   2 weeks ago

    That copper/graphite analogy was the funniest thing I've ever seen...

  • rich phero
    rich phero   2 weeks ago

    My pads won’t fit into the brake hardware, what do I do?

  • Martin TRAN78
    Martin TRAN78   2 weeks ago

    ... and 1 more thing, I am sure you can't fix this noise of my car brake because of the roto Bosch brand is "made in China"

  • JUAN20949
    JUAN20949   2 weeks ago

    How off then Needs to be replace the Drill and slot rotors on a Chrysler 300 2012 I don't know what's better to install air vents with drill and solit rotors or the solid drill solit rotors

  • Labrador McGraw
    Labrador McGraw   3 weeks ago

    No wonder he's so popular. Every time a joy to listen to. You just can't beat a ChrisFix video.

  • Saito Pujols
    Saito Pujols   3 weeks ago

    ah shit, I didn't remove that oil when I changed my rotors the other day.

  • Mr_ Sir
    Mr_ Sir   3 weeks ago

    Why’re my brakes so squeaky? I have a 2017 ram 1500 it has 30,000 miles but my warranty has expired 😨

  • fan weidong
    fan weidong   3 weeks ago

    Hi Chris,Thanks for the info. My new brake pad and rotor were just installed. but when i am driving, i can hear constant rubbing noise when i didn't apply brake. I check the dust shield, it's good.looks like my brake pad is constantly touching the rotor. maybe it's too thick? or what other cause it may be? Please advise. Thanks

  • Esteban Marroquin
    Esteban Marroquin   3 weeks ago

    Hey chris, hope you're reading. I changed both of my front rotors and brake pads. Completely new. I dont know why, but its not braking evenly. Its making such a terrible noise. I just took them off again and clean the surfaces on the rotors and pads, and still making a scratching/screeching noise.

  • Brigsby
    Brigsby   3 weeks ago

    Could the dust guard be the reason why when I sharp turn left while driving slow, I hear a dragging scraping metal noise? My cars been doing this for like 2 years now. It’s annoying but doesn’t seem to interfere with anything else.