• Published on: 13 January 2020

    About me-
    My name is Samara I am 23 and have a 2 year old son Ryder, with my partner of 5 years Alex. In 2018 we found out we were expecting another gorgeous boy, Arlo, due 2019. We purchased our first home just before Christmas to create beautiful memories as a family in. I vlogged my pregnancy journey and unexpectedly at 22+5 weeks, we lost Arlo. We are now excited to be adding a little girl to our family in 2020!
    So now you know a bit about me I hope you enjoy my channel and follow along this crazy journey capturing the good and bad.

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  • Aaliyah Tv
    Aaliyah Tv   3 months ago

    Where did you get the balloons from and the back drop from? 😍

  • Matthew Cheatham
    Matthew Cheatham   4 months ago

    Congratulations to and your family you look absolutely stunning gorgeous what brand of diapers are you going to use love Pampers and huggies

  • opalghost
    opalghost   4 months ago

    Where did you get your white dress from? I love it! Beautiful baby shower!

  • Lots Of Love
    Lots Of Love   4 months ago

    Girl you are glowing and got the cutest bump! How many weeks are you? Looks like you had a great shower.

  • Kat Fisher
    Kat Fisher   4 months ago

    Beautiful shower!!! You girls did an amazing job!! So happy for you! 💕

  • Carianne Morabito
    Carianne Morabito   4 months ago

    In Canada we don’t throw our own baby shower for a second child but love you 👍

  • Alexandria Paul
    Alexandria Paul   4 months ago

    You were glowing so much in the beginning of this video. Congrats on little girl. She is definitely going to be such a blessing to your family!

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock   4 months ago

    Wow you look so beautiful, xxxxxxx the best baby shower on YouTube, It was so fantastic xxxxxx love always xxxxxxxxxx

  • Cindy Teufl
    Cindy Teufl   4 months ago

    Samara you looked stunning and you did a fantastic job for you baby shower can’t wait for baby girl she’s going going to be so cute ❤️

  • Beach Bum
    Beach Bum   4 months ago

    Can I please have a cupcake?

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H   4 months ago

    you did amazing well with it all , everything looks so beautiful , not long now eeek .

  • Ann O'Donnell
    Ann O'Donnell   4 months ago

    Looked like ye had a lovely day I'm so happy for you. 😊 You looked beautiful.. 💖💖

  • Lavender9587
    Lavender9587   4 months ago

    Love your baby shower. Will you do a - what I got haul ?. Also your lounge room looks so much bigger. I love it that way

  • aleisha keller
    aleisha keller   4 months ago

    Beautiful! Also your couch looked so good in that spot

  • Marilyn Hodgkinson
    Marilyn Hodgkinson   4 months ago

    Hi Samara . I loved your baby shower it just looked gorgeous, you as well. Your cakes looked awesome good job. Those photos were so perfect lovely to look back on. Great job you and Crystal decorating. Much love xxxx

  • Jaskolski Family
    Jaskolski Family   4 months ago

    Omg such a gorgeous baby shower! You look amazing the your hair up. Also what a gorgeous baby shower and wow baby girl got spoilt rotten. Some gorgeous clothes in there. Your set up was amazing and perfect. I wish someone could have put in a baby shower for me this time but it’s now too late. Lol

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith   4 months ago

    This was such a beautiful video and the baby shower looked amazing

  • Adam Volker
    Adam Volker   4 months ago

    Good luck for the rest of your journey Samara.

  • Alana Warren
    Alana Warren   4 months ago

    What a beautiful baby shower do nicely decorated

  • Makeup by Chelsea
    Makeup by Chelsea   4 months ago

    Awww you baby shower looked gorgeous and you looked gorgeous too❤️ I can’t believe it she will be here so soon it’s crazy I felt like you only told us you were pregnant yesterday ❤️ can’t wait too meet her ❤️