Bronny James HEATED GAME! Sierra Canyon Seniors STEP UP And Fight To Win At Damien Classic

  • Published on: 28 December 2019
  • Sierra Canyon Seniors Saw their team step up and rise to the occasion against a tough Birmingham squad at the Damien Classic! Bronny James Heated in this game let opponents know he wasn't playing around. #Bronny #Bronnyjames #sierracanyon #lebron
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  • Runtime : 15:
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  • C J
    C J   3 months ago

    Zaire came and told ol dude wassup when they were helping up bronny. Respect ✊🏽

  • Queen Jaye
    Queen Jaye   2 days ago

    11:40 “WOP!” no bitch ‘whoosh’

  • laG x oUT
    laG x oUT   2 days ago

    Big 7’3 center sucks cant grab a board or anything he’s just tall

  • Candice Boston
    Candice Boston   3 days ago

    Number 10 on bronny Nd Zaire team kinda suck bro,he lazy asl

  • Life after 60
    Life after 60   4 days ago

    Man there are some selfish players on this team....#10 One on four, please!!

  • Bucket Prod.
    Bucket Prod.   1 weeks ago

    They all on Bronny’s dingaling like chill....

    vuBRANDON   1 weeks ago

    @0:31 knew he wasn’t getting the ball, didn’t even try 😂😂😂

  • Gio Chavez
    Gio Chavez   3 weeks ago

    Number 3 on canyon reminds me of brandon ingram

  • Rheto Plays
    Rheto Plays   1 months ago

    so the like 7 foot asian dude just dont rebound i guess

  • makuzaki
    makuzaki   1 months ago

    Wasted height on the tall Asian guy.

  • Jon Marina
    Jon Marina   1 months ago

    Baby "Boner" James still dont know defense... all flares!

  • Rias
    Rias   1 months ago

    Number 3 and 10 man

  • Tilly Rose
    Tilly Rose   1 months ago

    no joke if i was sitting anywhere near those people who keep fucking yelling i’d tell them to stfu. seriously. so disrespectful

  • Tamia Kelise Vlogs
    Tamia Kelise Vlogs   1 months ago

    Soooo nobody gon talk abt how at 9:02 that guy got mad at bj Boston for literally NOTHING that had nun to do with him😒.

  • Shana Reid
    Shana Reid   1 months ago

    Number 3 and 15 are the star players on the team.

  • Nunya Bidnnezz
    Nunya Bidnnezz   1 months ago

    The guy talking needs to shut the fuck up.... he probably 400lbs... acting like he knows some shit

  • MCQ
    MCQ   1 months ago

    Why is bronny so cute though 😍

  • Trippie._. kevin
    Trippie._. kevin   1 months ago

    swear to god these parents yelling at sierra canyon are annoying as shit and need to stfu🤦🏻‍♀️💀

  • Destynee Imanii
    Destynee Imanii   2 months ago

    these videos are the only thing i been watching since like two weeks ago and I love em 🤯

  • Timothy Park
    Timothy Park   2 months ago

    Lol that kid on the green team number 30 tries to do a crossover but fails lol

  • Lowkey Kasey
    Lowkey Kasey   2 months ago

    They was falling a lot in this game boi💀

  • Madison Hileman
    Madison Hileman   2 months ago

    i know it’s a physical sport but all these parents need to be respectful of other kids and there parents. it’s a school basketball game not a fight. please learn to respect other kids, just because he’s lebron james child doesn’t mean he’s his father. 👎🏻

  • Wobs.
    Wobs.   2 months ago

    Bronnys team big is the type of big u want for 2k

  • NaTtyTv1
    NaTtyTv1   2 months ago

    9:31 double dribble on me