Leaving Things In Nail Polish Remover for A Month

  • Published on: 27 September 2018
  • Have you ever thought about leaving Batman in nail polish remover for a month? We have, and we did. What happened? There's only one way to find out... GMM #1388

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  • Runtime : 12:35
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  • Tumey 17
    Tumey 17   13 hours ago

    Nani it's not good to smell nail polish remover

  • AriApollo
    AriApollo   3 days ago

    did anyone else- think of the rainbow dash jar 😳

  • XerxikLinaak
    XerxikLinaak   3 days ago

    I'm hoping the glasses for a month gag was just water and Link didn't put nail polish remover that close to his eyes

  • Ser T
    Ser T   2 weeks ago

    ...not the batman figure...

  • Cibim Box
    Cibim Box   2 weeks ago

    Polish remover works since 1938

  • Matthew Sedlacek
    Matthew Sedlacek   3 weeks ago

    When they messed with each other's mask my first thought was "They've never been in MOPP 4, have they?" 😂

  • W
    W   3 weeks ago

    With all the "safety measures" where are the safety glasses?

  • Totally Talia
    Totally Talia   1 months ago

    Nail polish isn’t that indestructible 😂😂😂 it chips so easily lmao!

  • Ubisoft Player
    Ubisoft Player   1 months ago

    Well, we can safely say that this video took at least a month to produce...

  • Kandi Hinshaw
    Kandi Hinshaw   1 months ago

    Just to be slightly weird cuz y'all walked right into this one but if that man were homosexual he probably enjoy having your winter put in him LOL

  • King Garbage
    King Garbage   1 months ago

    Theres some tension between the two in this episode.

  • Floating F
    Floating F   1 months ago

    After watching this video the Joker discovered Batman's biggest weakness: nail polish remover.

  • Jade Playz_
    Jade Playz_   1 months ago

    The Batman can be used as a blown up Batman by the joker!

  • John Smith
    John Smith   2 months ago

    1:45 Minecraft villager has entered the chat.

  • rute_awakening
    rute_awakening   2 months ago

    7:30 I actually have an aunt Debbie so this is super weird

  • Savage Alex
    Savage Alex   2 months ago

    That wasn’t nail polish remover for links glasses

  • Zahm Bohddie
    Zahm Bohddie   2 months ago

    You know hardware store grade particle filter masks dont help against any form of gas right?

  • Kenny Cox
    Kenny Cox   2 months ago

    Try this video concept again but use paint thiner or accetone which is the main ingredient in nail polish remover

  • killamentos
    killamentos   2 months ago

    Nail polish remover has a lot of acetone in it which is really agressive on plastic and kinda "melts" it.

  • Oh So Random
    Oh So Random   2 months ago

    I love the smell of nail polish remover

  • Lillian Thomason
    Lillian Thomason   2 months ago

    I remember I was visiting my biological dad and my stepbro and real bro was there so one night I painted their nails, it was hilarious when they woke up bc my aunt helped so when they got up we couldn’t stop laughing, when they realized it, my step mom couldn’t find the nail polish remover and it was grocery day!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Deborah Huckaby
    Deborah Huckaby   2 months ago

    I can’t believe I just recently stumbled on these guys! I love it!

  • Nasr Muhammad
    Nasr Muhammad   2 months ago

    Ok what glasses does link have...they are invincible

  • Natalie Swanson
    Natalie Swanson   3 months ago

    Acetone is WACK and it’s in most nail polish remover but not 100% so u guys should just leave things in straight acetone for a month

  • E M
    E M   3 months ago


  • Taims A
    Taims A   3 months ago

    What were the odds in eating strawberries as I watch this, I was shook frfr; love yalll xoxo🧡

  • Joseph Zugoola
    Joseph Zugoola   3 months ago

    Are there actually people who don't enjoy looking at deep sea photography!?