Everyday Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)

  • Published on: 02 November 2018
  • Leave your dear ryan's in the comment section or upvote the ones you want to see in the next episode! Watch the bloopers and behind the scenes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shUx00vCnJw&feature=youtu.be

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  • Runtime : 5:34
  • ryan higa higatv nigahiga dear ryan everyday trickshots dude decent not perfect


  • CF Miäs
    CF Miäs   1 days ago

    Dear Ryan, can you speak finnish an try to say kyösti kallio

  • Imogen Owens
    Imogen Owens   5 days ago

    Everyone: 😮 omg hooowwwwMe: he has the same garbage bags as me 🤭😮😮

  • CrisLife OG
    CrisLife OG   5 days ago

    The bread that he throws is already toasted hahaha 1:55

  • Boaz LIN
    Boaz LIN   1 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan can u do a device trick shot video?

  • UltiAaronSlayer X
    UltiAaronSlayer X   1 weeks ago

    How did the pillow turn from blue to black.Magic of editing?

  • Big_Barry
    Big_Barry   1 weeks ago

    Do a video about basket ball trick shots

  • SebPlayz 0731
    SebPlayz 0731   1 weeks ago

    How did he threw the bottle on the last shot???

  • Madhav Dikshit
    Madhav Dikshit   1 weeks ago

    Hey i dont know whether you still do dear ryan....if you do then please tell us whether you can juggle or not😁😁

  • SniperxXxV
    SniperxXxV   1 weeks ago

    DEAR RYAN, can you not move for the whole day?

  • 40 K
    40 K   1 weeks ago

    This perfectly satisfied my OCD

  • deepak
    deepak   2 weeks ago

    this was home tour

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson   2 weeks ago

    0:25 subtitles read really Derrick in barackets0:32 subtitles read SMACK

  • Thuy Pham
    Thuy Pham   2 weeks ago

    Dude perfect: we do impossible trickshots Ryan: hold my cup

  • Liftey
    Liftey   2 weeks ago

    Who throws away a glass cup

  • Elijah Lai
    Elijah Lai   2 weeks ago

    How does he keep a straight face

  • Jamie Barclay
    Jamie Barclay   2 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan, make your head as red as a street light.

  • amir anuar
    amir anuar   2 weeks ago

    This is old ryan.This is where people likes his content vs now.Its not bad but its not fun like its used too.

  • Blackshep
    Blackshep   2 weeks ago

    1:55 that bread is already toasted

  • Happy Moon
    Happy Moon   2 weeks ago

    Youtubers who don’t clickbait:RyanMr. BeastPewdiepieEdit: from the comments, there are YouTubers like:Threadbanger, Daily Dose Of Internet

  • Vincent Durso
    Vincent Durso   2 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan can you make a rap song about farts?please I’m only seven years old!

  • stupid head
    stupid head   2 weeks ago

    Is no one talking about NIGA higa. Weird YouTube name

  • The jams
    The jams   2 weeks ago