Ramen in Japan - 4 different Styles/Chefs

  • Published on: 04 October 2019
  • 4 to 5 different Ramen places in Fukuoka, Southern Japan -
  • Runtime : 14:26


  • Vicky Ordaz
    Vicky Ordaz   23 hours ago

    Que diferencia en precios!, mi duda es si viene en orden de acuerdo a la calidad y sabor???

  • Huy Huynh
    Huy Huynh   1 weeks ago

    phut 12:55 co giong nguoi Viet Nam

  • arya pangga
    arya pangga   1 weeks ago

    Very monotonous,There is no creativity her a bit.I’ve seen ramen that many times in the Channel this, stupid.

  • Jeniesa Holmgren
    Jeniesa Holmgren   3 weeks ago

    Everyone is pressed about not finishing the broth. Which in my case I understand why he probably didnt finish. He was probably full because ramen in general just makes you so full since it's a lot

  • ジョンワトソン


  • h o n e y
    h o n e y   1 months ago

    I cant eat that anymore bc we are in quarentine

  • on0336
    on0336   1 months ago


  • Ife Ezeonyeasi
    Ife Ezeonyeasi   1 months ago

    I love how much you can personalise your order.

  • 雷S
    雷S   1 months ago


  • Juris Embergs
    Juris Embergs   1 months ago

    Amazing culture, respect, attitude. 💪👍

  • mountain goat
    mountain goat   2 months ago

    Can Japanese make vegetarian Ramon without meat and eggs I think it's impossible

  • genes2311
    genes2311   2 months ago

    Hahaha !! We have to the very first ramen place :)

  • Bro Shen
    Bro Shen   2 months ago


  • ok
    ok   2 months ago

    Yo if you need to put the camera down to eat, then do. I will not judge you because that ramen looks soo good.

  • Ретяуков
    Ретяуков   2 months ago

    Que falta de respeto este flaco, como vas a dejar el caldo 😠👊👊

  • Ferocious
    Ferocious   2 months ago

    I dislike for not finishing the broth. You should be sued!

  • Jerry Campbell
    Jerry Campbell   2 months ago

    When I lived in Yokohama, in the '70's, Naruto on your ramen was an always thing, while soft-boiled egg and Chashu were rare. Now, it appears to be the other way around. Tastes change, yes?

  • J A
    J A   3 months ago

    Lefty problems

  • 왓다제자리
    왓다제자리   3 months ago

    가만보니 돼지국밥인데 면넣엇거네 약간 틀리긴해도.

  • no one
    no one   3 months ago

    You. Never. Drink. The. Broth. 😨😧😦

  • kokuoon
    kokuoon   3 months ago

    A great video of the one-hand challenge!

  • Rikirinku
    Rikirinku   3 months ago

    Не есть бульон в лагмане, ну это пздц.

  • Kammeee Dy
    Kammeee Dy   3 months ago

    It would be nice if you gave us your opinions or rated which you ramen you liked best, so the viewers who would like to go to Japan, will have an idea if they should go or not. Just a suggestion, some sort of commentary so we know if the food is worth trying or not!

  • M1ss Ngo
    M1ss Ngo   3 months ago

    I rather watch mike chen eat ramen, he would never leave his broth!

  • The Alpha Nerd
    The Alpha Nerd   3 months ago

    I've been to both Ichiran's here in NYC, and I like the setup of the one here in the video. Maybe it's a labor law thing. I don't know. But I like that you pay at the vending machine.

  • Dein Keist
    Dein Keist   4 months ago

    It stresses me out how he didnt finish the broth

  • Canal Abade
    Canal Abade   4 months ago

    Então eh por isso que o Naruto gosta tanto

  • Uchiha medo
    Uchiha medo   4 months ago

    My kids can do the circle better than you and they are 2 and 3 years 😂

  • Drax Shoter
    Drax Shoter   4 months ago

    Cambio el tamal que me estoy comiendo por uno de esos ramen.Intercambio gastrocultural le llamo

  • Paul Ferrante
    Paul Ferrante   4 months ago

    drink the broth!! shouldnt be eating ramen if u dont

  • jerome khies
    jerome khies   4 months ago

    mean whiLe on japan N.what a ramen worLd.osaka is unique city to.

  • Late Night Tune
    Late Night Tune   4 months ago

    My man need to carry a compass next time around.Those taking orders be like ' Tf is this? Triangle? Oval? *bends down to check if he is really human or one hungry alien from a parallel flat planet.