• Published on: 03 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 11:39
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  • Xavier Ramos
    Xavier Ramos   3 hours ago

    Was this in battle Royale and if it was what season did it come

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones   14 hours ago

    Bob was in the car with the most amazing thing I’ve seen so far in a long way

  • Electrogaming
    Electrogaming   1 days ago

    You’re bad you didn’t pick up that light ammo in the end

  • Electrogaming
    Electrogaming   1 days ago

    You’re so bad you didn’t heal 1v1 me you’re trash

  • CentaurPhil
    CentaurPhil   1 days ago

    Yeah I’m gonna do this first glitch to myself just to piss myself off

  • Yu-Ming Liu
    Yu-Ming Liu   1 days ago

    The thing that's amazing is that Lannan makes memes out of sweaty gamemodes

  • Factory Films
    Factory Films   1 days ago

    i love how kade just sat their watching 😂😂😂

  • Lucas YT
    Lucas YT   1 days ago

    One like one more bit of content for laser beam

  • Kova K
    Kova K   2 days ago

    It’s dumb but smart

  • Domenic Filoso
    Domenic Filoso   2 days ago

    Lazar: you’re a bot fresh Fresh:wait I hear footsteps .5 seconds later I’m at the top of the map

  • Venom Snek
    Venom Snek   2 days ago

    5:45 it was at this moment lazar knew,he fucked up

  • Max Maccarrone
    Max Maccarrone   2 days ago

    Can everyone just drop a like because lazarbeam puts too much effort into his vids

  • Zacks Whacks
    Zacks Whacks   2 days ago

    You know what would make this better?The Avengers theme

  • ajaxed faze
    ajaxed faze   2 days ago

    he took 44 mins to beat him while i did it in 15 mins

  • MrZ
    MrZ   3 days ago

    Me and the boys thinking how to kill the Storm king:"SKY BASE"Me and the boys risking our lives for the game: