• Published on: 06 January 2017
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    The Teens see popular 80s action movies, but do they know them?

    Ethan James

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    Do They Know It #35 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s ACTION MOVIES? (REACT: Do They Know It?)
  • Runtime : 8:46
  • Die Hard Beverly Hills Cop 80s Action Movies DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s ACTION MOVIES? (REACT: Do They Know It?) reaction react reactions reacts Do They Know It thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment FBE best hilarious Do Teens Know Do Parents Know Do Kids Know Do Elders Know viral funny comedy


    REACT   2 years ago

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  • Jesus Zamora
    Jesus Zamora   2 years ago

    You know you guys gotta show them Eddie Murphy: RAW now, right?

  • J Pleasant
    J Pleasant   2 years ago

    Brianna is very cute. That hair of hers is very exotic. She probably wakes up and its already how it needs to be.

  • Kamikaze Warrior
    Kamikaze Warrior   2 years ago

    Pick some harder, more obscure movies next time and see how they do.

  • Lost in The 90's
    Lost in The 90's   2 years ago

    Rachel and Morgan graduated from teens react to college mmmh Iove seeing them again

  • wmoyer2006
    wmoyer2006   2 years ago

    Does anyone else think Madison looks like Peter Dinklage?

  • BRK
    BRK   2 years ago

    React to bob Dylan, jimi Hendrix and elo

  • Jazz XMeister
    Jazz XMeister   2 years ago

    do college kids react to SAO abridged by Something Witty Entertainment!

  • André McDonald
    André McDonald   2 years ago

    I feel bad that that I know all these movies and I'm only 15

  • nero
    nero   2 years ago

    damn their got older

  • STING 504
    STING 504   2 years ago

    4:27-4:30 i watched over and over laughing😂😂

  • The Milkshake
    The Milkshake   2 years ago

    i got every one wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! you dont care tho

  • artao5
    artao5   2 years ago

    oh c'mon! not movie scenes? awww :(

  • Jamal Clark
    Jamal Clark   2 years ago

    I cried on the inside when they didnt know big trouble in little china

  • Katyloo
    Katyloo   2 years ago

    React to Haikyuu!!The drama of the first episode, and all the openings, endings, and the whole OTS are the best of the best 👌

  • Katyloo
    Katyloo   2 years ago

    React to... some scenes of Shokugeki no Soma: Food Battles

  • Venkatesh Gunasekar
    Venkatesh Gunasekar   2 years ago

    holy crap are these peoples are really Americans... I am a indian I guessed 9 movies except the China one... when I was teen I would've probably guessed atleast 6

  • Agnes K.
    Agnes K.   2 years ago

    Do teens/adults know Police Academy Characters bases on photos?

  • Planet Sidewinder Gaming

    For the reactor(s) who haven't seen Eddie Murphy pre-Disney/Nutty Professor... they are SO missing out on true greatness. From his cinema movies to his comedy concerts "Raw" and "Delirious", he was truly hardcore... now he's just so watered down, and though I love lots of the movies he's in or doing bits in, it's not the same.

  • Chris nigs
    Chris nigs   2 years ago

    born in 98 and got 9-10 only never seen the China town movie.. guess I gotta go watch it

  • ella elise
    ella elise   2 years ago

    I swear React posts these just to make everyone angry lol.

  • Sean M
    Sean M   2 years ago

    Big trouble in little china Iv only seen that movie once? or maybe just parts of it cause it scared me. Maybe I should try to watch it now.

  • Uberzilla 7.7
    Uberzilla 7.7   2 years ago

    Even though I've seen 5/7 of these movies, I guessed all of them correctly, for once! I love the 80's! Even though I was only in the 80's for a short time, I'm still an 80's kid!

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart   2 years ago

    how do people survive without seeing these movies?? they are missing out.

  • Steven King
    Steven King   2 years ago

    Got Every Single One Correct It's Super Easy

  • yoongituan
    yoongituan   2 years ago

    i spent all my life thinking stallone's film was called rambo

  • Courtney Walker
    Courtney Walker   2 years ago

    Have your reactors react to The Bachelor -- girls like Corinne and the awkwardness of the whole thing. That could be funny!