Daddy Challenge

  • Published on: 29 August 2017
  • This sucked


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  • Drug dealer
    Drug dealer   14 hours ago

    Sooo is no one going to say a word about how Grayson can't go a single video without screaming Ethan

  • luna _playzzz
    luna _playzzz   1 days ago

    I think if i where one of them and the "baby" cried id probably would have thrown the "baby"

  • roxas1092
    roxas1092   3 days ago

    Why is Grayson putting on a baby carrier the sexiest thing on the internet 😂

  • Claire Keenan
    Claire Keenan   4 days ago

    An 18 year old just told me to use protection. What am I doing with my life?

  • Tracy
    Tracy   6 days ago

    3:52 the way Gray looks at the heart melted

  • AlexisGachas123
    AlexisGachas123   1 weeks ago

    I guess Grayson is better with actual kids that aren’t babies

  • aleka
    aleka   1 weeks ago

    I want gray to be my daddy and I’m not talking about my father 🥴

  • Lou riz
    Lou riz   1 weeks ago

    edwin you are taking a nap and me and your father will have some fun 😆😆😗

  • Lou riz
    Lou riz   1 weeks ago

    edwin stoooooop-grayson

  • Sunena Afza
    Sunena Afza   1 weeks ago

    I was dying at 7.10, when Ethan was like "you have to listen to daddy now, I am your daddy Greyson".Grey: That was really badEthan: Taat was really stupidEthan: I dont like the way it made me feelMe: Lol 🤣😵

  • Vidushi Srivastava
    Vidushi Srivastava   1 weeks ago

    8th of October 2019, I'm here after watching their today's video and I'm legit crying.

  • Bethany Worrall
    Bethany Worrall   1 weeks ago

    It was Graysons idea to do this video. Obviously cuz he’s daddy LOL

  • Slim Thick
    Slim Thick   1 weeks ago

    No bc u cursing when u curse the baby can Record your cursing

  • Arumaisah Awan
    Arumaisah Awan   2 weeks ago

    I love how after all that Ethan realises what he is doing 4:19

  • Kishaya Penehio
    Kishaya Penehio   2 weeks ago

    This Is So hilarious They should Probs Do This Agian Mayne? :) Haha

  • Still Dead
    Still Dead   2 weeks ago

    I think they want kids I mean it’s fine if they want kids it just I have a fear of pregnancy ^ _^

  • Taylor Elza
    Taylor Elza   2 weeks ago

    2:26 Grayson carrying a baby and tripod“They’re so loud”😂😂😂

  • Black Light Cherry
    Black Light Cherry   2 weeks ago

    Hey guys you shouldn't never sleep with a baby next to you in the bed because you could roll over and suffocate the child just a heads up I know it's a challenge or experiment but if you ever have a real kid you need to put the child in its own bed next to yours.

  • Grace D
    Grace D   2 weeks ago

    god I had that demon baby and it was sensitive to the temperature, how you held them, if their heads fell a bit. and they would SCREECH if I didn’t feed/change/rock them within 2 minutes

  • Kambry
    Kambry   2 weeks ago

    A real baby does not cry that much

  • life of bianca
    life of bianca   2 weeks ago

    grayson and ethan: gets babys and goes out to buy things for them also grayson and ethan: goes to the pet store

  • Elizabeth Scott
    Elizabeth Scott   2 weeks ago

    This challenge is going to scar them for life. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noah Uta'i
    Noah Uta'i   2 weeks ago

    Woww he blamed it on edwin even though it was his fault

  • Maddie Clough
    Maddie Clough   2 weeks ago

    Gray shaking the baby in the supermarket hahah x

  • Jennifer Curry
    Jennifer Curry   2 weeks ago

    Here in 2019 🤟🏼This is bringing back horrific memories of Life Styles class...had one of these from a Friday-Monday6 years later I had my own baby and can say my human child isn’t NEARLY as bad as these babies 😂😂

  • Rachel Palafox
    Rachel Palafox   2 weeks ago

    No one:Grayson: Edwin you are taking a nap, and me and your father are going to have some fun.Me: yup that sounds real wholesome 😂

  • Rachel Palafox
    Rachel Palafox   2 weeks ago

    I swear Gray has to better when we have our kids.......I’m jk, I wish 😂😂

  • Jayne Thomas
    Jayne Thomas   2 weeks ago

    Too did anyone else notice Ethan say use protection😂😂

  • K Nana
    K Nana   3 weeks ago

    I don’t think you fed them enough

  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer   3 weeks ago

    @7:11 Ethan to Grayson: “I’m your daddy now” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣