Super Prior! De-Rust my Tank main with some Flips! [For Honor]

  • Published on: 22 February 2020
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    Soundtrack used: RE2 Remake - Looming Dread



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  • Runtime : 17:40
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  • korey
    korey   2 months ago

    Black prior is the John Wick of for honor

  • Ben
    Ben   3 months ago

    God I wish I could play like this in games.

    KHABIB TIME!!!   3 months ago

    Just mained BP and oh my god he is so much fun always hated on him

  • Maxwer
    Maxwer   3 months ago

    This is soundtrack so bad going in the video

  • Austin Urquhart
    Austin Urquhart   3 months ago

    Bro I've been watching your vids for years when I need a fill or inspiration from good For Honor gameplayFor fellow headphone users, is it possible to get the audio fixed when you get excited or frustrated 10:35Keep doing ur thing dude 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Blake Nicholas
    Blake Nicholas   3 months ago

    3:04Faraam uses: Doppelganger Style(Shout to the Devil May Cry fans)

  • K3nseiii
    K3nseiii   3 months ago

    4:46 lol imagine somebody walking up to fight you then they just see their teammate fly out the door

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley   3 months ago

    Your tank main isn’t pk? What a scrub

  • Wolvie X
    Wolvie X   3 months ago

    Fun to watch but stressful if i should against u lol

  • 4 honor
    4 honor   3 months ago

    2:47 Double JiangJun: Now you fu*k up.3:04 Double vortiger: Are you sure about that.

  • tobias giroux
    tobias giroux   3 months ago

    When I see vortiger players I notice that they usually dont use the pancake flip on bashing attacks (shoulder bash, palm strike, shield bash, etc) it is sorta weird that they dont

  • tobias giroux
    tobias giroux   3 months ago

    Wish I had this game on pcEdit: wish I had a PC

  • Joel Billington
    Joel Billington   3 months ago

    I do love playing BP but I'm kind of on a bad luck streak with him currently, everyone is suddenly guessing my mixups and bashes correctly consistently and it's just dragging fights out. It's kind of weird because it wasn't like that a few days ago

  • endeavour
    endeavour   3 months ago

    Faraam you can backstep left light with bp in order to dodge hito's kick mix ups and not be gb'ed. With kensei its backstep top light, these lights always whiff so hito can not parry them even if they cancel the kick to try to parry

  • Johan Sadewa
    Johan Sadewa   3 months ago

    1:54 they smack you 3 times and you get revenge, meanwhile I got smacked for a minute but never get that revenge ;-;

  • Nate Great
    Nate Great   3 months ago

    I had several orgasms watching this

  • Dat Scrub
    Dat Scrub   3 months ago

    I’m on crate 43 and game 81 and I still haven’t found the new BP helmet even with the extra loot event

  • Bjoern Rydahl
    Bjoern Rydahl   3 months ago

    9:16 Where did that shinobi's kama go? I've heard he's bad on Pc, but this is ridiculous.

  • David Ochoa
    David Ochoa   3 months ago

    7:23 my thought process as well 😂

  • Dj Ladd
    Dj Ladd   3 months ago

    6:26 ita wierd the animation continued but he was dead

  • Paladin Leeroy
    Paladin Leeroy   3 months ago

    Every time faraam uploads BP my life gets increased by five years.

  • Aether
    Aether   3 months ago

    3:05 that synergy is really on point lmao

  • Doctor 0
    Doctor 0   3 months ago

    Faraam, I love you, but that shield 🛡 is ugly.

  • StreakerGore
    StreakerGore   3 months ago

    Bps are just one machine in multiple bodies

  • Dynamiteb
    Dynamiteb   3 months ago

    Perfect BP combo sync up 3:05

  • GoldenNinja
    GoldenNinja   3 months ago

    They should add split screen to for Honor.

  • Nitro
    Nitro   3 months ago

    17:02 The sync on that was beautiful. The gate smashing and everything. :)

  • Crusader _78
    Crusader _78   3 months ago

    I just hit 71 reps and I think I’ll stop playing this game for a long while. This new season of boredom and no changes just doesn’t help with the staleness of this game, same match every day, same turtling lb, same annoying aramusha... this game got me bored after 71 reps. They need to bring back the darkness they gave us in year 3

  • AlmostCool
    AlmostCool   3 months ago

    As a vort main, this video makes me very happy

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan   3 months ago

    R1 Square R1 Square R1 Square thats For Honor 😂👎

  • Abel's Babel
    Abel's Babel   3 months ago

    3:06 dude that fkin power ranger synchronisation wombo combo faint xD

  • Antok
    Antok   3 months ago

    Hey there ! Im the lawbro, I had a great time playing against you even if you only show when you killed me, and not when I killed you ;(