The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV

  • Published on: 14 March 2019


    The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.

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  • Runtime : 22:51
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  • Slappy McPhee
    Slappy McPhee   1 hours ago

    Still a Kia. Will never buy a Kia. If given one I'll immediately sell it or give to someone gullible enough to enjoy a Kia.

  • BluMac
    BluMac   4 hours ago

    To be honest, who even uses more than 1 cupholder

  • A S
    A S   9 hours ago

    Kia Cullinan

  • 블랙핑크kurtis m
    블랙핑크kurtis m   16 hours ago

    8:53 presses button which shows lock unlocked "it's impossible to tell"

  • SagBobet
    SagBobet   1 days ago

    The Telluride's styling looks like Kia took some sketch paper to the Cadillac Escalade.

  • Yankee Doodle
    Yankee Doodle   1 days ago

    Humongous cars for humongous Americans. Lots of cup holders and chips bins..

  • specter290
    specter290   1 days ago

    still looks like cheap korean plastic, especially the back tail lights. i seen this ad on tv but in real life its just different than say compared to a volvo...

  • Fish'in' Glass
    Fish'in' Glass   1 days ago

    How th e heck is Kia better than Mitsubishi now in the US. smh.

  • syed haque
    syed haque   2 days ago

    1 out of 10 and 10 out of 10? I didnt know Doug scoring process is all about extremes.

  • My.02 Cents
    My.02 Cents   2 days ago

    It looks like the design is inspired by the new Volvo XC90.

  • Michael Godsey
    Michael Godsey   2 days ago

    Confused as to why they made 2 separate buttons to do the same thing...the second row seat slide forward feature for access to the third row.  Seems to me, the one on top of the seatback would work for the third row passenger OR from outside the vehicle.

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik   2 days ago

    Hyundai and kia is better than toyota and honda dont get me wrong i still love honda and toyota but the new hondas are so ugly hyundai and kia has better warrantee better design and better futures and better sound system

  • Tommy McPherson
    Tommy McPherson   3 days ago

    Korean cars are made for daily drives only cuz almost all weekend stats in all Korean cars he reviewed are low

  • RightFootForward11
    RightFootForward11   3 days ago

    I went and saw one of these at a dealership: not even a fully-loaded model, and it reminded me of a fully-loaded Lexus RX350 in the driver’s seat and many cars that are more expensive. The telluride is a great family SUV, very easy to get into the third row

  • Hector Sison
    Hector Sison   3 days ago

    Please do a review of the Hyundai Palisade.

  • ms3bani
    ms3bani   4 days ago

    @11:58 uvo is good, but FCA's uconnect is better

  • williamrobertg1
    williamrobertg1   4 days ago

    Maybe if it didn't have a KIA logo or a V6 I'd buy one

  • Full Home
    Full Home   4 days ago

    I think the infotainment System is running BlackBerry QNX technology.

  • Woah Woah
    Woah Woah   4 days ago

    2 years ago KIA was a joke. This is a huge come back.

  • Josh Alexander
    Josh Alexander   4 days ago

    I commonly wonder what KIA stands for..Killed In Action?Korea In America?Koreans Infest America?Kicking It Aside?Keeping It Awkward? Coming out of the east.... nah that’s not it.. Koreans In Awl? Knowing It’s Availability ?Korean Issued Automobile?🤔

  • Jay RYU
    Jay RYU   4 days ago

    Unbelievable Korean car industries Kia and Hyundai...Korean cars will erased off Japanese cars slowly in the future..I'm sure

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson   5 days ago

    Its huge and HIDEOUS. It might be amazing inside, but i would never consider buying it simply due to how UGLY it is

  • Niket Jha
    Niket Jha   5 days ago

    I got kia ad before the video

  • Dr1fterK1ng
    Dr1fterK1ng   5 days ago

    Why do I think this looks like a Escalade

  • 大朝鮮民族
    大朝鮮民族   5 days ago

    It is better to buy Corolla if you are buying Kia. There is no durability and safety at all for Korean cars.

  • jgkrapster
    jgkrapster   5 days ago

    When will you review a GMC YUKON Denali

  • Abel Rosato
    Abel Rosato   6 days ago

    Corean car ? I will not never buy one !!