Everything Wrong With Hancock In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 15 February 2018
  • Here's a tale of two movies rolled into one, and it doesn't work. We went looking for sins in the superhero movie, Hancock, and found a bunch.

    Next Week: Two Sci-Fi films from within the last 2 years.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 14:28
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  • Complicit 614-000-0001

    It’s CRAZY for Mary and A$$HOLE for Hancock, but you forgot CHICKEN for Marty McFly.

  • Mr. N
    Mr. N   5 days ago

    Going to movies with you must be no fun at all

  • Venkat Gowtham
    Venkat Gowtham   2 weeks ago

    " power of boner is more than the power of friendship" this line was true

  • ShotGrub8055
    ShotGrub8055   2 weeks ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t sin the criminals’ plan to kill Hancock before they even knew about his vulnerability. They sure couldn’t have predicted it, leading me to wonder what their actual plan was.

  • Tricia Ramgoolam
    Tricia Ramgoolam   2 weeks ago

    Ironic that the picture behind the sins and sentence is of Hancock raising the car out of the train's way. Because it looks like a promotional picture, which means the writers knew that Hancock had another option besides stopping the train and used the dumbest one.

  • Vivek
    Vivek   3 weeks ago

    Crossover with avengers.. ?

  • _wizard19
    _wizard19   3 weeks ago

    Discount deadshot 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson   3 weeks ago

    Love how y'all think this is a pretty solid movie.

  • Daniel García de la Torre Fernández

    6:18I'm sorry to tell you that it can. Just mainly if the initial velocity is high enough. And, you know... Hancock.Just try and throw a ball against the wall.

    SPARTANTHIEF   3 weeks ago

    Half the things u say u think too far ur the one making all the dumb questions

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas   4 weeks ago

    Why wouldn't he just get the most expensive hotel room in the city with non stop free room service / booze ?? He can do anything he wants. ( so he sleeps in a trailer or park benches and looks / smells like a bum and drinks cheap booze. Fn dumb

  • ptschafer
    ptschafer   4 weeks ago

    The Bible says it is wrong to do Handcock

  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo   4 weeks ago

    Dude brothers and sisters are not supposed to kiss on the lips u weirdo

  • Rahmijah Hinds
    Rahmijah Hinds   4 weeks ago

    I mean, the kiss wouldn't be the first thing that made me think she was lying about us being siblings. The fact that I'm a black guy & she's a blonde white woman would be the first thing that indicated were not siblings.

  • CrispyGamer HD
    CrispyGamer HD   1 months ago

    So I rewatched Hancock I think maybe the weirdest thing is that she didn’t feel the baseball bat to the head that gave him amnesia

  • Barend Visser
    Barend Visser   1 months ago

    Still one of my favourite superhero movies.

  • Brandon Foss
    Brandon Foss   1 months ago

    1 more sin for your channel adding sins for beliefs or false racismTotal: 100,000

  • Imperial Dynamics
    Imperial Dynamics   1 months ago

    really stupid movie that insulted the intelligence of viewers

  • Brian Payne
    Brian Payne   1 months ago

    The funny part, is this movie is pure fantasy, to which they admit, so they stole your thunder.

  • S White
    S White   1 months ago

    I'd have removed a sin for Mary and Hancock not ending up together. It's not often that Holywood keeps a marriage structurally sound after testing it.

  • KeZZa66 Destroy
    KeZZa66 Destroy   1 months ago

    This film is amazing but ur putting it down so ur a ass hole

  • Heart attack
    Heart attack   1 months ago

    If she can't be hurt how does she have ear rings.

  • Horace Johnson
    Horace Johnson   1 months ago

    There should've been another plot twist where the son has powers

  • John T
    John T   1 months ago

    charlize theron in this is the most attractive woman ive ever seen

  • Azozeo
    Azozeo   1 months ago

    Why didn’t he avoid? Because Bitch he’s Drunk...

  • Dee Bomb
    Dee Bomb   1 months ago

    I’m surprised that during the big fight scene between them two nobody notices the giant robot running across the screen in the background like one of the random fleeing citizens.

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat   1 months ago

    Goddess Theron.You got that right.

  • TheButchersApron
    TheButchersApron   1 months ago

    @2:03 what are you talking about?? LA didn’t dunkin until ‘14?? Are you saying LA had zero dunkin donuts until 2014?? I find that to be, literally, impossible, and am utterly confused.

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin   1 months ago

    Movie aren't always supposed to make sense all entertaining...😁😁😁✌✌✌ and that it did...🤯🤯🤯🥴🥴🥴🤤🤤🤤