Colbert: All The Other Reasons Trump Is A Bad President

  • Published on: 26 March 2019
  • With prosecutable collusion with Russia off the table after Mueller's report was delivered to the AG, Stephen updates the 'Reasons Trump is a Bad President' board.

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  • Runtime : 16:9
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  • J.K Barnett
    J.K Barnett   1 days ago

    If this was russia or china, you would have been strung up long ago. Stop spouting pathetic diatribe , to the mentally depraved.

  • J.K Barnett
    J.K Barnett   1 days ago

    Yes hes not clever like you steve. You must enjoy being down in the swamp with the bottom feeders, making your money off bullshit, admired by the haters.keep taking the money.

  • J.K Barnett
    J.K Barnett   2 days ago

    It's a pity you never fact checked obama, maybe you could have put him right on many things. Trump has got you where he wants you . America is certainly paying you well. Pathetic

  • Mr. Go
    Mr. Go   3 days ago

    The dislikes came from the FBI Agents

  • Rainbow Kitty
    Rainbow Kitty   3 days ago

    Omg I saw this video after seeing an ad about celebrating Trump's birthday and making him happy LOL

  • J.K Barnett
    J.K Barnett   6 days ago

    While China was rebuilding its country, U S was spending its money on wars , and giving its technology to china. Stephen would see US go back to those good old days. The US is getting poorer and poorer. You are solving nothing , just muck rating

  • V.G. CARO
    V.G. CARO   6 days ago

    Some reasons in 2020He is playing golf and ignoring CovidEconomy is worse than the Great DepressionUnemployment is worse than the Great DepressionMillions are dying AND HE IS PLAYING GOLF

  • Dice
    Dice   1 weeks ago

    I was just watching this for the memes why was he so mad that trump won? maybe its bc people were tired of obama

  • J.K Barnett
    J.K Barnett   1 weeks ago

    The democratic anti Trump, show, for democrats who need a big boost to there flagging egos.

  • Alcova Man
    Alcova Man   1 weeks ago

    How the Americans like to vote who as their leader we don't care. He wants Americans to die and close their borders, to isolate themselves, we don''t care. But when he interferes with other countries and cause us distress, we don''t welcome that. That affect our views on Americans . We have great respect for Americans after WW 2 but we don't have the same feeling now with this Trump. That is the sentiments of Asians. Maybe only in Japan., Taiwan and Australia have more American's 'friends'. I am not sure when there is a crisis, what will be the percentage.

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee   2 weeks ago

    Drumpf gonna be in jail whenever he leave the WH.

  • ErF Wizd
    ErF Wizd   2 weeks ago

    One stupid guy telling his enemy what his weak spot is, Stefan you should be hanged for this, my kids are going to kill all your kids, because they can! Just because sometimes something is in the public gossip,it doesn't mean you should talk about it on national tv because everyone is already talking about it stupid Fawk. The guy watches your show to find out what he is doing wrong, and how to fix it. Maybe that's why you aren't as rich as you say so.maybe you need that payment from D not to talk about the good stuff 👽

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star   3 weeks ago

    Trump might be the best President in history and if you disagree with me your a terrorist

  • suchitra maagala
    suchitra maagala   3 weeks ago

    I come back to watch this every now and then. Stephen should be getting an Emmy just for this monologue.

  • SpookySlaveGirl
    SpookySlaveGirl   3 weeks ago

    I almost just choked on my dinner at "trash bag full of hammers".

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker   4 weeks ago

    I want to jump off that cliff too. He's a fat fool.

  • harry nac
    harry nac   1 months ago

    Trump lying? Never! He's being sarcastic.

  • Landon Fonke
    Landon Fonke   1 months ago

    Trump didn't collude with anybody. The Democrats are trying to make excuses because they don't like him.

  • ODST_locke
    ODST_locke   1 months ago

    If anyone who supports trump is reading this then please tell me why, I actually want to know your reason for supporting him.

  • Hurgin
    Hurgin   1 months ago

    What isthe TARGET #1 of leftists democrats and Fake Medias? Coronavirus ?Absolutely NOT! Like a pack of mad dogs with frantic hatred theytorment the image of President Trump and pile up one slander overanother one. Because they understand, that there no alternative toRE-ELECT President Trump. TRUMP- 2020 !

  • Humphrey B
    Humphrey B   1 months ago

    It must be a hell of a pee-pee tape then

  • Anthony Bautista
    Anthony Bautista   1 months ago

    President Trump had his head stuck up his ass so far all you can see is brownhe thought he could sue the comedy comedian shows the news shows for how he acted I guess someone set him straight on that we do have a democracy if you have freedom of speech it will be soon President Trump will be fired from the citizens of the United States and he'll pay the courts is due

  • Landry
    Landry   1 months ago

    You know Trump supporters just clicked on the video to dislike. They don't care about the truth. They want someone to advance their racist/hateful views regardless of the consequences

  • The United States
    The United States   1 months ago

    1:02 I think he is you know just trying to keep Europe from getting invaded and everyone nuked...

  • Hurgin
    Hurgin   1 months ago

    Whatis the TARGET #1 of leftists democrats and Fake Medias? Coronavirus ?Absolutely NOT! Like a pack of mad dogs with frantic hatred theytorment the image of President Trump and pile up one slander overanother one. Because they understand, that there no alternative toRE-ELECT President Trump. TRUMP- 2020 !

  • Kristin Schneider
    Kristin Schneider   2 months ago

    trump is a really good president you liberals. you need to think what you guys are doing wrong for this country go trump 2020

  • Michael Dulong
    Michael Dulong   2 months ago


  • YohXoX
    YohXoX   2 months ago

    It's rather amazing... I never watched Colbert, Oliver and other "satiric" late shows so I have somewhat of an objective view (mostly follow conservative sources as I feel they at least attempt to keep the facts straight and leave you to your own interpretation). It baffles me how these guys just rip out one quote or one sentence of a man and then make a 3 minutes long "interpretation" portraying the guy. Honestly no wonder US has such violent expressions towards Trump and his supporters. What seems to go over everyone's head is that Trump is not scripted. He doesn't consult 5 different experts about how to phrase what he wants to say. It's like people deliberately want to have phony puppets in leadership positions who can't speak real though's and just do shady stuff behind societies back which general public is too uninformed to understand. It's just sad in general and just shows how brainwashed we are in modern times.Obama was eloquent speaker but my god if you study how much harm he has done to US over his 8 years of presidency that should be at least somewhat of an wake up call on criteria for a good president. For half of US it's apparently not which is very sad. I'm not implying Trump is excellent president but honestly after Clinton, Bush and Obama he's someone who gets shit done while being mostly straight with people. Sure Trump has his shady backwater schemes but comparatively it's much less of a problem than what his predecessors did(of which naturally rarely who speaks).I really hope that people have more news sources than these late show dickweeds that pretend they are giving wholesome truth to their viewers while in reality all they are doing is pushing their personal agendas.