Binging with Babish: Apple Fritters from Regular Show

  • Published on: 27 August 2019
  • As has become tradition in the Babish household, we're ringing in 5 million subscribers with some confections from Regular Show: the tantalizingly double-glazed apple fritters that transport our heroes to another plane of existence. Will they force our reality to similarly burst at its sugary seams?


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  • Runtime : 6:31
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  • Natalies -
    Natalies -   15 hours ago

    imagine being one of his neighbours😭😭😭 i'd never have to buy food again

  • Nabil Noor
    Nabil Noor   23 hours ago

    I literally thought the friters looks like a brain

  • Keep it mello Fam
    Keep it mello Fam   1 days ago

    I want to buy the same nonstick pan so what store or website did you buy it from?

  • erei123 rishi
    erei123 rishi   2 days ago

    The Bob Ross of cooking, how he speak even feels the same like Bob Ross talking

  • Way
    Way   2 days ago

    1:30 “Why don’t you just trust me for once in your life?”Bro, you could tell me to put cyanide in my food and I’d follow you

  • Angelo23
    Angelo23   3 days ago

    Now you hit 7 mill congrats!

  • Golden Man
    Golden Man   3 days ago

    “Not safe for human consumption.” Dude a frickin’ bird and raccoon want them

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama   3 days ago

    "actually I got to throw them out 🅱ruh"

  • Game Hive
    Game Hive   4 days ago

    If your gonna do this have a whole wheat doughnut just in case

  • UltraDestroyer Gaming

    What i said when i saw this title on my home screen "oh yeah, this was the episode where pops gets high"

  • Drifter St.
    Drifter St.   5 days ago

    idk but the thumbnail looks like brains :v

  • Kayasit P.
    Kayasit P.   5 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a chicken breast

  • Squidy
    Squidy   6 days ago

    My stomach is so full im gonna throw up why am i looking at food im this makes me wanne eject my mcdonalds dinner

  • Zero alpha
    Zero alpha   1 weeks ago

    Babish: trust me for once in your lifeMe: I always will.

  • ocarinaplaya
    ocarinaplaya   1 weeks ago

    I worked at a bakery for 10 years and this is fairly accurate to how a Fritter is made. However some easier methods are available as far as prepping the fritters. Instead of rolling the dough out and cutting it with a biscuit cutter, roll it into a log and cut it into discs for the the same result but less time and effort. My bakery also added extra cinnamon and sugar into the dough along with the apples to give it a cinnamon roll type taste before frying.

  • Adam Oliphant
    Adam Oliphant   1 weeks ago

    For christmas: fireplace rotisserie chicken from it's a wonderful life.

  • xD Onion
    xD Onion   1 weeks ago

    Jamaican : doesn’t give themMordo and Riggs : pays them 10 bucksJamaican : To hell with laws

  • Richard Sephir
    Richard Sephir   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me? Or does the apple fritters in thr Thumbnail look like a brain?

  • Yezhi
    Yezhi   1 weeks ago

    why do the fritters in the thumbnail look like an organ like a mini stomach. still looks tasty

  • Kat
    Kat   2 weeks ago

    "They're not safe for human consumption." "I'll give you ten bucks"america everyone.

  • Eme Amo
    Eme Amo   2 weeks ago

    Me seeing the thumbnailMe: Who 🥜 -ed on his burger patty?!

  • Snailgod 27
    Snailgod 27   2 weeks ago

    "Not sage for human consumption" But it's a bird and a raccoon

  • LydiaTheAmazing13
    LydiaTheAmazing13   2 weeks ago

    What the heck is a stick of butter, I've only seen it in a block form

  • Lord fart Quad
    Lord fart Quad   2 weeks ago

    I actually made them and they were pretty damm good 😂