How 7,000 Years of Epic Floods Changed the World (w/ SciShow!)

  • Published on: 28 February 2019
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    Strange geologic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest are the lingering remains of a mystery that took nearly half a century to solve. These features turned out to be a result one of the most powerful and bizarre episodes in geologic history: this region experienced dozens of major, devastating floods over the course of more than 7,000 years.

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  • Runtime : 10:26
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  • Mark Mulakush
    Mark Mulakush   1 weeks ago

    Whoa! What's with all that loud banging on piano? Cut it down.

  • Patrick Welsh
    Patrick Welsh   1 weeks ago

    Isn’t it more likely that it happened in one epic flood and not a bunch of smaller ones to make such large land impressions?

  • DemolitionDevon
    DemolitionDevon   1 weeks ago

    Isn't this hypothesis being questioned, as of late? With the increasing evidence of a catastrophic impact event across the North American Ice Sheets, causing the Younger Dryas? I don't doubt there were many floods, but the recent published papers on this subject provide compelling evidence that this was the cause of a major impactor, or rather, multiple impactors, spread across North America, Greenland, and North Western Europe

  • Steven Paul
    Steven Paul   1 weeks ago

    How about one great flood that involved massive plate shifts, buckling & zippering? What if the flooding and massive changing currents lasted for a year? Multiple natural dam bursts one after another.

  • annoyed707
    annoyed707   1 weeks ago

    Did this inspire the Valles Marineris flood descriptions in Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars and sequel?

  • Alan Stephens
    Alan Stephens   1 weeks ago

    Love a good detective story. Very interesting stuff.

  • Noeraldin Kabam
    Noeraldin Kabam   1 weeks ago

    Check out Nick Zentner’s channels like huge floods if you are interested in the geology of North America. The guy is wise and entertaining.

  • Annie Bee
    Annie Bee   2 weeks ago

    Randall Carlson is continuing Brett's work... search for his video series!

  • Vaughan Hogan
    Vaughan Hogan   2 weeks ago

    Yall should just give Randall Carlson his credit on this topic

  • Marcos Figueroa
    Marcos Figueroa   2 weeks ago

    If post 10 was there he would’ve drained the floods

  • Pat B
    Pat B   2 weeks ago

    Excellent! Isn't Venice sinking though as opposed to sea levels rising? Before "climate change" that was the cause.

  • Cush
    Cush   2 weeks ago

    title says "Changed the World"video says "Changed Idaho"yawn

  • Miguel Janerios
    Miguel Janerios   2 weeks ago

    Lol I would not wanna witness those floods... probably be the last thing I'd ever witness.

  • ServentForAnubis
    ServentForAnubis   2 weeks ago

    I like the non animal vids you guys do. Keep them coming.

  • Jonas Beach
    Jonas Beach   2 weeks ago

    Learned about this 2-3 years ago on a Joe Rogan podcast with Randall Carlson!

  • B. Lloyd Reese
    B. Lloyd Reese   2 weeks ago

    But yet there's no evidence for the biblical floods...right

  • Xíren Seo
    Xíren Seo   2 weeks ago

    im pretty sure 7k years of flood would change how things look

  • Sam boliah
    Sam boliah   2 weeks ago

    Eastern British Columbia has evidence of a great cataclysm, which happens to be North of the scablands. It looks as if some large asteroid slammed into the Cordilleran ice sheet, the melt water runoff erosion patterns run in all directions, even South toward the scablands.

  • Cynnx7
    Cynnx7   3 weeks ago

    I first learned about this on the Joe Rogan podcast last year with Randall Carlson as a guest. I wonder if some of the people behind PBS eons also watched the same episode, it was really interesting stuff. If you want more in-depth details I would recommend the first episode of Randall Carlson on JRE.. try it out

  • Slaterdom
    Slaterdom   3 weeks ago

    its was an asteroid, meteor, that caused it.

  • Jonathan Egge
    Jonathan Egge   3 weeks ago

    so where does Randall Carlson's work w/ the Younger Dryas period further north in Canada fit in w/ Bretz and Pardee's work?

  • Kiel Rodwick
    Kiel Rodwick   3 weeks ago

    Being raised in Washington this is something we cover in, still an awesome video especially for those not raised here.

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin   3 weeks ago

    This was caused by one large flood. Not a series of floods. Large scale comet/meteor made contact with the earth about 12,800 years ago. Causing the extinction of large mammals throughout the world, but largely affecting North America.

  • Uldis
    Uldis   3 weeks ago

    Two words - Randal Carlson

  • PozoBlue
    PozoBlue   4 weeks ago

    How did some flood in Missoula(?) change the world? I've loved Eons vids until now with this clickbait title. I thought I was about that huge flood that flooded Doggerland (between UK and Norway) and created a tsunami reached the entire globe, or something on that scale. Not some local flood.

  • Pepins Spot
    Pepins Spot   4 weeks ago

    It would've been the last thing you ever say. The last terrifying thing.

  • iviewthetube
    iviewthetube   4 weeks ago

    The ancient humans invented swear words when they saw that wall of water.

  • Randy Nelson
    Randy Nelson   4 weeks ago

    You guys should do a video on how the great lakes formed especially lake superior with how it used to be volcanic.

  • Colin Ralphson
    Colin Ralphson   4 weeks ago

    and the meteor strike on newfoundland 11000 years ago.. ????

  • 734gman
    734gman   1 months ago

    7,000 years?Any intelligent person knows it was only a little over 1 month.....

  • Johanna Zamora
    Johanna Zamora   1 months ago

    Dry Falls is amazing. All the scablands give pause.

  • Loren Z
    Loren Z   1 months ago

    This is one of my favorite Eons episodes!I have an idea for an alternate history story about people witnessing the floods caused by Lake Agassiz, so this episode made me super happy!

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield   1 months ago

    All the millions of animals killed by those floods :-(