How 7,000 Years of Epic Floods Changed the World (w/ SciShow!)

  • Published on: 28 February 2019
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    Strange geologic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest are the lingering remains of a mystery that took nearly half a century to solve. These features turned out to be a result one of the most powerful and bizarre episodes in geologic history: this region experienced dozens of major, devastating floods over the course of more than 7,000 years.

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  • Runtime : 10:26
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  • M Al
    M Al   1 days ago


    LONNIE DOBBINS   1 days ago

    Easy to see layers deposited on top of each other. A flood?

  • sum body
    sum body   2 days ago

    Surely you are not saying this happened before the industrial revolution, so this huge climate change had nothing to do with people ??

  • kazemizu
    kazemizu   1 weeks ago

    Wait, how did the glaciar dam(?) form?? If water is flowing, how would it freeze?? Also, if the temperature is cold enough to freeze glaciers, how could a lake form behind it without freezing itself??

  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt   1 weeks ago

    Very interesting and well done, but some inaccurate information at the end. The problem Venice is facing has nothing to do with rising sea levels (they really aren't, at least not by much), but by the fact the land under the city is actually sinking.

  • Larry Brennan
    Larry Brennan   1 weeks ago

    Bretz said there had been catastrophic floods, and was denounced by the established authority. Wegener said the continents moved, and was denounced by the established authority. Nowadays established authority denounces those who express skepticism about the "climate crisis". And the circle remains unbroken.

  • Daniel Allred
    Daniel Allred   2 weeks ago

    Great geology an history lesson. Fascinating!

  • jukebox symposium
    jukebox symposium   2 weeks ago

    The erosion lines are where water poured off the edges as the Laurentide glacier retreated as evident today in Bhutan, between India and China as Himalayan Glaciers now also begin to retreat due to the warming globe caused by the human impact(fossil fuel) on climate change.The Younger Dryas Multiple Meteorite impact event in Greenland 12900 years ago triggered a climate change that caused the second most recent warming trend out of an ice age during the last eon of "Humanity" prior to what we are witnessing today with global warming from human impact(fossil fuel) on climate change. What has taken thousands of years to reach a few degrees difference in temperature is now being accomplished within centuries & now even decades due to the over-combustion of fossil fuels for people driving 3 ton machines around for their lazy 170 pound asses. Although Carbon Dioxide is often targeted as being the most exhausted gas & harmful for a greenhouse gas, there are many others just as toxic being emitted with little recourse. They would compare cars to humans expelling Oxygen to appear harmless, meanwhile they are busy pushing global warming for de-population Agenda 21...

  • Mobey Dick
    Mobey Dick   3 weeks ago

    Imagine if a Norwegian School girl could have stopped it!

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith   3 weeks ago

    Enough water to fill half of Lake Michigan?? That's a LOTTA damage

  • Big Red
    Big Red   3 weeks ago

    It seems so excruciatingly barren around your town.

  • JH R.
    JH R.   3 weeks ago

    Who are you and what do you know?? Nothing and nothing as I can see.Just see what Randall W. Carlson has to say. He already knows a lot more than you do and knew it years ago when you were still against catastrophism

  • jkwfo
    jkwfo   4 weeks ago

    must have been a lot of HUMANS around then to cause this massive global warming

  • Tony N.
    Tony N.   4 weeks ago

    It was the biblical flood, mystery solved.

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris   1 months ago

    So basically, its always uniformitarianism, until its catastrophism.

  • Nancy Rose-Chism
    Nancy Rose-Chism   1 months ago

    I can't believe that they are still trotting out that old Lake Missoula ice dam hypothesis in spite of all of the comet strike evidence. Just goes to show how slowly the wheels of official science orthodoxy grind. Still!

  • Vincent Quercia
    Vincent Quercia   1 months ago

    Wow that song in the beginning is beautiful. What’s the name of it?

  • Less1leg Pirate
    Less1leg Pirate   1 months ago

    The geologist was brutally set upon by academia who set out to destroy him personally and professionally. hmmmm. sounds a lot like today's liberal climate change supporters attacking any person who question Global Warming.

  • 7munkee
    7munkee   1 months ago

    Do you have any evidence that there were 7000 continuous years of epic floods or is this another Russian Collusion pipe-dream? There WERE epic floods but not for 7000 years.

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex   1 months ago

    These floods ( Missoula Floods ) were the result of the development of a large lake ( Glacial Lake Missoula ) of meltwater in the northwest U.S. and coming from the retreating ice sheets at the end of the last ice age ...just as the biblical global flood, which reflooded the Mediterranean Sea, so too did these floods help raise global sea level 400 ft ....

  • jp f
    jp f   1 months ago

    He didn’t discover it though tbh, natives here have known about the floods.

  • Aj Blazed
    Aj Blazed   1 months ago

    ""OLDEST EVIDENCE FOR HUMANS IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST IS ONLY 15000 YEARS" not even close to accurate information

  • Quigon Jin
    Quigon Jin   1 months ago

    Great video. Very well explained. One question though, what caused the glacier to melt 12,000 years ago. I mean, humans weren’t burning fossil fuels back then. Right??

  • Rosolino Lo Sciuto
    Rosolino Lo Sciuto   1 months ago

    Nel periodo prediluviano i giganti Nephilim si accoppiarino con donne etero

  • maddhatter0
    maddhatter0   1 months ago

    By "met with scepticism..." did you mean, shunned I to oblivion by the geological community? Because that is what historically happens when you present a new theory in sciences that have "understanding" of said science. It only took, more than a 1/4 century for other geologists to come to terms with the real truth, instead of what they "knew" happened there. In essence if you go against the grain, you will be shunned untill, 25+ years later(if even in your own lifetime) when so much evidence is there that they can't shun you for being "outrageously wrong" as the geologists of the time said of Mr. Bretz.

  • Jimmy Cranier
    Jimmy Cranier   1 months ago

    Most of those witnesses lived in valley's in front of the oncoming disaster , most all died . Only the lucky few could pass on the stories.

  • Chandylands
    Chandylands   1 months ago

    Didn’t y’all recently have a video where y’all said it rained for 2 million years?

  • Furlock Furli
    Furlock Furli   1 months ago

    wrong. The last flooding was around 1700. There is more evidence of this last flooding, than any others before. Research, instead of copying.

  • Arby Cook
    Arby Cook   1 months ago

    And all this thousands of years before mankind could ever remotely effect climate change. Do ya still think mankind is effecting climate changes in any appreciable amount. This stuff has been happening long before we got here and will continue to happen long after we’re gone.

  • Noah Namey
    Noah Namey   1 months ago

    I like this channel, but if you really want to delve into this subject you can't do better than Nick Zentner from Central Washington University:

  • Dans Doves
    Dans Doves   1 months ago

    so what floods are responsible for the grand canyon?

  • Der Bergtyp
    Der Bergtyp   1 months ago

    Maybe the sinflood in the old testament ist based on a real event 🤔

  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom   1 months ago

    I like the collaboration between channels. Knowing what took place in the past can allow us to understand what is going to happen now.

  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1   1 months ago

    MASSIVE climatic changes and reshaping of a continent. But today, every millimeter up and down in sea level is man made, LOL.