How 7,000 Years of Epic Floods Changed the World (w/ SciShow!)

  • Published on: 28 February 2019
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    Strange geologic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest are the lingering remains of a mystery that took nearly half a century to solve. These features turned out to be a result one of the most powerful and bizarre episodes in geologic history: this region experienced dozens of major, devastating floods over the course of more than 7,000 years.

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  • Runtime : 10:26
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  • pollywan123
    pollywan123   17 hours ago

    Every time I drive from Spokane to Central Washington I wondered how there was ever enough water to carve out the river-shaped grooves in so many of the hills. So cool! Also Dry Falls is absolutely stunning to see in person 🤩

  • Lucas Bassan
    Lucas Bassan   2 days ago

    Randall Carlson would present a ton of evidence against this, and quite frankly he sounds more right than this video

  • james fox
    james fox   5 days ago

    Makes me sad Randall Carlson wasn't mentioned one time.

  • Joseph Elsinger
    Joseph Elsinger   1 weeks ago

    Watching those floods would probably be very scary and I am surprised that it is not in the ingenious people's lore.

  • naguszed
    naguszed   1 weeks ago

    Randall Carlson's version (on geocosmic rex & rogan) includes J Harlan Bretz's explanation about catastrophic flooding as the cause of the scablands, but the source of the flooding is meltwater from the Laurentian ice sheet after being struck by a fragment or fragments of a comet. The ice sheet was 2- 3 miles thick at the time. The heat released would have been enormous enough to account for the amount of water necessary to erode the scablands in one event, and also account for the rise in sea levels overnight that occurred at the younger dryas. Also check out Antonio Zamora's videos about evidence of geological deformations from iceberg-sized fragments striking the southern US after they exploded out of the sheet. Fascinating to think about what was there before and what was wiped out in North america overnight.

  • overdoneone
    overdoneone   1 weeks ago

    Nice video but you really need to review the work of Randall Carlson!

  • Aubrey Phillips
    Aubrey Phillips   1 weeks ago

    We R Knot Clovis first anymore or uniformas!!?...Excellent Video though.

  • Tobinski1620
    Tobinski1620   2 weeks ago

    EONS, check out the work of Randall Carlson. He has been studying this for years. He doesnt think the floods came from the lakes but from a comet hitting the ice sheets covering canada about 11200 yrs ago. Catastrphism

  • Maxwell King
    Maxwell King   2 weeks ago

    FINALLY! been waiting for one about the channeled scablands!

  • JiveDadson
    JiveDadson   3 weeks ago

    There once was a man from Missoula...

  • SC
    SC   3 weeks ago

    Stop constantly leaning backward and then forward!!

  • glidercoach
    glidercoach   3 weeks ago

    Catastrophic floods caused by man made global warmi... oh. Never mind.

  • Heikki Kaila
    Heikki Kaila   1 months ago

    I bet Joseph threw a kickass pardee after he cracked the mystery

    SV IOREK   1 months ago

    Back when global warming started LOL

  • King Miura
    King Miura   1 months ago

    The ice dam broke by floating upward????? How about the water pressure at the base of the ice dam caused ice melting until there was an opening that quickly widened and resulted in a collapse of the dam?

  • Cody
    Cody   1 months ago

    Weird hearing about all these places I live near/drive by all the time

  • Jared Green
    Jared Green   1 months ago

    ice age mega flood was caused by a volcanic eruption during an ice age is my guess

  • garrisp
    garrisp   1 months ago

    Hahaha a cooling event is not a cause for “woolly” mammoth extinction, the sun is.

  • garrisp
    garrisp   1 months ago

    Is this uniformtairianism a version of today’s “98% scientists consensus who agree in man made climate change?”

  • garrisp
    garrisp   1 months ago

    Must have been Paleolithic cow farts that caused the ice to melt so rapidly 🤣😭😂 🐑💨

  • Scott B
    Scott B   1 months ago

    Odd that they ignore the coulees that don't fit this narrative.....

  • Den Morin
    Den Morin   1 months ago

    Interesting, and though those of us with an attention span are very few, please slow down for goodness sake. So your video is a couple minutes longer.

  • Orion Strongman
    Orion Strongman   1 months ago

    Name: Randall CarlsonYouTube Channel: GeoCosmic REXLet the Master guide you through this subject.

  • Chantel Wensley
    Chantel Wensley   1 months ago

    I’ve never heard or seen any of these places ... could someone make a list of the sites shown - id love to visit

  • 1969cmp
    1969cmp   1 months ago is talking a long time for the adherents to Darwinian ideology to be set free from the uniformitarian cage.

  • 2l84t
    2l84t   1 months ago

    Interesting , Lake Agassiz drains around the same time as the Dryas event.

    LONNIE DOBBINS   2 months ago

    Easy to see layers deposited on top of each other. A flood?

  • sum body
    sum body   2 months ago

    Surely you are not saying this happened before the industrial revolution, so this huge climate change had nothing to do with people ??