I challenge the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Ending) - Part 30

  • Published on: 25 August 2019
  • Minecraft final boss ender dragon epicly
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  • Runtime : 20:56


  • Xxsaberdragonstar #im cool

    Felix 1 month later: betrays watersheep for the council of beetroot Me:There going to turn on himThe council of beetroot betrays him and kills everyone Me:it be hard to say I TOLD YOU SO over the screaming of agony

  • king huiying
    king huiying   6 hours ago

    does anyone know the song played in the end?

  • Amal Rupesh
    Amal Rupesh   8 hours ago

    Please download mcpe and play please

  • Kyle Spears
    Kyle Spears   11 hours ago

    Its funny cause he would say for watersheep for every attack but it would take as many arrows to kill the ender dragon as many pets/friends he’s lost

  • BickieDitch
    BickieDitch   11 hours ago

    lol it's kind of amazing that felix did the same thing Achievement Hunter did in The End

  • Elio & GiGi
    Elio & GiGi   18 hours ago

    I beat the enter dragon cuz I like the credit music.

  • OH Games
    OH Games   18 hours ago

    pewds finishes minecraft...who's the next one?عارفين مين؟ بندريتا

  • Чилибумба Гитлер

    Your video amazing ,most cool in minecraft category...I'm from Russia how you can see, and I'm got to still watching your videos...Привет из России ಥ‿ಥ(つ≧▽≦)つWish you luck. (Sorry for bad English). ;)

  • no dab in hall CONTENT
    no dab in hall CONTENT   23 hours ago

    joergen 1:im pewds best friendPewds:nopeBone joergen:no imPewds:noBernie:im his best friend i died protecting villagePewds:in ur dreamWater sheep:he luv mePewds:keep dreamingJoergen:yes keep dreaming u noobsPewds:you tooSven:im his ok?Pewds:not even close Peepeepoopoo:*oink*Pewds:MY PERFECT BEST FRIENDBOAT COW:GUY WHO CREATED THIS COMMENT FORGOT ME ;-;#FOREVERALONE

  • Aodhán Drummond
    Aodhán Drummond   1 days ago

    This was the peaceful times, before the council of beetroot

  • Newtron Unicorn
    Newtron Unicorn   1 days ago

    I-I epic fight scene with pewds XD remembers pig he was a soldier hold on tight bud

  • Victoria playz
    Victoria playz   1 days ago

    That was why he was killing monsters doing the try not to kill them because he wanted to practice LOL

  • Archie Peffers
    Archie Peffers   1 days ago

    That was the most pewdiepie way to kill the enderdragon; boats, snowmen and pee pee poo poo

  • EliteDonut10
    EliteDonut10   1 days ago

    Aw man not the Minecraft bandwagon creator noooooooooooo

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace   1 days ago

    Who else saw him cheat with the blocks while trying to push pepepoopoo in?? 😮

  • Angela Nie
    Angela Nie   2 days ago

    What young pewd did not remember, was that he had a fucking e pearl to save him