broken lightsaber memes

  • Published on: 16 December 2019
  • omg lightsabers

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  • Runtime : 10:15
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  • Liam Allan
    Liam Allan   3 hours ago

    can we be frends on fortnite lazer beam

  • Dat Funneh Bro Doe
    Dat Funneh Bro Doe   7 hours ago

    takes Luke's saberAh yes, master Qui Gon JinnProceeds to get Kylo Ren's saberIts OK, I got the totally double and not cross guard Darth Maul lightsaber

  • Carol Valdez
    Carol Valdez   9 hours ago

    “ As jedi master MC hammer once said cant’t touch this”

  • Julian Munroe
    Julian Munroe   18 hours ago

    lazarbeam being a lgbtqia ally through the ages is a new video I need to make because damn it’s always so validating

  • Kevin Connor
    Kevin Connor   1 days ago

    “It’s over anakin i have 5 of them”

  • Its darkmars
    Its darkmars   1 days ago

    Lazar beam is mace windu and fresh is Yoda because he is fully green

  • Katarzyna Kucharska
    Katarzyna Kucharska   1 days ago

    Did you know that if you make kelo gem bleed your light sabre will turn red but if you heal the bleeding kelo gem your light sabre will turn white

  • NinjaNathanNo9
    NinjaNathanNo9   1 days ago

    Master skywalker there are too many of them what are we going to do?

  • Darren CHAN
    Darren CHAN   1 days ago

    3:19 um thats kylo ren's lightsaber....

  • Anthony Park
    Anthony Park   2 days ago

    Wants 5 of them the first round Round 2-sees two takes one

  • Bob TheBuilder
    Bob TheBuilder   3 days ago

    Lazarbeam must have been General Grevious at the begging, a ton of fine additions to his collection

  • Bob TheBuilder
    Bob TheBuilder   3 days ago

    6:13Oh God, ok, the color of your kyber crystal, which powers your lightsaber is affected by your personality. If you are someone who relies heavily on the force, you will have green, and if you hold a blue or purple, it will melt. Red lightsabers signify that you made the crystal bleed, and therefore you are a sith, so yes it does matter Lannan

  • Sam Krapfl
    Sam Krapfl   3 days ago

    if you have two and switch one to another very fast it looks like your mastiebauteing

  • BMoney ____
    BMoney ____   3 days ago

    Common sense: u get 1 lifeLazar: I wAnT 5 oF eM

  • Raphael R. B.
    Raphael R. B.   3 days ago

    lazar i want five of them me :pathetic .i have six of them

  • Danyelle Gray
    Danyelle Gray   4 days ago

    Who do you think is better kylo ren or Darth mal

  • XxSecret SirenxX
    XxSecret SirenxX   4 days ago

    8:21 I think I heard... MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT Or something like dat 🤔

  • Luke Hui
    Luke Hui   5 days ago

    7:28 Lazarbeam was insane.

  • Oliver Needham
    Oliver Needham   5 days ago

    Why did they call the blue one Reys lightsaber 😫

  • Eduardo Aguirre
    Eduardo Aguirre   5 days ago

    Lazerbeam gets a girlfriend I want five of them 😂😂😂

  • Casa Consult Imobiliare

    The last guy in the game: theres no escape you cant runLazarbeam and His friends: NANI?!?!? The last guy in the game: i am all the sith Lazarbeam and His friends: and we are all the jedi

  • Casa Consult Imobiliare

    Fresh: noooooo why you betrayed meDarth lazar: i am your fatherFresh:nooooo impossibleDarth lazar: i will slay all the Jedi Even you

  • Casa Consult Imobiliare

    Fresh: my padawan is learningLazarbeam: i am darth lazar and fresh is dead i will not re boot him

  • edward nocton
    edward nocton   6 days ago

    3:43 lazarbeam has been told the tragedy of death plagus the wise