DeLaGhetto Has Been Waiting A Month For This Diss | Wild 'N Out | MTV

  • Published on: 19 January 2018
  • Sean Combs' sons came to play in this week’s Wildstyle. Watch 'Wild 'N Out' on Thursdays at 11/10c.

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  • Runtime : 3:28
  • MTV MTV 2 music 2014 comedy humor artist show official video television tv rock hip hop rap singer singing funny rapper rapping battle lol Wild N' Out WNO skit sketch improv drama game Nick Cannon comedian DeLaGhetto Diss Bad Boys Records


  • Miri
    Miri   1 weeks ago

    thats kinda nice knowing this video was published on my birthday

  • Alex Amador
    Alex Amador   2 weeks ago

    0:41 The girl in the audience was wearing an SOB X RBE shirt

  • Funnel Cakes 88
    Funnel Cakes 88   3 weeks ago

    These niggas be gettin hostile wit one another & I like it💪💪💪 NOBODY'S SAFE on dat stage & whoever u r u betta come wit it

  • Nader Zayid
    Nader Zayid   3 weeks ago

    Your the lutinant of the salvation army 🤣. Always a bad idea to try to go against Justina!

  • castiilo11
    castiilo11   3 weeks ago

    Justina valetine always got 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • cai thefox71
    cai thefox71   4 weeks ago

    Timothy carries everyone on wild styleDC on got damned Emanuel on plead the 5th tell me I'm wrong (I swear if I get a Tim left so he doesn't carry it anymore 😤😤😤)

  • Chai Lani
    Chai Lani   4 weeks ago

    Off the flo it's Diddy's son👏🏽😂😂

  • Cassandra Flores
    Cassandra Flores   4 weeks ago

    Hitman lowkey looks upset when the guy calls Justina GI HOE but then looks proud with Justinas comeback 😍❤

  • Siimplyy _niiyah
    Siimplyy _niiyah   1 months ago

    I watch this video 100xs just for timothy because he killed it.

  • Matty S
    Matty S   1 months ago

    Tim is so nasty dawg niggas be forgetting he one of the hardest freestylers on the show

  • ptran2001 Tran
    ptran2001 Tran   1 months ago

    I feel like the dj only tells us the team who has the guess on the show wins🤔

  • The Professor
    The Professor   1 months ago

    "Just because you fat and you rap, don't make you Big Pun intended." , amazing wordplay from Jackie Chan.

  • Aphiwe Mdluli
    Aphiwe Mdluli   1 months ago

    Did Timothy just say that King Comb’s sisters love him? they’re not even my age and I’m not even 18💀💀

  • E Oleary
    E Oleary   1 months ago

    Tim held his own, fuck dat(Pinky Voice)

  • Nestor Cuero
    Nestor Cuero   1 months ago

    I can tell y’all let Charlie clips bars pass over ur head lol beat flow n bars was Charlie lol but Tim held his own

  • Kardel X
    Kardel X   1 months ago

    Aye Timothy held his own 😂😂💪🏾 mad respect

  • Noah R.
    Noah R.   1 months ago

    Tim took a sip of that and spit that shit right back in the bottle😂

  • 12cherrybomb
    12cherrybomb   1 months ago

    Them damn brothers man 😭💋💋🖤👑👑👑 @cs_cb

  • Nicholas Yu
    Nicholas Yu   1 months ago

    I hope Tim doesn't have a drinking problem. I never see him on Wildstyle and not hold a bottle of what appears to be Hennessy.