The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage

  • Published on: 13 May 2018
  • A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.

    Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.

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    The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage
  • Runtime : 7:9
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  • Lydia Lisi
    Lydia Lisi   7 seconds ago

    how many Steven Universe fans here be all like "oh my stars, this is EXACTLY what the injectors did with earth in kindergartens!"

  • Anita Amin
    Anita Amin   2 hours ago

    Woah I was infected by pseudomonas bacteria once but I got 8 injections and then I was fine Probably another type of bacteria but antibiotics didn’t work for me too

  • Timenaught
    Timenaught   2 hours ago

    So the phage is to bacteria what doom guy is to demons.

  • ChocoTaco
    ChocoTaco   4 hours ago

    Has the YouTube comments section just become a a bunch of high schoolers posting shitty memes?

  • Mno buzzz
    Mno buzzz   5 hours ago

    They have been using phage in europe for decades. here is the problem with it, for every type of bacteria there is in the world, there is a specific phage for that bacteria. As was stated in the video, bacteria mutate just slightly, but the phage that is associated with that bacteria also mutates exactly, as it does take its genetic coding from that bacteria. The problem with using phage as a treatment, you cant just take a vile of any old variety of phage, you have to take the phage that is associated with the exact bacteria you are infected with. The problem with that, you have to know the exact strain of bacteria, and you have to get the phage that attacks that bacteria. that means you have to culture the bacteria to get the phage and they you have to culture that phage to the amount that can be used to treat you. it is do able, but its time consuming and expensive. thats why in some european countries they have a library of phages that will attack specific and common types of bacteria infections. however, since bacteria is always evolving and mutating, you also have to keep up with they types of phage. its an excellent way to treat bacteria infections, but not always cost effective.

  • Liam Bryan
    Liam Bryan   8 hours ago

    That head looks like the phantom ruby from sonic mania

  • Ready Knight
    Ready Knight   10 hours ago

    Video: Phages only kills bacteria. YouTube comments: Can it kill Coronavirus?

  • Ajay Kaler
    Ajay Kaler   11 hours ago

    If phages can be used to kill bacteria, Is it possible for them to be used to kill cancer cells?

    S&S AMERICA   11 hours ago

    Boom we just cured the Coronavirus.

  • Martin Rosenmüller
    Martin Rosenmüller   13 hours ago

    So I've noticed that the newer videos on this channel generally have a link in the description to the sources used, while some of the older ones, like this video in particular, lacks this. It's not something I hold against the video, or the channel in general - on the contrary, I believe this video was fascinating as well as expertly crafted and it really made me quite interested in the subject. In fact, I'm currently making a project in school on the subject, largely because of this video, and I would like to bring up some of the points mentioned here. Therefore, I would be ever so grateful if I was pointed to the sources used in the video at hand, so that I may sift through a few of them myself and include them in my work.

  • newdhia hassen
    newdhia hassen   13 hours ago

    Let's hope phages won't mutate when used in mass , to be able to infect human cells, because that may be our end

  • Miki Gamer
    Miki Gamer   14 hours ago

    The moment phages got guns and turned to tanks XDDDDD

  • Curious Thinker
    Curious Thinker   14 hours ago

    You are saying we inject virus in our sick bacteria infected bodies ?

  • Calciopoli
    Calciopoli   14 hours ago

    Superbugs: We're going to kill all humans.Phage: I'm About to End This Bug Whole Career

  • Calciopoli
    Calciopoli   14 hours ago

    Phage: Omae wa mou shindeiru.Bacteria: NANI??!!

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank   14 hours ago

    Until the phages evolve and start attacking gut bacteria and you starve from lack an inability to digest food.

  • David Bratu
    David Bratu   15 hours ago

    I m wondering why we don t use phages againts coronavirus

  • ghostax1
    ghostax1   17 hours ago

    Super Bacteria: hahaha u can't stop mePhages: I'm about to ruine this man's whole career

  • Morgan Tittle
    Morgan Tittle   17 hours ago

    I’m currently annotating the genome of one bacteriophage named RedWattleHog and I isolated Gordoniaphage Caffeine

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M   19 hours ago

    Phages are line a battery that never dies ! We have the technology for such battert but Duracell isnt about to release it to the public because they would go broke! Just like phages big pharma an the fda an whoever else would see the crippling effects such a cure would have on their pockets so plan on dying from curable things people, as long as u do the government will profit from your illness and be totally fine e with it.

  • Tanish D'Silva
    Tanish D'Silva   21 hours ago

    4:41 I think this is a WORMS or TANK STARS reference

  • Bloo
    Bloo   21 hours ago

    I clicked this because it reminded me of those things in Jimmy Neutron.

    SAM JUN HEI Moe   1 days ago

    Bacteria: existPhases: imma end this bacteria’s whole career

  • struck wits
    struck wits   1 days ago

    When antibiotics can't save you anymore and you think you have a death sentence, it is the phage that will save your life. Phage therapy!!