The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage

  • Published on: 13 May 2018
  • A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.

    Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.

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    The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage
  • Runtime : 7:9
  • bacteriophage phage endolysin phage therapy therapy medicine antibiotics antibiotic resistence antibiotic resistance survival healing bacteria satire education human progress animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell


  • ExoticGaming 810
    ExoticGaming 810   2 hours ago

    But cant phage be used to get rid of bacteria. If it were so deadly why would we inject it into us sometimes?

  • Danish Meman
    Danish Meman   3 hours ago

    well that was a waste of 2 hours. poor Stephen Fry sitting there wondering "why the hell aren't we talking about political correctness?!?!"

  • sum dood
    sum dood   18 hours ago

    So what if phages advance enough to start to become another super disease??

  • Digital Game Land
    Digital Game Land   18 hours ago

    What happens when they kill all the bacteria on a person? Do they start to kill the person or themselves?

  • zPrecisionnn
    zPrecisionnn   20 hours ago

    This is like a pe teacher joining a team

  • Dreadn0ught
    Dreadn0ught   1 days ago

    The Worms game reference made me feel warm

  • BlackParade
    BlackParade   1 days ago

    I remembered this from one of the Jimmy neutrons episodes

  • Crab
    Crab   1 days ago

    Phage: prepare for troubleHumans: and make it double

  • Happy Potato
    Happy Potato   1 days ago

    This is by far my favourite video on Kurzgesagt.

  • MegalodoN
    MegalodoN   1 days ago

    When I get a serious disease I will lie in the bed and yell “fuck it, gimme dem phages”

  • Emerald John Falame
    Emerald John Falame   1 days ago

    Superbugs: YES! We made it to the last level this will be easy since we have the immune to antibiotic perkalso superbugs:goes inphage: HeLLo!superbugs has quit the game

  • Emerald John Falame
    Emerald John Falame   1 days ago

    A Phage is like a sniper your scared of being killed by them but then you can also hire them to kill other enemies

  • metlha tshanana
    metlha tshanana   2 days ago

    Can't phages evolve to killing human cells when there are no bacteria or another cell to fight against?

  • Cookie Queen
    Cookie Queen   2 days ago

    I wish all the phages could be put into pills.......... -Anti-Vaccine moms named Karen

  • Luka Rochikashvili
    Luka Rochikashvili   2 days ago

    once i had an ingrown toenail and it was so bad, it had to be removed by surgeons. after the surgery they told me to buy this anti bacterial stuff called "PYOphage" or "PYO Bacteriophagum", it was really cheap and we asked them if it was an antibiotic but they said it wasnt. after some time i saw this vid and decided to watch, then i remembered the medicine, looked into it more and turns out that it IS the phage! they are selling it in regular pharmacies in small vials containing 10 million phages and i gotta tell you, that stuff really works

  • Neket
    Neket   2 days ago

    Hallo, I like your channel but if you can, please translate video on Russia. 😊

  • TovenOvideoRPC
    TovenOvideoRPC   2 days ago

    2050: Phages get tired of being slave soldiers and turn on us

  • Cardboard Sliver
    Cardboard Sliver   2 days ago

    You thought I was just a virus.But it was really me, Phage.

  • dan 17000
    dan 17000   3 days ago

    wait... wow! cool, very impressive but actually just making MORE humans live is not what we should be looking for. we should be looking for a place to live if we will ran out of it. which leaded me to think that these scientists learen biochem before thinking of doing these expirements and didnt wanted from the first place to be the scientists who are taking care of mammles, fish, birds and bugs. nvm why did you read this(why did i wrote this????)?

  • Phwipy
    Phwipy   3 days ago

    Looks like something from steven universe

  • Pat Weibe
    Pat Weibe   3 days ago

    I really like to do that sorry I had forgotten you that we actually more of them deserve peace either is well attention we should elect him and we should let them get into our bodies because when infection comes around he’ll be racked and loaded if you don’t want to mess with the phages bacteria I’ve eaten the bacteria‘s won’t want to mess with them they won’t want to miss the stages

  • dylan morris
    dylan morris   4 days ago

    its win a win, they get their prize and we get to keep our lives

  • Ada Mangus
    Ada Mangus   4 days ago

    but can you inject phages into pets?

  • Peeravich Th
    Peeravich Th   4 days ago

    So bacteria that kills bacteria S C I E N C E

  • Art None
    Art None   4 days ago

    Fages trigger our immune system as all other viruses