Lady Gaga Performs ‘Applause’ at the 2013 VMAs | MTV Music

  • Published on: 17 August 2018
  • Lady Gaga tears up the VMAs with her dazzling performance of hit single 'Applause'.

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  • Runtime : 5:6
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  • QueenB
    QueenB   8 hours ago

    Can't believe this was 7 years ago, I love this era so much

  • George-준유!!!
    George-준유!!!   1 days ago

    The hold of the wigs are seriously stronger than my mental health

  • virág
    virág   1 days ago

    For me this performance mean that no matter in what genre she will make music she'll always do for her fans and she'll always LIVE FOR THEIR APPLAUSE

  • Caty Diamond
    Caty Diamond   1 days ago

    I can see she has fixed her nose, it was bigger in her first videos.

  • William King
    William King   2 days ago

    Why did she look like whoah vickey in the start😂

  • Kenzo Martini
    Kenzo Martini   3 days ago

    People forget lady gaga did awards show performances like this. I dont k ow what yall have to say but shes a pop icon

  • Mariah Crawford
    Mariah Crawford   4 days ago tentacles, then settled back into the padded Y-shaped bracket that served as a

  • The_Red
    The_Red   4 days ago

    What the heck that costume was amazing

  • Armawulf
    Armawulf   5 days ago

    ~ She "performed" sh1t : playback all along ! ☝🤣

  • 鏡一流
    鏡一流   5 days ago


  • Ade Fitri
    Ade Fitri   6 days ago

    After sour candy watching every Lady Gaga video

  • Bardem Aslan
    Bardem Aslan   6 days ago

    One of the most iconic performances to ever EXIST! She really did that.. ARTPOP was a really great era to be perfectly honest, but yeah I came here after listening to the best album of 2020: Chromatica. Thanks Gaga

  • Pru Saunders
    Pru Saunders   6 days ago

    she snatched her own wig quite literally.

  • AnimeLover 96
    AnimeLover 96   6 days ago

    0:54 were people booing? People were crazy rude

  • Rani Sam
    Rani Sam   1 weeks ago

    Iluminatis de mierda. Gente ciega y borrega

  • Blethy Blethue
    Blethy Blethue   1 weeks ago

    QUARANTINEeveryone: doing productive activitiesme: BINGE WATCHING LADY GAGA'S AWARD SHOWS

  • JustJazro
    JustJazro   1 weeks ago

    She's the best ARTIST of the 2000's.