Trying Beauty Life Hacks to see if they work

  • Published on: 02 April 2020
  • Trying Beauty Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying out some DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!

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  • shayna ryan
    shayna ryan   17 minuts ago

    Sniper: I take my eye brow pen to make feckles.NOONE:Me:I HAVE REAL FRECKLES

  • Tani B
    Tani B   2 hours ago

    Me: let's mix it now lia:we mixin this bad boy up!

  • Tani B
    Tani B   2 hours ago

    What ya doing mate

    NABIHA TARIQ   5 hours ago

    U have to put the hens until it’s hard

  • Belle Freedom
    Belle Freedom   5 hours ago

    Use longer socks. Nobody will judge you for long mismatching socks... except for MEH!!!!! Jk I don’t really care

  • alex fitzgerald
    alex fitzgerald   6 hours ago

    I have an idea for a new merchJust a plane jumper with the word wooooowwwww

  • Pratibha Patil
    Pratibha Patil   6 hours ago

    U have to wait for a day or the henna to dry then the yellow color will turn really brown u have to leave it till the henna doesn’t like come out by itself

  • Sky 1412
    Sky 1412   9 hours ago

    You're supposed to keep the henna for longer on your hand and then clean it after that you have to wait overnight for the tattoo to get darker

  • Avacorns
    Avacorns   11 hours ago

    Yes u had to wait for the henna to dry to be red or brown idk what color u had💓

  • Simone Skaife
    Simone Skaife   12 hours ago

    My friend let me use one of those blow drying hat

  • Talha Khan
    Talha Khan   12 hours ago

    You are showing up your But 🍑🍑

  • Darrell Pulliam
    Darrell Pulliam   17 hours ago

    Stop changing your name I like your old name😐😑🤨 I still love your vids😊😋😍

  • J.A.K Brown
    J.A.K Brown   18 hours ago

    Can someone tell her that henna gets darker.over time? 😂Also, you're beautiful and worth it. Don't let anyone including yourself say otherwise. You matter and you're beautiful.

  • Aleeha shahid
    Aleeha shahid   1 days ago

    Don't wanna hate but Lia you dont even know how to hold a hina cone

  • aisha bwika
    aisha bwika   1 days ago

    When you sleep with it you will with it will be good

  • Rumi Zahid
    Rumi Zahid   1 days ago

    You need to wait till the henna drys and we need to use water to take it off (henna)

  • Arfa Hamad
    Arfa Hamad   1 days ago

    Muslims use it on holidays all over the world

  • Aneet Mannan
    Aneet Mannan   1 days ago

    She doesnt have longer hair, you have a shorter sock

  • Angela Hendershot
    Angela Hendershot   1 days ago

    You should play Roblox on this channel you’d be amazing even more

  • Shardae Johnson
    Shardae Johnson   1 days ago

    Lia:you call it a bag I call it fashion. Me:😂My mom :this girl is crazy

  • Dimple Thacker
    Dimple Thacker   1 days ago

    So when u put henna u r supposed to leave for a little while and to make it darker u are supposed to leave it on for longer. You are not supposed to put it in water so that it becomes darker. No problem of this was helpful 😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • GrabYoPopcorn
    GrabYoPopcorn   1 days ago

    Lia: Likes drawing freckles on her face.Me with a full face of natural freckles: “Try having them against your will “

  • rano mahani
    rano mahani   2 days ago

    in thé 3 hake you have to lieve it little longer

  • Dessie
    Dessie   2 days ago

    Lia 😭 she used a longer sock...

  • You Wonder
    You Wonder   2 days ago

    You are ment to leave henna on for a very long tine as it is ment to come out brown not yellow.