Everything Wrong With Elf In Many Merry Minutes

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
  • Elf is a new holiday classic for millions. It has heart, humor, and Will Ferrell at his best. But it makes no damn sense. And there are lots of sins.

    Next week: Action sins and recent action sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 19:14
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  • no one attol
    no one attol   1 days ago

    another thing you should have sinned was they stole the soundtrack of the polar express....no im not joking if you want a time stamp ill add it to the comment but seriously

  • Derek Magruther
    Derek Magruther   2 days ago

    How did he resist doing an auto out take with a GOT quote.

  • TheRiddick27
    TheRiddick27   1 weeks ago

    Those guy's who talk about how much 'action' they get definitely don't get any action. True story.

  • TheRiddick27
    TheRiddick27   1 weeks ago

    That raccoon reminds me of the movie The Great Outdoors, soooo, 1 sin off for happy childhood nostalgia.

  • SuperGameMaster 7
    SuperGameMaster 7   2 weeks ago

    1:21 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"If wishes and butts were candy and nuts we'd all see a statue of Jesus crying."

  • Gregory Enste
    Gregory Enste   2 weeks ago

    I just realized I never watched this whole movie,wonder why🤔

  • Robert Pritchard
    Robert Pritchard   2 weeks ago

    Jesus Christ man. Have you actually met a women in real life? Telling them they're pretty isn't sexual harassment unless you're insane. I have two daughters. I hate sexual harassment but your schtick on this subject is just embarrassing.

  • Abigail Sánchez
    Abigail Sánchez   2 weeks ago

    Aw I lovf how you distroys my favorite movies and fun fact as a child I loved that movie and wanted to eat cotton.. and the sugar spaguetti... yay weird me

  • Gandalf The Grey
    Gandalf The Grey   3 weeks ago

    He's talking about when he's going to play Tyrion. 11:00

  • tylor stewart
    tylor stewart   3 weeks ago

    This was such a stretch Whn I first will Ferrell in tht lil ass chair I fuckin lost it it’s a comedy where your since of humor

  • J. M
    J. M   3 weeks ago

    Hey, that's Jess

  • M G
    M G   3 weeks ago

    What is he talking about? Trash video

  • LadyAndromeda
    LadyAndromeda   3 weeks ago

    Honestly I'd love to see a crossover with Bird Lady.

  • Jade Olson
    Jade Olson   3 weeks ago

    Moths g is wrong with Elf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Obrien
    Ian Obrien   1 months ago

    We can all agree that the animated version of elf is the one they should really be doing, not the live-action.

  • Rockman9 9
    Rockman9 9   1 months ago

    “Ah, Central Park. Where you’ve always gotta be on the lookout for a random snowball fight with strangers. I’ve been to Central Park, and, granted, it was in the summer, but I didn’t see a single spontaneous snowball fight”- Jeremy 2019

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    And when you say the elves have never seen a human THEY HAVENT. Santa is not human he’s literally like thousands of years old.

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    You can’t go and make fun of the best movie on earth because you have nothing to do with your life and you need views to help you feel better about yourself

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    Don’t ever disrespect my favorite movie ever again. If you would like to maybe next time understand the movie

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    Mad because will ferrel is way more successful than you

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    If you think everything’s wrong with the movie just make it yourself next time

  • Adeanna Jacobsen
    Adeanna Jacobsen   1 months ago

    You admitted to eating a hobos butt that’s disgusting

  • adrift
    adrift   1 months ago

    "the odds of that are over 9000 to 1." ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee

  • Alec Blatt
    Alec Blatt   1 months ago

    I’m not sure if I missed this in the video, but for Buddy to go through the Lincoln Tunnel he would’ve had to go down through New Jersey to go into New York, which is stupid because he’s coming from the goddamn North Pole.

  • Oreo Cookie
    Oreo Cookie   1 months ago

    Oh boy.Once i was at a mall (and the same music played when buddy and his bro were fucking around in the mall)AND I JUST SPRINTED AROUND THE THIRD FLOOR WITH MY DAD

  • Paul Fox
    Paul Fox   1 months ago

    0:58 that’s what she said