Meme👏 Review👏 4

  • Published on: 05 September 2019
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    Nasty files 8

    Julien being no help

    jenna tamara

    Wanna be tall warcraft

    Edwardian lady

    Jenna marbles harry potter 5

    jenna marbles animated

    Kermit vs fly


    me on jenna

    kermit being nasty

    Also our weekly podcast


    And past gaming from Twitch to Jenna Julien Games






  • Runtime : 19:22
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  • Mia Fine
    Mia Fine   1 hours ago

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news...That's not the symbol for Virgo...

  • Aesthetic Lix
    Aesthetic Lix   8 hours ago

    Jenna and Julian are the reason I’m into virgos (I’m an Aries)

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky   22 hours ago

    I won't lie, I don't enjoy the Being Tall video except for the very beginning. And now to Sylvanas? Chefs kiss.

  • mars azalea
    mars azalea   1 days ago

    i just found our juliens b day is day before me

  • Sam Dell
    Sam Dell   1 days ago

    JENNA YOU lookin like a SNACCC

  • Rin Boyd
    Rin Boyd   1 days ago

    Whatsa matta, ya don't like chairs?I'm telling you, I W H E E Z E D

  • Janina
    Janina   1 days ago

    10:18 it's our meme mom!

  • Pook
    Pook   3 days ago

    Can anyone fill me in on why jenna puts a deep voice on, like all the time

  • Abby_McCoin
    Abby_McCoin   4 days ago

    When Greymane(the Wolf man) was talking and the audio said “You wanna be tall?!” It matched perfectly😂

  • al le
    al le   4 days ago meme review 5!

  • beautiful Sin
    beautiful Sin   5 days ago

    this is my 50th time watching this one and I'm just noticing that at 13:34 they hhave Jenna's sign as a Gemini and not a Virgo 🤨🤨🤔

  • Noelle bean
    Noelle bean   5 days ago

    the harry potter chair one killed me😂😂

  • Kari Berg
    Kari Berg   5 days ago

    i want you guys to live stream watching each of the harry potter movies!!! that would be awesome!!!

  • firegal1993
    firegal1993   1 weeks ago

    "I do what I do...and you do what you can about it" I love it so MUCH

  • Allan
    Allan   1 weeks ago

    Jack's dogs are better

  • Andy Bass
    Andy Bass   1 weeks ago

    @13:04 Almost threw up laughing

  • Erica Tarasoff
    Erica Tarasoff   1 weeks ago

    In these dark times, we need another meme review.

  • Bitch
    Bitch   1 weeks ago

    Unrelated but I have Trichotillomania and I went on a binge during this video and I looked down aND THERE’S SO MUCH HAIR ON THE GROUND

  • avery ford
    avery ford   1 weeks ago

    I know what’s life hanging out with an Aries.I’m just like Julien.

  • Sam M
    Sam M   1 weeks ago

    Where are your lashes from?

  • Brigid McDonald
    Brigid McDonald   1 weeks ago

    I never truly understood Jenna's frustrations with Julien until I, a capricorn and fellow earth sign, started dating a libra, an air sign but still so annoying. Love him to pieces but oh my god I completely get it now

  • MiSti
    MiSti   1 weeks ago

    Eeeehhh bep bep bep bep🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't breathe!!!!

  • Nitrobuz Ae
    Nitrobuz Ae   1 weeks ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo-wah! - girls saying No.

  • Blonde2wl
    Blonde2wl   1 weeks ago

    Hey. I just came out of a depression shower. This was in my recommended. And this is the first thing to make me smile and laugh for a while. Thank you.

  • lwiay brosss
    lwiay brosss   1 weeks ago

    You should react to you laugh you lose cermet edition

  • Jules Iglesia
    Jules Iglesia   1 weeks ago

    4:59 - "I do what I do - and you do what you can do about it"- JulienWhat a relatable line xD

  • R P
    R P   1 weeks ago

    15:20 that shirt will trigger people now 😂😭