• Published on: 13 December 2019
  • Mikey Williams responded to "Overrated" chants by dropping 51 POINTS on the opponents!
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  • Runtime : 20:56
  • mikey williams 51 points mikey williams


  • Envy Ako
    Envy Ako   1 days ago

    literally white vs black 😂

  • Aniya Garcia
    Aniya Garcia   2 days ago

    He wasnt "overrated" when he dunked and they cheered for him.LMAOAO they think he gonna make every shot he get..?but they obviously just fans!

  • DankLord
    DankLord   3 days ago

    Why is it zoomed in so much?

  • Zach Homolka
    Zach Homolka   5 days ago

    16:55 Looked like the dude just fell backwards for no reason

  • Esther Zoo
    Esther Zoo   1 weeks ago

    When I grow up I want to be like Mighty williams

  • vR Dmoney
    vR Dmoney   1 weeks ago

    The rest of mikey team under rated

  • Jessica Montiel
    Jessica Montiel   1 weeks ago


  • Omarion Jacobs
    Omarion Jacobs   2 weeks ago

    Whenever Mikey teammates go up for double high this nigga Mikey just slap both their hands with one hand.

  • Dirk Martin
    Dirk Martin   2 weeks ago

    you my best frenid i wish i could meet up with you

  • Aj Huss
    Aj Huss   2 weeks ago

    If I was Mikey I’d go to the half court logo and scream over rated and do the “talk” sign with my hands

  • Emiliano Siqueiros
    Emiliano Siqueiros   2 weeks ago

    If people saying overrated, you know that player is really good.ex Mikey and Julian newman

  • Yt Flights
    Yt Flights   1 months ago

    Overrated chants only work on julian newman

  • Evan Huffman
    Evan Huffman   1 months ago

    Bruh can do it all for real hope he stays hungry and doesn’t get bored of dropping 30-40-50+ every night

  • Natajha Lewis
    Natajha Lewis   1 months ago

    the white teams kids look like middle schoolers

  • Allen Bennett
    Allen Bennett   1 months ago

    Around 3:59, did I see him veto his coach when he was about to throw the ball in play? right before the slam.

  • Kemi Openibo
    Kemi Openibo   1 months ago

    Them sayin he’s overrated doesn’t have an affect on him if anything that makes him wanna score even more

  • Create Value Daily
    Create Value Daily   1 months ago

    Come to SYRACUSE MIKEY..........You and Dior will destroy it.......

  • Jossy Acosta
    Jossy Acosta   1 months ago

    I honestly laugh when “fans” quickly turn into “overrated chanters” cause he misses one dunk or gets block 💀.

  • Thorhawk Hawkins
    Thorhawk Hawkins   1 months ago

    My internet went off for 3 minutesI met my familyThey were nice people

  • JonJon
    JonJon   1 months ago

    not hating but Mikey is a man playing against boys.. talent wish, I'm sure he will still do well on the next level. But hope is head doesnt swell too much, either a program or another player will humble him. some dudes with the best talent dont make it because people dont want to deal with divas

  • Landen Young
    Landen Young   1 months ago

    i’ve never seen so many videos of a kid with overrated chants that steady drops 30+ lol STOP IT that’s fuel to the fire

  • Franci Kembora
    Franci Kembora   1 months ago

    I love the fact a bunch of kids in the stands who will probably go to average schools and pay chant overrated to a guy who will go wherever he wants to for free. And highly likely the NBA at that.

  • Jacques Reed
    Jacques Reed   1 months ago

    The boy can get to the basket whenever he wants

  • Chad Ingram
    Chad Ingram   1 months ago

    ngl mikey is kind of a cherry picker

  • Jah Walker
    Jah Walker   1 months ago

    17:36 Me high asf hearing my friend call my name but I realize I'm at home by myself

  • SyncMusic
    SyncMusic   1 months ago

    These kids are so cringe 🤓

  • Trent Hamilton
    Trent Hamilton   1 months ago

    Ian never in my life seen a whole bunch of Meat riders in one spot 😂

  • new.kings
    new.kings   1 months ago

    The other team out here tryna set the world record in turnovers