Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

  • Published on: 13 April 2017
  • Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?

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    Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?
  • Runtime : 7:42
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  • george ghazal
    george ghazal   2 hours ago

    I agree with som things in this video and not and you are also not my enemies what i don't agree that EU is not peacefull and you forget to talk about the war agaisnt serbia for example and so much but the peace what you talking about thats inside EU NOT OUTSIDE .I am not a serbian

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor   7 hours ago

    Ironic how brexiteers campaigned for years to get back control of our borders to keep others out, then when coronavirus hit, the EU closed their borders whilst the UK didn’t 🤦‍♂️

  • Pan Kowalski
    Pan Kowalski   7 hours ago

    Interesting video. I reckon it just needs to be reformed, or just die, and something else will take it's place

    DUC THINH BUI   10 hours ago

    Just replace the word European with Soviet then we will keep it

  • Hugo Yttrup
    Hugo Yttrup   19 hours ago

    The last point about fact-based discussions was so good. When you look at the comment sections for a lot of videos it's just arguing and everything would be so much better if we could just chat.

  • Michiel Kroese
    Michiel Kroese   1 days ago

    I'm just tired of never getting anywhere with the EUThe EU has just enough power to take away money from richer members and make laws that the national governments sometimes don't agree withBut they have too little power to actually be powerful on the world stageI think we should either turn it back into an economic union that has no political powerOr we should go all out and make a european federation, similar to the US. With an army and a more transparent and stronger government that actually controls the member statesI am fine with both optionsI just hate the fact that we are constantly in between them in a way that benefits nobody

  • Hyteen Ju
    Hyteen Ju   1 days ago

    Why me, a Chinese got this pop-up, unite or not, they're not gonna join Asia😂

  • AX Productions OFFICIAL

    Who i want to join the EUBelarusNorwayUkraineRussiaSerbiaKosovoMontenegroCroatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaTurkeyGeorgiaArmeniaAzerbaijan

  • Macnos Mutano
    Macnos Mutano   2 days ago

    As an African (Zimbabwe) I definitely look on in admiration at the European Union. It should be a blueprint for the African Union. It has connected and improved Europe's economies to such an extent that going to war with each other would be like shooting someone you're handcuffed to.

  • Marco J
    Marco J   2 days ago

    The EU made a few big mistakes.1 a commission and president not directly elected by the people.2 the euro was way way too early, pointless without financial policy Union.3 refugee policy that was agreed on by countries suffering now was short sighted to mass refugees.4 parliament seats based on population, bigger countries are writing federal law for smaller countries. Should've used US senate approach.Otherwise I pretty much agree with everything they do, but they're green policy is uneconomic

  • Ensar Kaya
    Ensar Kaya   2 days ago

    EU is not just related with europeans but its a good reference in terms of law, freedom, democracy for the countries which don't have these values yet like turkey

  • gïmoûrágïx ¿
    gïmoûrágïx ¿   3 days ago

    We have to go out. they will never stop taking in immigrants and we will become a minority in our own countries

  • Alex Savastru
    Alex Savastru   3 days ago

    The fact that the EU is tightening it's grip on the automotive industry so much so that it's killing car culture is reason enough to dissolvce it so get mad.

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man   3 days ago

    You as a German solider translating orders from you Czech officer to your polish comrade

  • bobkin611
    bobkin611   5 days ago

    We all live on one planet. We all need to get along. I'm hugely patriotic to the US, and Lady Liberty has my sword. But if we unify as one nation under this world. One thing is for sure. We need a world Constitution so the people have power. Not the Governments. That, as history shows, can be deadly. The people, not the state should have a voice. It needs to be truly democratic, a system of voting on your phone would be nice, maybe like a text that pops up with a bill and you can vote from your phone if you do or don't want it (I know there are flaws to this idea, but maybe a system where you physically register your number to the governments database {So they know who to sent info to, and who not to} would be a start.) But I'm just a dummy. So.. Idk. All I know is peace is what we need to prosper, and a little respect for one another can go a long way.

  • Ivan Nierez
    Ivan Nierez   6 days ago

    I look up to the EU. If they rise to the top by working together I would hope the nations in my region follow.

  • Melvin Cownzowfski
    Melvin Cownzowfski   6 days ago

    Essentially it is AWFUL for Europe! The idiocy of Multiculturalism alone is reason enough to ditch it!

  • Franc Petranc
    Franc Petranc   6 days ago

    We should end that eu cuz thats bad for european people

  • Vasco Grilo
    Vasco Grilo   6 days ago

    If you have been on Erasmus, you will want EU to hold!

  • K9 Cobra
    K9 Cobra   6 days ago

    Why do the countries you attempted to make look like squares with a few chips on them

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris   6 days ago

    Peace, Security and Shared Identity.Translation: The leaders don't trust the citizens and want to forget about history and traditions.

  • Moicanosto
    Moicanosto   6 days ago

    German Reic... European Union has achieved peace

  • serbianvampire
    serbianvampire   1 weeks ago

    You will disappear as Yugoslavia did... Buuuaaahahahahahhaaaahaaaa.....can we join???

  • Join Here
    Join Here   1 weeks ago

    Madness in the Western World and an Introduction to a Realistic SolutionOrel- Polstrat project- youtube

  • Rishad Islam
    Rishad Islam   1 weeks ago

    Europe gained wealth only because of Indian subcontinent

  • Che Burns
    Che Burns   1 weeks ago

    1:57 For a second my French-learning brain thought that said "connard" and not "canard"... there is a VERY big difference hahaha