Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

  • Published on: 13 April 2017
  • Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?

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    Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?
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  • CDeliu
    CDeliu   3 hours ago

    Looking through the mass of misinformation in the comments bellow, I think the EU should immediately hire someone like Donald Trump to explain what it really does using words only racists and thick people understand.PS: Great job you Russian trolls, you're getting better every year! Divide et impera!

  • TheGhostGamer
    TheGhostGamer   4 hours ago

    EU: Economic Union good lifeWithout EU: Germany takes over again

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    It's obvious the EU parliament wants to consolidate more power and to become a superstate. It was a great idea that has got out of hand.

  • a a
    a a   10 hours ago

    End it!!!!!!

  • James Neave
    James Neave   12 hours ago

    Hey America!Come and see what freedom looks like!🤣🤣

  • André Martins
    André Martins   14 hours ago

    The crisis of europe is at is core a crisis of confidence in the institutions we need a show of good faith from the european comission per example by the europeans voting directly for its president. If we continue in this pass we are bound for disunity that breeds conflict and i think no one wants that again.

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve   1 days ago

    It's served its perpose.... Europa as been rebuilt know becoming a Dictatorship

  • Several Weather
    Several Weather   1 days ago

    Avrupa Birliğine Türkiyeyi katmamanız çok ayıptır, yıkılmanıza az kaldı bu arada

  • Michael Rualzakhuma
    Michael Rualzakhuma   1 days ago

    Its never about peace. EU is designed to be model for NWO one world government with one world religion based on luciferian doctrine.

  • Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur

    The UN has become a burocratic parallel government that mostly benefits the interests of lobbysts.

  • HaiDuTin OP
    HaiDuTin OP   2 days ago

    Let me tell you the main disadvantages of EU:1: It is the biggest market in the world, becauae it is capsulated for mainly US commodities, that's why the europeans are ment to be consimers.2. The european standars are ment to make a monopoly of the western machines and services.3. The system of the EU is meant to make countries dependant.4. The fact, that the western economy is superrior, makes people from eastern europe emigrate and fill the jobs, which nobody wants there.5. Countries with different currencies are manipulated through their central banks.

  • Peter Aston
    Peter Aston   2 days ago

    1st mistake the eu is not a country it,s an ideoligy , eu safety standards are to low brought a german washing machine a year ago it keep shorting out found out the live cable kept touching the outer case

  • Hypernova 12
    Hypernova 12   2 days ago

    they end memes we end them.a soul for a soul

  • Ameya S
    Ameya S   2 days ago

    It is because of the European Union that China hasn't economically colonized half of Europe starting with the weakest economies...and now we have the likes of "America First" crony-capitalist USA..

  • Bruce McGrogan
    Bruce McGrogan   2 days ago

    I just want to become a dictator and take over the world and run things my way like hitler but worse muu hahahahaa

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo   2 days ago

    I envy the English people here in the EU zone, where people have their minds clogged by the speeches of politicians like Macron and Merkel. Congrats, be out of the hands of globalists! No deal is the quickest option for all

  • GiDaOne
    GiDaOne   2 days ago

    Good video, more or less what I feel about it too. However I think more airtime could have been given to those who want their respective countries to leave the EU. At least give their points of view, even if their reasons may not all be that good.

  • Dye
    Dye   2 days ago

    I am from EU and I say this before watching the video. Most of EU is garbage except for 4-5 countries. (I live in Romania, there is only one city in this whole country that doesn't make you want to die and that's the fucking capital... It's the most boring-ass country I know. There is nothing you can do besides stayin' at the computer for the entire day -most EU countries are like this, they got that old-rural vibe to them. They are changing, but too slow)

  • peasant von peasant
    peasant von peasant   2 days ago

    so, we're powerful. but we're a continent, right?isn't the US just a country? WHAT EVEN IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COUNTRY AND STATE!? I AM CONFUSED

  • Oxy Berry
    Oxy Berry   2 days ago

    Video: “The EU is flawed but we should keep with it” Me: Screams internally

  • Daniel Gleason
    Daniel Gleason   3 days ago

    No the beast will rise from the European Union,Britain leaving is huge and is good,one world currency come on

  • KindaStrangeTV
    KindaStrangeTV   3 days ago

    "Current political climate"AKA Trump is a dickhead and won't help our allies lol

  • UgotYoinked
    UgotYoinked   3 days ago

    I am european and i say fuck the eu. Its literally just a bunch of rich, entitled, lazy, old and weak politicians who have formed a union. I see that whenever they try to make changes and reforms, they always end up being ineffective and useless. Of course they have made small successes in belgium and the netherlands but that is nothing new knowing that those two countries are the primary bases of the European union. I like many other europeans wish that the union got completely demolished because its so fucking useless!!!! I hate seeing those eu minister bastards on the tv discussing irrelevant things like migration and foreign investment policies. They do not help the people of europe one goddamn bit!!! Fucking destroy the piece of shit union already!!!!

  • no
    no   3 days ago

    I am happy that article 13 is still not in my Country.

  • 4tnine
    4tnine   3 days ago

    Peace in Europe is down to the EU this video suggesting. No mention that the one country that was responsible for two world wars was split into two separate nations until 1989, making it impossible for that country to start another conflict. No mention too of NATO’s contribution to keeping the peace.And what about Freedom of Movement? It would be fine if there was an even movement of citizens across the EU but that hasn’t happened. There has been a disproportionate number of foreign EU nationals settling in the UK. Freedom of Movement is logistically unsustainable for the UK. We are a small country – we do not have the land on which to provide the homes and infrastructure to support the number of EU foreign nationals that want to live here. Our out-of-control growing population is fuelling harmful farming practices, eating up our land, robbing our wildlife of its natural habitat and driving many of our species towards extinction.Adopting a common policy on health care would mean the NHS joining an EU health care system and falling into line with other member states. That would mean the NHS being wholly or partially financed by private health insurance.With respect to the economy, 14 out of the top 20 richest economies in the world are not members of the EU. The UK was listed as the 5th richest economy in the world (IMF stats) in 2018, the same position it held in 1970, prior to joining the EEC. The UK will thrive outside the EU and EU will tear itself apart if doesn’t change its ways and give up its ambitions to become a superstate.

  • Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Come on EU get your shit together. Stop pretending to be the most democratic, humanistic and peaceful political organization and actually start to act so. :DI love to be a european german guy and love the idea of the european union but it needs to improve in many ways, before people loose their faith completely. Actually I think a lot about universal basic income for all citizens of the member states or at least inside the Euro zone. There is so much money it is time to give a fair share of it back to the people.Greetings to all my european sisters and brothers <3 :D