It's TRUE! I had to teach my husband how to... | Family Feud

  • Published on: 06 August 2019
  • We asked 100 married women... Name something you've had to teach your husband to do...

  • Runtime : 3:38
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  • simon makinde
    simon makinde   19 hours ago

    Steve’s reaction and my reaction to the last two answers - WTH?! Especially shaving the legs! What married person taught their spouse to do that?! 😂😂

  • I dontknow
    I dontknow   2 weeks ago

    Kept waiting for the click bait answer. STUPID!

  • Mr. Fair
    Mr. Fair   2 weeks ago

    Where is how to eat pussy

  • cardo
    cardo   2 weeks ago

    At least she was honest.

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb   3 weeks ago

    They still have outhouses with toilet seats?

  • jim h
    jim h   1 months ago

    Women just don't get itWe are showing you how much we love you by lifting it upAnd not peeing all over it....You should look before you sit

  • Me Too
    Me Too   1 months ago

    Stay away from the little hole. 🤣

  • George Simmons
    George Simmons   1 months ago

    Shave a woman’s legs !! There is not a female in this world that would want a man involved in that ! 😂

  • jlh4jc
    jlh4jc   2 months ago

    How is make the bed not up there? Us guys tend to be haphazard about it?

    BDR CHRIST   2 months ago

    The toilet seat issue is wrong. We leave it UP. When the wife wants to use it? Just put it down and when she is finished just put the seat back up we’re it belongs. Simple!

  • Tha Mechanic
    Tha Mechanic   2 months ago

    Sometimes when Steve isn't funny 😂 he keeps stretching it till the studio audience have no choice but to laugh.

  • relser
    relser   2 months ago

    Why does he have to shave the legs?? If you’re so picky about it just do it your damn self you 3 bitches

  • Gabriel Chin
    Gabriel Chin   2 months ago

    The 7 n 8 is ridiculous. I don't think many or any woman would ask their husband's to do it, especially shaving the legs. I think that making the bed would have been more correct

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor   3 months ago

    Women are equal, so they can put the seat down.

  • bino babino
    bino babino   3 months ago

    What??? I luv hair 46 yes. Together she never shaved her legs.

  • James Sailors
    James Sailors   3 months ago

    Shave her legs? That's crazy talk. My woman don't want me putting a razor on her legs. LOL

  • James Dillard
    James Dillard   4 months ago

    How to make sure her needs are taken care first.

  • Keith Hinchcliffe
    Keith Hinchcliffe   4 months ago

    I shaved my wife's legs, and it usually ended up shaving something else ...

  • pango katoa
    pango katoa   4 months ago

    we asked 100 dumbasses and got some real dumbass answers...every show