Announcing JackCon (YIAY #425)

  • Published on: 02 July 2018
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  • Runtime : 4:7
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  • Krazy Kurosh
    Krazy Kurosh   1 weeks ago

    JackCon kinda sounds like Jack on which the opposite of that would be Jack off

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly   1 weeks ago

    If jack has a big forehead that means he has a big brain he was hiding his intelligence from us this whole time

  • Ro Bro
    Ro Bro   1 weeks ago

    JackCon?More like JackOffIm not sorry

  • Awe47
    Awe47   3 weeks ago

    If surviving Comic-Con like you said is anything like YIAY then there would only be protesters

  • riri
    riri   1 months ago

    jackcon? more like jackoff hahaha

  • fedora Friend
    fedora Friend   1 months ago

    yiay is less of an interactive show and more like dora the expolere

  • Cyber Trump
    Cyber Trump   1 months ago


  • EnchantedPizzaPlayz
    EnchantedPizzaPlayz   1 months ago

    I have a question. Why did you propose to Erin while she was in a fur suit, in VidCon, in front of The TheOdd1sOut booth?

  • Parker Jameson
    Parker Jameson   1 months ago

    "Why would you want a refund, there's DDR playing KidzBop?"- Jacksfilms, 2018

  • Echo
    Echo   2 months ago

    JohnCon sounds better

  • Mr. Bricker
    Mr. Bricker   2 months ago

    “The closest thing we’ll get to a jack con” MY ASS, we’re getting a fucking live tour and I may or may not have the ticket on my kitchen counter next to the sink on the green towel

  • Formula Fanboy
    Formula Fanboy   3 months ago

    Who needs a "Jack Con" when you can have a "Jack Off"?

  • Kazi
    Kazi   3 months ago

    JackCon? More like JackOff

  • OverKris
    OverKris   3 months ago

    JackCon is bad. JackOff is better

  • Tster
    Tster   4 months ago

    JackCon? Nah, JackOff

  • allie shouts
    allie shouts   4 months ago

    “Prosthetic foreheads” is a tmbg lyric.