We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
  • We finally got our own bank accounts so we decided to swap credit cards for the day... here's what we bought with each others money... lolol

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  • Runtime : 26:23
  • Dolan Twins


  • Mia Henderson
    Mia Henderson   1 hours ago

    grayson at the start of the intro: dude this is the first time i can get a word out without him cuttin me off gray at the end of the intro: aY Hey HEy hEY

  • Kathy Turman
    Kathy Turman   12 hours ago

    Both great charities. I donate to St. Jude’s every Christmas. $1000 is very generous

  • Eden Fitzpatrick
    Eden Fitzpatrick   18 hours ago

    whos here in 2020 with coronavirus thinking grayson shoulda bought the toilet paper

  • Madelyn Schick
    Madelyn Schick   1 days ago

    Ok, no hate, but legally isn’t this credit card fraud

  • Anne Marie Richards
    Anne Marie Richards   2 days ago

    Grayson: You spend irresponsiblyEthan: No I don't!Ethan 2020: buys tesla

  • Evie Careless
    Evie Careless   2 days ago

    You don't put toast in a toaster Ethan, you put bread in a toaster, common mistake

  • GrowlBear
    GrowlBear   2 days ago

    I dont get it, they prob split the money when they get it, so why does it matter lol

  • Havisha Ail
    Havisha Ail   3 days ago

    if Grayson bought that huge cart of toilet paper he could have saved the world `

  • Olivia Gillard
    Olivia Gillard   3 days ago

    Is any one watching these over the covid 19 break

  • Jessi Carla
    Jessi Carla   3 days ago

    Don’t you guys share a credit card 💳?

  • A T
    A T   3 days ago

    24:10 HAHAHAH that was not me but that’s my name exactly spelled like that and also you don’t pronounce it “aeyah” you pronounce it “uhyuh”

    BNMUSIC BM   4 days ago

    You have a shared bank account tho😂😂😂

  • Angie Boyd
    Angie Boyd   4 days ago

    should have got that toliet paper. would have come in handy at a time like this

  • Jordice Towne
    Jordice Towne   5 days ago

    I got that toaster oven...uhm....I didn’t know it was like 450$😂✌️

  • Penny Workman
    Penny Workman   5 days ago

    They act the same as they did when they were 14

  • Sara
    Sara   5 days ago

    i would´ve straight up bought all gucci

  • Charlie Gottschalk
    Charlie Gottschalk   5 days ago

    Back when there was toilet paper everywhere. Not anymore... corona

  • M-e
    M-e   5 days ago

    5:29 I have that in my backyard

  • Isabella Brutto
    Isabella Brutto   5 days ago

    Grayson: I have always wanted a kareoke machine Ethan: Im gonna get an assload of tape to make the biggest tape ball ever

  • Abdul Aleem
    Abdul Aleem   6 days ago

    he probly wished he got all that tiolet paper now

  • Nixie 2026
    Nixie 2026   6 days ago

    Is just me, or did anybody else wave at the lady who was checking Grayson out

  • Frxnkie Broom
    Frxnkie Broom   6 days ago

    6:16 2019 (Every human alive) We do not need that much toilet paper 2020 (Every human alive) GIVE ME 10X OF THAT 🥺

  • Scxxym
    Scxxym   6 days ago

    They coulda went to best buy for tier 3 😂

  • Annie
    Annie   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how many alerts their bank received...

  • Erika G
    Erika G   1 weeks ago

    Rare sighting of toilet paper at Costco

  • Caroline Low
    Caroline Low   1 weeks ago

    Little did you know that now you actually need some of that toilet paper.. 🤯

  • Lauren !
    Lauren !   1 weeks ago

    too bad you didn’t get toilet paper first round😔 you could’ve been rich

  • Pokemon Lover
    Pokemon Lover   1 weeks ago

    Ok the funny thing is is that this video was the last time we will see toilet paper😂😂

  • Kendra Leighton
    Kendra Leighton   1 weeks ago

    the way Ethan looks at Grayson during the intro 😢

  • Kyla B.
    Kyla B.   1 weeks ago

    i have the toaster grayson bought it’s rlly good i can bake cookies and croissants and stuff and also frozen pizzas and like potatoes and shit it’s a rly good toaster oven lol

  • ciara101
    ciara101   1 weeks ago

    ethan: i don’t spend irresponsibly ethan in 2020: buys a tesla without telling grayson

  • Umalkhar Fangasse
    Umalkhar Fangasse   1 weeks ago

    I’m crying at the way Grayson pulled the blanket of his head 😂 20:17