Why a 2-Year-Old Child Left Her House in the Middle of the Night

  • Published on: 18 March 2015
  • Surveillance footage shows a two-year-old girl crossing the street all alone at night! A tiny toddler walked to a gas station convenience store, opened the door and went inside to buy some candy with two pennies!
  • Runtime : 2:9
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  • Karina Kawaii :D
    Karina Kawaii :D   6 hours ago

    Lesson for parents: always get your kids the candy they ask for or they will just it themselves.

  • Lemonade Stand
    Lemonade Stand   19 hours ago

    Thank god she didnt meet any bad guys on the way .. :( mom needs to be locked up!!

  • Tyler Shelton
    Tyler Shelton   3 days ago

    Parents: You can’t have candyGirl: Fine, I’ll do it myself

  • Lisa Sowers
    Lisa Sowers   3 days ago

    That toddler is older than 2 years old but still sad that she’s not being watched! Unacceptable totally disgusting!

  • Cookie_Gacha Thompson

    It's funny how she put only 2 pennies on the counter like that was gone buy sum👉👈 at least she had money tho😂

    INSANE   4 days ago

    Did she get the candy bar at least? That’s the important question

  • Leona Smith
    Leona Smith   5 days ago

    It's 11 now and I'm a mum and one is 2 so I'm constantly looking over at her bed lol

  • Daisy Petal In Snow
    Daisy Petal In Snow   6 days ago

    Oh sorry it was me just trying to buy some candy before going to be bed.

  • Karen v
    Karen v   6 days ago

    That girl had a guardian angel looking out for her. Im so glad she wasnt hit by a car or picked up by a criminal

  • Mary Wynn
    Mary Wynn   1 weeks ago

    She better have gotten that candy too

  • Egg Number 1
    Egg Number 1   1 weeks ago

    I had a dream where the same thing happened to me. Im confused. But "My" parents were yelling at me. My brain

  • smash thebug
    smash thebug   1 weeks ago

    I was still nursing my child when they were 2! I can't wrap my brain around this!

  • MrDett
    MrDett   1 weeks ago

    Real life matilda

  • Haider Alrubaye
    Haider Alrubaye   1 weeks ago

    looks like me when I was little but kid:mommy daddy can I have candy:parents: no

  • The_Yeet _Robloxian
    The_Yeet _Robloxian   1 weeks ago

    Explanation:she was secretly watching something on her ipad and wanted candy, so she dressed like an adult so she can buy herself some candy with 2 freaking pennies so she can have a midnight snack

  • Don J.
    Don J.   1 weeks ago

    Crosses this busy street. 1 vehicle passes. Shows you just how much the liberal media likes to blow things out of proportion for a story. “Reporter” probably waited 5 minutes or more for someone to drive by just to get that shot.

  • Janet Torres
    Janet Torres   2 weeks ago

    When a two year old is smarter then you ;-;

  • Gabriel Nguyen
    Gabriel Nguyen   2 weeks ago

    Why the cop say the girls 3 but it the title says 2

  • V Phoenix
    V Phoenix   2 weeks ago

    Better surrender that baby to a child care fascility before it'll happen again.

  • Sayena Pishkari
    Sayena Pishkari   2 weeks ago

    Thank god she’s ok 👍🏽 god bless her 🙏🏻

  • Brock Landers
    Brock Landers   2 weeks ago

    Black mom says "so what", that kinda sums up this poor little girls future upbringing. Very sad

  • Aries 31
    Aries 31   2 weeks ago

    2 yrs old she’s smart as hell, the parents weren’t watching her

  • MJ Partyof7
    MJ Partyof7   2 weeks ago

    Wow!! What a little trooper she was dressed and prepared, she had a plan she wanted that candy 🍭 and got herself ready and got her money and made her way to the store all by herself!! Smart little girl but honey bunny please next time don’t go alone!!

  • Alicia Wolf
    Alicia Wolf   2 weeks ago

    if anyone seen the movie matilda this is what it reminds me of